Dan Click, Grayson, KY, US

As long as I can remember, I've been interested and involved in art! For years I have accumulated "stuff" for projects and artwork but I mainly focused on watercolor painting and drawing. However, my stockpile of junk just kept growing! I needed to head in a different direction so I started collecting vintage items mainly for decorating my home and a couple of cabins in the beautiful woods of Kentucky.
I studied art in college - Morehead State University - and later worked in construction as a drywall finisher. I had an opportunity to get in the insurance business and then went on to run an insurance agency where I received great sales training and learned how to own and operate a business.
I decided to close out my business when an early retirement option came up and then became the director of a struggling art gallery where I'd volunteered for several years. It was a wonderful experience but, sadly, it was also a non-profit (in every way) and I had to go back to a real job. I now work from home so that gives me the time and flexibility to be more creative!
We have our Bucksaw Studio booth in a local antique mall called Antiques'N'Uniques and I'm finally getting all my boxes unpacked and lots of items set up and for sale. Now it's time to really use all those great finds and start projects to re-purpose, re-use, re-think and to give these objects and "junk" new lives! I am also helped establish and became the gallery coordinator of a new community art gallery, the Grayson Gallery & Art Center, in 2011.
It is so great to be in the company of so many others who are kinda like me, right here on JunkMarket Style... I'm not feeling so "different" anymore and I look forward to learning and sharing this gift for using junk in creative ways!

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Birthday: 10/11/1954

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I'm so excited to be back!

Time to clear the cobwebs, dust off my stuff, dip my toes back in the water and get busy! I've been outta the loop for years... A new marriage & family, the loss of too many loved ones. AND, the...

Unicorn Skull

This was an entry in an art show... my assemblage of a found skull (dog?) and added spiral sea shell with plasticene, distressed and mounted on a vintage trophy board.  Now, it's a Unicorn...

I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

This was my contribution to the Grayson Gallery & Art Center's "Car Show" exhibit in 2012. I got my ol' Land Rover Discovery running after several years of sitting out back and then began...

Shelled Sconce

We happened upon a store clerk piling a table full of items for only ONE DOLLAR at a home improvement store!  I could have grabbed it all but settled for a simple wall sconce, knowing it could...

At the end of the rainbow... an ANTIQUE SHOW!

POT OF GOLD ANTIQUE SHOW AND SALE!  Come visit our 15th annual show in March, 2012 in Grayson, Kentucky.  it will be held March 24 & 25 at the Middle School on William and Mary...

Our place on the creek - BEFORE!

As always, you folks are supportive and such an inspiration!  I wasn't real sure how something that is so exciting for us would be received...just another remodeling project to some...

Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

It's been too long since my last post - we've been so busy working on the flooded cabin while settling in to our happy newly-married life!  After spring floods caused the creek to rise - over...

WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

Well, I can think of no better place for sharing the news as well as for support and inspiration than my fellow junkers at JUNKMARKET Style!  Here is a pic of us on our wedding day because I...

Antique Show and Sale a Success!

This was our first time participating in an antique show with our very own booth!  Note to self... get a larger space next time.  With Junk Market Style inspiration, the Light My Fire Lamp...


This is the "15th Annual Pot of Gold Antique Show & Sale", located in Grayson, KY at the East Carter Middle School on Robert & Mary Blvd.  Dates are March 24th (Sat.) 9am - 5pm and...

Light My Fire!

I ran across this old gas space heater in someone's trash.  All the cool lamps on Junkmarket have inspired us to do a lamp project, too.  The ceramic heat radiant thingys look kinda gothic...

Music to My Bar

This was an old Victrola that I rescued from a junk store for about 30 bucks!  It was water-stained and the veneer was peeling but it just needed some TLC.  I cleaned it up, re-glued the...

Picnic Time!

We use this old chair (hmmm, a rocker off its rockers?) to display vintage picnic jugs, Thermos bottles and one of those neat fold-out picnic tables from the 50s or so.   Pretty simple...

Game Table

We ran across this very cool, old child's baby bed/playpen (anyone know what it is?) at one of our first visits to Antiques'n'Uniques, where we have our booth.  We had to have it!  It was...

Vintage Fishing Stuff

This old fruit crate contains more of my father's fishing stuff...I mounted the reels and lures, etc., along with a fish stringer and a whimsical bottle opener sign (hmmm, for your bottles of PBRs...

Display for vintage fishing lures

This is a framed display of a couple of old fishing lures that were given to me several years ago by my father.  I also used the photo-display frames for a few watercolor/colored pencil...

Holiday Window

This arched, four glass-panelled window frame was salvaged from the old Ashland High School in our home town.  It survived being tossed out an upper floor window when the building was being...

Bucksaw Studio Booth NOW OPEN!

Shop Sign - shown in the front is an old bucksaw that I used for a sign by adding the vintage blocks to spell out my studio's name.  We just opened this small booth of vintage collectibles...

Recent comments

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

Hey, Jim! It been a long time so I'm happy to see my fave re-purpose artist still so active here! Can't wait to see what I've been missing and get back in the swing. Thank you, you're always an inspiration.

Re: Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

After a thousand (and one) life-things, I'm so excited to be back! This cabin-raising and re-Han project has come a long, long way and I hope you will all come along for the rest of the ride. Seeing dates on comments from November, I'm assuming it was in 2010. Wow, I am behind! Thanks to all of my fellow Junkmarketeers and please, watch for more and keep in touch. Peace and love, Dan


TOO fun! Love your work, Loretta, and so glad to be getting back in the JunkMarket swing to see what I've been missing... Now, to take a gander at some more of your stuff. Keep up the creative, unique artwork - CONGRATS on Best of show! Dan Click from the Grayson Gallery & Art Center

Re: Let's Get the New Year Started

I'm excited to be back in the swing after a busy couple of years heading up a community art gallery project (Grayson Gallery & Art Center) and expanding our Bucksaw Studio space at the local antique shop, Antiques'N'Uniques here in Kentucky. THANKS for all you do to inspire us, Sue and friends!

Re: I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

THANKS! Having trouble uploading additional pics but will keep trying...


Can't wait to see the finished piece!

Re: Jewelry from an old Brownie Camera

These are great! I try to save any vintage cameras for the camera alone but may have passed by many that could have had other uses, I see. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Fairy Driver

Lauretta, you continue to amaze me! You've also inspired me to have an assemblage art theme for our exhibit in October at the Grayson Gallery & Art Center... hmmmm, a Halloween party opening reception to follow? You know, Kentucky isn't THAT far so come 'n see us sometime. All the best!

Re: dilapidated rocking chair redux

Hey - that's my chair! Haha, look at one of my first posts... mine is a near-match but missin' its rockers. I also ran across another one (only with a missing back) so your project has inspired me to actually re-do it. Keep up the great stuff!

Re: Lamps from cool junk

Oh, yeah! These are great - can't wait to see your next batch.


WOW! This made me smile at first glance. Do you enter your work in any art shows? We're putting together a little community gallery/art center in an old fire station in Grayson, KY and plan on an assemblage-art exhibit later this year. Keep up the cool and creative work!

Re: At the end of the rainbow... an ANTIQUE SHOW!

Hi! I'm not sure my prior reply got to you (new at this part; pardon me if it's a duplication) so here is the info: POT OF GOLD ANTIQUE SHOW AND SALE! Come visit our 14th annual show in March, 2011 in Grayson, Kentucky. It will be held March 26th (9-5) & 27th (10-4) at the Middle School on William and Mary Avenue. VENDORS WELCOME - contact me(Dan)for additional info: Hope to see you there. Be sure to check out my next post about our newest booth and visit us at Antiques'n'Uniques in Grayson for more great stuff!

Re: Old Window, New Year

Love the window ideas - we have some funky ones in our booths (check out Bucksaw Studio - #12 & #30) at Antiques'N'Uniques in Grayson! The POT OF GOLD Antique Show & Sale will be held March 26 & 27 at the Middle School on William and Mary Avenue. Thanks for asking about the show and I hope to see you there...look me up! Dan

Re: my Christmas Junk Challenge

Why is everybody always pickin' on US??? From the looks of your other cool projects and posts, you will make it work! Maybe just take that loose handle off and treat it as two separate things? Perhaps distress the heck out of the shovel section to frame a nice mosaic - to use as a "silent butler" (just add small brush)! While you're on a cleaning roll, then you could use the handle to whack a rug... or your boyfriend's parents, haha.

Re: 1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

Plug away - I'm impressed! We love Bob Dylan's stuff and can't wait to check out the tune and link to a fellow Junkmarket artist! This was a very thoughtful and creative gift... We're at about 7 months, ourselves, and have celebrated many a nice evening listening to music while working on projects. Our random-play CD system usually brings us a Dylan song or two along the way!

Re: Friends are the windows to the soul.

Frinds are also sometimes hard to come by so it's great making more of them even here in cyberspace! We would love to see you all here in Grayson in the future and wish your daughter all the best at KCU. Yep, the antique show is a good one and I'm on the event committee through the local Antiques'n'Uniques antique mall (we have a booth there - Bucksaw Studio). Keep in touch and come see us!

Re: junk Angel

Love your stuff! THANKS for your nice comments about our flood damage (funny how the wedding made everything OK...for better or worse, right?). No matter where or what you have that is destroyed in some way, it is hard to handle, so I understand how you must have felt about the loss. However, I look forward to keeping everyone posted on what we make of our little setback and we've already made some progress. I also look forward to seeing what you have in store for us, too!

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Hi! THANKS for your nice comments about our flood damage (funny how the wedding made everything OK...for better or worse, right?). We are actually going to celebrate our anniversaries on each first Friday in May from now on since we met up on a First Friday Art Walk in a nearby town; we'll have a different date every year!. I look forward to keeping everyone posted on what we make of our little setback and we've already made some progress. I also look forward to seeing what you have in store for us, too!

Re: fun frilly creation made from a lampshade frame... and old keys

Hi! THANKS for your nice comments on our flood damage (funny how the wedding made everything OK...for better or worse, right? I see you recently joined us - isn't this site great? I look forward to keeping everyone posted on what we make of our little setback and also to see what you have in store for all of us!

Re: WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

Sorry to ramble on, folks! I just needed to deal with this by sharing some good news while asking asking for support and ideas as we move forward on this unforseen project. Now, we have so many things we HAVE to either re-do or trash that I'm not sure we could do it without the creative input from many of you. Thanks for being there!

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

These are great! I've hammered spoons into candle snuffers in the past but the plant markers and other projects using stamping is very cool. Gonna steal this idea if you don't mind! :)

Re: chalk board door

I love all you do with doors and other salvaged wood pieces. I've just cleaned out a storage place and have been moving - now I'm glad I kept most of my stuff! Looking forward to seeing more of your work...

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Great work! If I could just get that song out of my head now... woof! woof-woof-woof!!...I think it goes. :) We're also planning a dog rescue from a shelter this spring and I can't wait to be inspired by my new pup!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Hey, Jim! You do great work, man. I always check out your projects and look forward to seeing more - you're an inspiration. ALL THE BEST with Wreckage!

Re: Please help us....we would like to be a bench someday....

Hey, there - neat old chairs! Since you're starting from scratch, maybe you could make one of those little love seats where the chairs sit facing opposite directions but are connected (just bolt together at sides). I think I've seen some kinda things done like this so people could sit side by side yet look at each other for some smoochin'. :) Just about anything you do with them will be cool! Maybe whitewashing/distressing the wood and covering padded boards for the seats with old sweaters? Good luck!

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

You know something new is really neat when you have to scroll down to add a comment - no wonder! I've made some coasters in the past but love your idea of combining the printing with old pages/papers. Gotta grab my pile of tiles and get busy. NICE WORK!!

Re: Photo Finish

WOW, Sue - that looks great as a photo display piece! Quite a coincidence, too... I think I have the BOTTOM part of your surveyor's equipment attachment, haha. Just this morning I was researching a bit about this cool old wooden and brass tripod I have and considering making a lamp out of it! If your piece would fasten onto a big round threaded thing then, yep, it's a match. Now, if I can just find something kinda like your piece o'wonderful junk...
All the best! Dan

Re: my fish chair

This is great - nice art! I love painting and re-purposing old chairs, too. Our local Hospice organization has a fundraiser each year called "Chairs for Charity"; artists/donors paint and re-do chairs and other stuff for auction. You've inspired me to share a couple that I've donated with you and my fellow junkers!

Re: Church Treasures

Great re-use for the church bench and the old attendance chart really tops it off! I just saw that an old church locally is having a re-locating sale and they listed pews among their stuff. Hmmmm, maybe we're not so snowed-in after all and can get by there to take a look! Thanks for the inspiration...

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

Love it! I have a few old grates and it's great to see how creative you've been in putting them to use... I'll have to drag mine out of their hiding place and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Holiday Window

Thanks for the nice comments It's just my first few days contributing and everyone (alaong with all this shared creativity) is motivating me to get busy being artistic again!

Re: Cabinet from old window screen

Gosh, it's nice to be among kindred spirits! Great idea and re-purposing project. Looks like there is still room in there for more STUFF!