I love jewelry and junk. I challenge myself rountinely to make jewelry from junk. I dont want to have jewelry or home furnishings that look like anyone elses.

I love to shop for the junk, then try to figure out what to do with it.

And I am on Blogspot talking all about my junk and jewelry.

I also have a shop on ETSY. It is

Thanks for looking at any of my item. I really appreciate it a lot.


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Pumpkin Jewelry Collage

This is a jewelry pumpkin I made a few years ago using as much orange jewelry I could find.  Orange is not that easy to find!  I had to use some buttons, as well.

My Junk Jewelry "Heart Art"

This is one of the "heart art" pieces I made for myself when we redid our kitchen a few years ago.  I have made some for gifts, and I decided it was time to give myself one. I am a junk jewelry...

Square Wine Cork Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath from my saved wine corks.  I didn't want to make the typical round one with a few corks on it.  So, I used styrofoam and cut the square.  There was some math...

Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

I started collecting bottle caps from beer my husband and I tried when I first met my husband. I have lots of them, so I figured I had better figure out something to do with them. This is one of the...

Repurposed Brass Dangle Necklace

I found this vintage brass piece, and I knew it would make a perfect pendant. I just added a few beads and some chain. 

DVD Part Necklace

This is a necklace I made from a junk part from our old DVD player.

Recent comments

Re: Trinkets and Treasures Cake

How clever and cute! That is a great idea.

Re: I love a collage

I love the screen..that is awesome!

Re: lace roses

What a great idea! Very pretty.

Re: Funkalious, Junkalious Lamps

That is spectacular! I might have to steal that idea. Very cool.

Re: Feedsack Handbags

Very, very cute! I love it.

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

What a wonderful idea. It is simple, yet touching. Nicely done.

Re: Vintage gems

The stacked buttons are a great idea!

Re: Vintage Girl Jewelry Displays

Great displays. Very nicely done. Gives me a few ideas!


Very beautiful! I like the oval one the best. Keep up the great designs!

Re: Vintage glass flower frog turned wind chime

What a great idea. It looks great!

Re: Old metal serving tray = Cute magnet memo board

Great and fun idea!

Re: Trash to Treasure Auction Items

Very cute. I like it a lot!

Re: hanging up pictures

Very cute! I just bought some of those and have been trying to come up with a project.

Nice job!

Re: Old window art created from recycled glass

Oh my! I have a window just like that I want to make a "house number" art piece. It is from our old windows. You have inspired me to get it started. That is it.

Re: My Junk Jewelry "Heart Art"

I used an old wooden heart, with geese on it or something, for the base of this. I have done my own cutouts of a pumpkin, snowman, an two awesome Christmas trees. Oh, I also did a teapot for a teapot collector friend of mine.

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

That is super cool. Great idea.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

That is beyond fabulous! I am jealous!

Re: jewelry treasures

What a great idea! I like it a lot.

Re: Hess Truck Toy Tire Earrings!

I love those!! Just my style.


That is a thing of beauty!

Re: card catalog drawers

That is a great idea! I never could think of what to do with those shallow type drawers.


Re: Belt Basket

That is awesome! I have a bunch of belts, but no basket. I will have to be on the lookout for one.

Very clever!

Re: one more junk chime

That is very cool. I like it a lot!

Re: Mod Oval Ottoman from Goodwill Pleated Plaid Skirt

That is perfection! I love the fabric. It has a very mod look to it. I like it a lot!

Re: more vintage pendents

Those are great! The vintage elements are great, and the jewelry isn't overwhelming. Very cool.

Re: dreamsicle linen & silk lampshade tied w/ a bow

That is so beautiful and elegant. Very nice.

Re: Another JUNK wind chime...

That is great! I love that idea.

Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

That is my kind of jewelry. I think you did a great job for your first effort! It is addicting, I warn you. Have fun.

Re: Antique ottoman

That is beautiful. You did a great job on it.

Re: Please Mammy, pass the syrup!

That is very cute. I have one of those bottles and have wondered what to do with it.


Re: Faucet knob art

That is very creative and very cool. I love it!

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

The entire booth is charming. I cannot tell you how much I love the button bouquet! Very sweet.

Re: Do you see what I see?????

I Love the rusty thingies. I would put three or four on the dining room table and put candles on them.


Re: Pocket Full of Posies

I like that a lot. Very cute!

Re: Dressed up Kitchen Light

Oh my gosh! Have you been to my house?? I have a light I made in my garage that looks a lot like that. I has more turquoise jewelry on it.

Wow.....that is awesome!

Re: Glass Topiaries

I love this idea. Very interesting. I have a lot of items like that. I made a few candle holders from mine, but nothing that statuesque!

Re: Kitchen Redo

Wow. What a good job. That is some cool wallpaper. It fooled me.

Re: Upcycled Boxes

I adore the button tree. I really like all the materials you used.

Re: Urban Industrial Candleholders

Perfect! Even my husband would like those. The crystals are great with the flanges.

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

That is amazing.......wouldn't that cost a fortune to buy one?

Wow. It is beautiful!

Re: clothes pin flowers

What a great use for unusable clothes pins. You are the first person I have seen that does my style of painting. I might steal this one! I could see a bouquet of those in my house or on my deck.

I am inspired to start painting something!

So cute.

Re: From boring to - well, NOT!!

That is very cool. I love that style of painting, it reminds me of the House of Blues in Chicago. Using the jeans is a great idea. That looks like something I might try!

Re: Upcycled Cottage Industrial Candleholder

Totally it.

Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

I love the bracelet with the abalone button. So pretty.

Re: pincushion

Those are precious. I want to try that. I haven't 'felted' yet. I am dying to try it. This is the perfect way to start.

Very, very sweet.

Re: more towel holders

Very pretty. I have to make my junk have a purpose. No room in the house for it to not be useful.

I like this a lot!

Re: Junkin' with Jenny K.

That is awesome! I could get lost in there!

Re: Earring Tree

That is beautiful! I love anything to do with jewelry.


Re: Angel in the Outfield!

That is just the coolest thing ever! It is so simple, but so completely awesome.

Re: My Flea Market Booth

That looks awesome. Looks a little like my garage and upstairs. How fun!

Re: Spice Rack

That is a great idea! I love the wooden box.

Re: More Repurposed Jewelry

Very pretty. I like maps a lot. Great idea!