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Christopher James is a father of one and engaged to be married to a lovely lady in the near future. Having lived in a semi rural area with his parents and sister Maryanne, he is fond of a simpler time where he could spend all his time in the great outdoors, exploring and playing in the bush.
These days, things are a bit more fast-paced for him. Chris now runs the Brisbane North self storage facility for Supercheap Storage and he

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Re: How to Contain Your Art Supplies

I love how organized you are which would definitely encourage easy retrieval of all the items. It is never easy when trying to keep things neat and tidy at all times especially the tiny little bits. They could easily get missing if not properly stored in easy-to-spot containers.

Re: Storage Solutions

Wow this storage idea looks amazing! I really adore vintage collectibles so these bins would look really great at my home. Currently I

Re: My junk storage

I have always loved working with shelves or racks as I think they are perfect to store a countless number of items on them. However, I personally would prefer to have a door so as to maintain a neat and tidy storage area.

Re: Industrial Storage Locker

I have always wanted an industrial storage locker for my house! I think it will look pretty classy having a vintage piece of furnishing in the living room. Of course it needs a little touching up but I think all the efforts would be well worth it.

Re: Unfinished Attic Craft Room - Making Space to Organize using others Junk Recycle Upcycle

Wow! Your passion for handicrafts really shows from your collection of all the fancy materials you have up in your attic. The key factor in creating space is to organize and to do it regularly. Always perform housekeeping even if it is just once a week. Regardless of how huge your storage area is, if you keep adding onto the existing clutters, space will never be enough.