Cynthia Holt Ziemian, Crossville, TN, US

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Birthday: 08/07/1961

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I have a new email!

I was the victim of a scam.  Someone logged into my email, stole all my contacts and are sending them bogus letters that I am in London and am requesting money to get home.  Ignore the...

Turbin Lamp

I found this awesome orange vintage lamp today at a GS.  I tried several different kinds of shades on it, but nothing really suited me, soooooooooooooo.....I went out to my backyard and used an...

Beater Tulips!!

JH and I worked on those beater tulips today and guess what?  Think we figured out a no-weld version.  The 'stems' are a bunch of poles I had left over from one of those...

Online Garage Sale!

Hey all! I've decided that I'm going to jump onboard with the latest online ONLINE GARAGE SALE!  I actually borrowed this idea from a couple of my other junking...

Easter Piano Project

Here is what I did with the last of the piano parts I had left.  Note the boat cleat (sp?) on the right.  cynthia

Spring spring wreath!

It's been unseasonably warm, here in TN, so I was inspired to make this spring, Spring wreath...get it?  springs???   lol cynthia

Does Anyone Collect Yellow Rubber Ducks?

The lady in the booth across from me has this most awesome rubber duck for sale for $5!!!  It would be awesome if you were a big rubber ducky fan!  Very heavy duty rubber, just like the...

Junk Doll

Last GD project....Grandma just had to make her her own Junk Doll!!!  The arms are made from old permanent rollers.   cynthia

Initial Project!

Another GD BD project from Grandma.  Her initials are JSC (Jensen Sade Casey)...soooo.....did you figure out what the 'c' is made from???? A tricycle wheel fender!   You could set a...

Picture Holder

Hello all!  I haven't been posting in awhile.  Been under the weather a bit.  But I'm getting back to project time. I made this for my GD, Jensen's 1st BD next week.   (I put...

What Do You Do With A Free Electrical Wire Spool?

Here's what I did with a big electrical spool someone gave me.  One of the tops I used as a picnic table, in my backyard.  That left another top and the 'slats' that hold the whole thing...

Scrabble Boards

A little fun with scrabble boards.  I borrowed this idea from Margo as well!  Clever gal she is!

Jar Collage

Here is a little collection of jars I put in an old Christmas ornament display box thing.  You can change out the flowers throughout the seasons or not any flowers at all!

Snow Miniature Milk Bottle

I bought a whole box of these little 'milk bottles' at a GS and didn't know what to do with them.  This is my first project made from one of them.  I added the teaspoon to give you an idea...

Christmas Chain Orney

I borrowed this great idea from Margo.  She used all different colored Christmas balls on hers.  I had these gingerbread ornaments and some white balls left-over from previous years, that I...

Jars and Stars

Here is a little tidbit I made using an old fish bowl, some rusty stars and a bunch of little jars I've been looking for something to do with!  This would probably look neat with lights in it...

What Do You Do With 25 Stoplight Lenses???

I made JH pose with the newest Christmas project so you could get an idea on the size of this! I bought these glass stoplight lenses in Florida, last year, for $1 apiece. I just figured...

What Do You Make With One 5 Gallon Bucket and Two 3 Gallon Buckets???

Here is some fun I had with some old plastic buckets.  I painted the Santa face on with regular acrylic paints, sealed them really well with polyurethane.  Drilled 3 holes in the tops of...

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

I can't take credit for this, but thought it was a neat idea.  Hoe, hoe, hoe to all!!!

What Do You Do With Cheese Graters and A Tractor Muffler?

When my little flag bit the dust, I had to figure out something else to display on this flag holder.  So..why not cheese graters?  It would be fun if I could figure out how to light each...

A Little Wrench Fun

A little 'wrench' fun I made today. The words read:  live        wild  brilliant  funny   finicky   naughtynbspnbsp...

Tractor Steering Wheel Wreath

Here's a quick projects I made today using an old tractor steering wheel and some vintage ornaments. cynthia

Snowman Project

This little snowman guy is made from an old Christmas Tree stand, a glass globe and a fun head I found at a GS.    I put a string of Christas lights in the globe.   cynthia

Champagne Glass Christmas Tree Pic With No Lights

junkartqueen:  Here are pics of the tree without the lights.  Hope this helps! cynthia

Fun With Clipboards

Here are some more fun 'pillows' I made of each of our pugs.  I actually took their photos and transfered them onto muslin.  Added the wings, etc.  I used these as Christmas tree...

Painted Pillows

Here are some fun pillows I made from muslin and then painted them.  cynthia

Christmas Bell Hanger Project

Another simple and fun project for the season! cynthia

Santa Altered Art Mirror

This was a fun project made from a mirror and numerous other GS goodies!!! cynthia

JOY Thermos

Here is an old thermos I had on hand.  Added the JOY letters and a little white ribbon.  Quick, fun, classic! cynthia

Living Room Decorating

Here are some pics of my living room decorating...Lani....I still LOVE my clarinet lamp idea so much! cynthia

WISH Scale

Some decorating fun with my favorite scale!

Christmas Dining Room

Here are some pictures of my dining room.  My table centerpiece is actually an old rusted out tool thingy. 

Champagne Glass Christmas Tree

You know all of those stem glasses at garage sales, that people practically beg YOU to take?  Well, here is the result of collecting over the summer.  Another reuse, recylce, practically...

Tree Branch Christmas Tree

The pictures truly don't do this 'tree branch' Christmas tree justice.  I have received sooooo many compliments on this.   Several people asked if I had these ornament wheels for sale...

Ornament Wheel

Hey Georgia Moon!  Thanks for your great ornament wheel idea.  Here is my version. I have gotten soooooo many compliments on it!

JM Christmas Tree!

I just wanted to share some pics of my 'junkmarket' Christmas tree.  The 'grapevine' looking stuff is actually bailing wire.  Old clocks and my JM dolls.  (Thanks again, Sharon Clark...

Bart Doll Finished!

Just finished what I think will be the last doll for the Junk Christmas Tree.  This doll is made in honor of our black pug...Clyde Bartholomew (Black Bart!)  He liked it. cynthia

One More Junk Doll!

Thanks Geo for the great comment on the dolls!  Here is my 'Samantha Doll', in honor of my 14 1/2 year old pug!  (One more pug to go though!)  Can you figure out everything I used...

Glass Bottles!

Made these bottles today and thought I would share.  I think these would make cute Christmas ornaments! cynthia


This hangs in my bathroom!

XRAY Light!!!!

Here is one of my last Halloween projects for the year!  My vet gave me the great old x-rays and notice the finial is an old surgical tool he gave me, too!  Used a bunch of old scissors I...

Junk Pug Dolls!

Here are 2 more 'junk dolls' honoring my pugs! cynthia


Just wanted to share my hands with you!!!! Cynthia

Some Fun Decorating

Just a few decorating projects! cynthia


Here's a little witch doll I made.  Note the safety pin....she just can't keep a secret!lol cynthia

Paper Cutter Table

I just couldn't resist this great paper cutter at a GS.  I laid it on top of a butcher block and wala...instant Fall Decorating Table! cythia

Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!"

This is Mr. Pumpkin Head.  Now can you guess what all he is made from?

Forked Footed Crow

Just wanted to share this little fork-footed fellow I made!!

Junk Market Dolls!

Thanks again, Sharon!!!! cynthia

Spooky Decor!


Bowling Ball Pumpkin's a bowling ball.  Foil, hot glue and an old lamp base!! wala!!

Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

I bet Sue won't even be able to figure this one out!  This is now being used as a shadow box but had a previous life as something else!  Here are your hints: Think early 1970sThe...

Decorating the Kitchen For The Season!!!

Sorry for all the postings at once, but JH is insisting I eliminate a bunch of my pics off of my HD.  So, wanted to get these out ASAP!!!   Here are some pics of my kitchen. 

Kitty Collage

Here is a Halloween project I made from all kinds of junk goodies!

Shabby Chic Fireplace Decor

I made the little black kitty and thought she looked cool in this vase!

Old Door Decorating!

Just wanted to share a little of my Dept 56 and JM style Halloween/Fall style!  All of these particular things are sentimental junk goodies!!  The black screen is an original screen off of...

Aaahhhh...Fall Is In The Air....

Here are some pics of my living room Fall Decorating...(with a little bit of Halloween, too!)

A Little Fall Decorating

This is a vessel sink sitting on top of a piano roller (?)...

Viewfinder 'Reel' Table

This is a 1960's table found at my fav thrift store.  The old viewfinders were purchased at the 127 sale for $3.  There is a pourable polyurethane glaze finish over it so it's very...

Vintage Silver Tray

Mimi posted a great silver tray under her beach'theme post.  I'm thinking this is the same tray so thought I would share what I did with mine.  This serves as creamer/sugar holder in my...

Bedroom Platform Bed

After several requests to see some photos of my home, I finally posted some pics of one our latest projects, a platform bed in the master bedroom, on my blog.  Check it out if youre...

Door Window

The only scenery you could see out this back door was looking directly into the garage.  So I took some frosty spray and stamped the fleur de leighs (sp?) and wala, a much better view I think!

Pumpkin Vintage Mirror!

Here is a vintage mirror that I gave a new purpose to....pumpkins!!!  The pumpkins are actually painted onto the mirror with some spanish moss hot-glued around their 'stumps' for a 3D...

Heirloom Piano Repurposed!

Growing up, my 2 sisters and I , had an old 1940's piano that Mom and Dad bought for us to take our piano lessons on.  Over the years, older sister has kept it in her storage building and...

Website Comment

If I have only one vote for the most important thing to me on the site now, is....I want the 'NEW' tags back!  I am reading my most recent comments ok, but when viewing the Member Junk page, you...

Comment Only!

I understand the Q&A page, for comments, will be coming shortly.  Meanwhile, I have been advised to just post a "fake" picture of something if I want to make a "comment only".... cynthia

Sue, I have a website question!

Sue, Another question regarding "new comments"! example:  I went out and responded back to everyone for the great compliments on my dental tray.  Now, how will everyone know I responded...

Dental Accordian Tray

Adding seeing that great dental bowl find, I just wanted to share my dental 'thing'. I found this free, in the salvage yard. It holds my drink, soap or just about anything... cynthia

Old McCalls Pattern Cabinet Makeover

I bought this cabinet at a GS for $15!  After much power washing and rust relief, this is what I came up with it!

What Else To Do With Sawhorses and Shutters?

I made these window treatments from an old pair of sawhorses and shutters I rescued from a burn pile!!!


Here is a 'spoondalier' made from an old wheel, silverware and some plastic prisms.  I saw a similar idea like this, in a catalog, for $99.....ouch!

Fishing Bobber Bowling Ball

This very realistic fishing bobber is made from a bowling ball and a red spray paint can top!  I get a lot of comments on this one.  I can't take credit for this though, I saw something...

Headboard Flowerbed

Here is a flowerbed made from and old headboard and footboard.

Garden Totems

Here are some garden totems I made over the summer and just wanted to share them with you.

Cookbook Shelf

I came across these cookbooks and thought they would make a great shelf.  The molding is from an old picture frame and added some utensils.

70's Lamp Base Fall Candle

Here is a Fall Candle Arrangement I made from and old 70's lamp base.  Not for everyone, but certainly a one-of-a-kind!!!

Linoleum Floor Cloth

Here's a picture of a floor cloth I made from an old piece of linoleum.  The quote is by Victoria Holt:  "If it's Good, It's Wonderful...If It's Bad, It's Experience"nbspnbspnbsp...

Recent comments

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

Luuuv this paint technique...would you share?

Re: Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

Very uber-cute! Luv it!

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

OOoOOOOOh, Lani.....This just 'Springs' me into action!!!!! LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Re: S T R A N G E CARGO...... the saga continues.

Love the hand statue! Actually just love all the cool stuff!!!

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

Absoulutely beautiful! Love the blue dishes especially! Welcome aboard Junkmarket where you never know WHAT artistic creations will appear!


Re: My Newest Angels

Sharon, I have a new email. Write me at:


Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Awesome! Awesome! Lovin' the numbers theme!


Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Love the Scrabble table!


How adorable! R those rub on's u use?

Re: My Newest Angels

I have a new email address!

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

Oh, these are sooo cool!

I have a clarinet mouthpiece I might try this on!


Very, very nice!

Re: Wall Hanging Made With Multi-Colored Springs

Wow! That is verrrrry cool!


Re: Faucet knob art

I like!

I have a blank fence and this would be perfect!


Re: Time for Junk!

Very neat idea! Welcome aboard JM!

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

Very JUNKAWESOME!! Welcome aboard!! Let's see more!!

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

That was a Great TJ tale and....a GREAT, GREAT project! I am making plans to FINALLY go and see TJ in Vegas!!! Thanks for the great inspiration!

Re: LP album trays

This sounds like a cool project....but what are 'museum corners'? Details...details!!! lol

Re: Generator lamp

Very Cool! Now you could make u a shade using old car keys??? I miss my 1974 VW hatchback, too!!! I'm trying to find it. Hubby said he would redo it for me, but I think it's probably sitting in the rust pile somewhere!

Re: Need ideas!

Great ideas here! I would probably make a decopague type piece of art, in the shape of a milk bottle! Maybe use an old cabinet door for the art base??? I move things around so much that I seldom do anything 'permanent'!
Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Re: Blossom

What a great piece of Spring art!! Love it!

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

Love it, love it, love it!!! Wow!

Re: Turbin Lamp

Thanks all for the great comments! I get as many comments on thos turtle shells as I do anything! Quite a conversation piece they are!!1


P.S. Loved the poem, MelHow! I have my small collection of doll heads, arms & legs, too!!lol

Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

very Springy indeed! Getting me in the Spring Junk mode!!! Love it!

Re: Industrial Can Lamp

Hey Georgia!! Now you've got me inspired once again!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

Cool, cool, cooooolll!!!!

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

Jenny!!! This is an AWESOME art piece!! KUDOS!!!

Re: Doll Leg Vase

Oooo...I love this! I have recently started collecting doll parts...this is right up my alley!

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

I THINK it lookssooooooo cool! Love it!

Re: Spoon Flower Closeups AND Spoon Angels

Thanks for the close up ANGLEZ!!!
Great projects!

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

Wow is right!!!
What a truly outstanding recycle!!! Very cool....and welcome aboard the Junk Wagon!

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

Oooh...these are just awesome! Can we see some up close pics of the flowers hanging on the white fence, too???

Re: Pocket Full of Posies

clever recycle idea!!!

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

OOOhhh..what a great junk mail surprise! The project is just great, too! Love it!


I love it! Especially the door and photos!!

Re: G E O

Very cool! Letter envy!!


very nice!

Re: Homemade Cloche

Very cute

Re: Do you see what I see?????

Can I come play in your yard??lol

Re: Watusi Art

Oooh...this is awesome! I have one of these coming to me, as well as a horse head, too, and I didn't know what to do with it! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Re: Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

And that is very, very cool!

Re: Farm Rescue

Wow! Great rescue and reuse! Love it!

Re: Palette Lounger

Love it!!!

Re: bee hive door knob


Re: Golf Club Rack

Awesome find! Awesome redo, too!


Re: Does Anyone Collect Yellow Rubber Ducks?

I went to check on the rubber duck today and guess what???

She sold it this morning!


Re: Does Anyone Collect Yellow Rubber Ducks?


I will give the gal, at the shop, a call tomorrow but I think she still has it. I'll ask her to figure out the postage, too!!


Re: "Tools"


Re: Need a helping hand?

Your hands are so very nicely delicate! I, too, love hands!! I only have a couple. I've just started my 'collection'. I also like doll body parts and have just started picking these up as well.

Re: Found in As Is section in Ikea, seaglass


Re: Waiting for spring!!

Wow! What a great recycle!! I'm going to have to 'borrow' this great idea for sure! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: clothes pin flowers

Very cute idea!

Re: Waterski seating projects

Very cool!

Re: Screened in Porch

Oh, this looks very welcome and comfortable!!! Good job!

Re: My Funny Valentine

I have several of these record 'baskets' in the shop...aren't they so much to make? However, I am tired of just the basket use...thanks so much for the great idea how to use them for something else!

Re: Have a Great Valentine's Day!

Ooooh...Vicki...I see junk decorating in your future! Let's see more fun projects! Very good!


Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #2)

Very cool project! A great way to reuse all of those wooden hoops that nobody seems to use anymore!

Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

Ooooooooooooooooh.....I love this! This is MY KIND of decorating ideas!! Let's see more goodies!


Awesome piece!


Re: Earring Tree

Now that's creative! How fun!

Re: wonderful scales

Wow! I'm a scale-a-holic and luuuuuuv that postal scale! I've never seen one like that. Thanks for sharing!

Re: "B"ounty


Junk Envy....!


Re: Initial Project!

Yes, those are faucet handles. They are really chocolate brown with pink accent buttons.


Re: Picture Holder

The silver 'thing' came out of the bottom of an old pan. I think these were to sit the meat up on, to drain the grease and keep the meat from sitting on the bottom of the pan directly?


Re: connect four

Oh, now this is just tooooo cute! I'm going to have to look for a Connect Four!


Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

Wow! These are great! Let's see more!


I would like the instructions, too! What a great idea!

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Love it! Good Job!!


Re: THE MENOPAUSAL WOMAN---JUNK STYLE never cease to amaze me!! Awesome!

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

Oh, these are so cute! spring is right around the corner! Loved the lunchbox especially! what are the holes made from?


Very clever!! Love it!

Re: spirit of junk


Re: "Record" setting transformation...

Ooooh...I love it both ways!! Very creative!!!


Re: garden junk

Very lovely garden...!!!

Re: Presto Change-o

Georgia...this is simply toooo cute! Love it!



AWESOME!!! Love it!

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Oooh, always...I love it!



Oooh. I love Menopausal girl...she speaks for all!!!


Re: Love this bottle!

Very cool idea! But how did you get that picture in that tiny little shaker? Whew!

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

I love this look you did with the brooms! Let's see more of your great decorating talents!

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night



Re: How to Make a Valentine's Day Planter.

Great project, Georgia!

Thanks to all inquiring where I've been lately. I have had the most nasty bronchial infection. Been to the dr. but slow recovery! This is the first time I have felt like even looking at my fav JM site, in over a you KNOW how bad I must be feeling! ha


Re: My Love for Junk is on the Rise! your elegant always!!!

Re: Bathtub Planter!

Wow! Just beautiful! You have a great 'green' thumb!

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

Oooh, ooh...I LOVE THIS! My kind of junk remake!

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

Great, great repurposing project!

Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

What a great idea! Very nice!

Re: It's the Sign of the Season...

Very cool!

Re: Coffee Table Holiday Bling

Oh! love that rusty Christmas Tree Stand! Very unique!

Re: Refinished Furniture

Very nice!


Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Very cool project! Keep up the great work!



Ooooh...I love, love your style! What great ideas! Thanks for sharing...let's see more!!

You're giving me great ideas!



Ooooooooooooooooh...I love, love the spring idea!! How very clever!

Re: Industrial BirdFeeder

Very nice!!

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

OMG! I cannot wait to see what you do with all of these! What a great find!!

Re: An ugly old vanity light seen in a whole new light

Now that's a great repurpose!

Re: My bull skull...transformed

I lived in Texas for 10 years and I LOVE THIS, YA'LL!!!
$5? Wow, what a deal!!

Um, I have turtle's an Oklahoma thing! (lol) This would be a great idea for one that doesn't have a very nice finish! Thanks for sharing!!


Re: Studio Junk

I like your style!! Love the painted rug on the floor, too!

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

What a great place to shop! I could do some serious damage there! haha


Wow! What a great idea! Love it!

Re: A New Year's Resolution

Oooooh...I love, love this!!! I'm inspired!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Re: Canning is for the birds!

What a great idea! Love this!

Re: What Do You Do With A Free Electrical Wire Spool?

suewannabeinkc: so glad hubby got it!!! NONE of my family members got it...oh, well, it was very fun!!!

Ah, Yes..I remember my parents using these as a picnic table, too....and ooooh...great idea...I can put MY 8-track player and speakers on some baby spools!!! Yes...I have a WORKING 8-track player in my shop! (I listen to Tom Jones, Bee Gees...OH!! Am I giving away our age???) As a matter of fact, I received Eagles Greatest Hits 8-Track, from my 28 yr old son, for Christmas...he just doesn't get it though! lol

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

Way to go gals! These are really cool, unique angels! I bet you guys had a great time, too!! Mr. Mouse probably had a good time keeping an eye on you, too!

Re: Christmas treats anyone

What a cool last name to have! Merry Holiday to you!

Re: What Do You Do With A Free Electrical Wire Spool? guys are toooo funny! Glad I got to 'tickle your brains' a bit!!

Let's Holiday!!!


Re: America's First Nostalgic Guest House --- going 'green'

OH, this room looks like so much fun...I wanta come play! Especially LOVE the toilet tank lid shelves.

Re: Evergreen, Tinsel & Snow

Very nice!

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

WHAT???? Who on earth would not just DIE to have this? I love it! How did you attach the letters to the metal container? I assume some kind of glue???? This is just toooo cute!!!


Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

Oh, Georgia...this is just gorgeous! Love it, love it!

Re: Headboard Christmas bench

Oh, this is just lovely. Your Mom is very lucky!

Re: Scrabble Mania!

Love this great travel board! I came across a SORRY board earlier, and this gives me an idea what to do with it! Thanks for posting the great project!

Re: Let it Snow

This is a great display! Loved the story, too!

Re: Putting a little "Mush" into Christmas!

Very unique item! Love it!

Re: Scrabble Collage/Easel

Wow! These are really cool! I'm a terrible Scrabble player an envy that you were able to put all of your family names together! Love it! Welcome aboard!

Re: Going Green? I'm GONE!

Love your green bottles! Great for Christmas or anyday!!

Re: Bennett's Christmas Collar

Oh, do look soooo festive!!


Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

Wow! This is a really unique 'light'. What a great conversation piece.


Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

Oh, this dolly is great! Very, very neat!

Re: Junk Built Wreaths

Wow! All of these wreaths are sensational! Can you elaborate on how the buttons are attached to the stretcher? I just can't quite make it out. Thanks for sharing your great creative ideas!!

Re: Big Giant Pulley Wreath...For Candy

Oooh. I love it! I like the 'bigness' of it, too! Cute idea Geo!


Re: My sunrrom at Christmas

Love the turquoise half-door!!

Re: Let's Go Skating!!

Very nice and elegant! Love it!

Re: Joy To The World

this is a great piece! Love it!

Re: No Wonder this took so long -- It's three things in one!

oooho....this is a VERY COOL lamp!! Love it!

Re: What to take to the office party?

Very creative use for those cheese holders!

Re: Simple Treasures

Very lovely decor. Thanks for sharing your cozy Christmas!

Re: Whisk Up a Little Ambiance!

Love this idea! Now I need to keep my eyes out for an old whisk thingy...we never find this kind of stuff in my neck of the woods! lol

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Thanks again, Sue, for the great pics!

Hey, is that 'junk under glass' sitting on a BBQ stand thingy?


Re: Have You Got The Time?

OK. I guess with my Southern roots (Oklahoma), I missed out on who Bill Ding is????? But I love the clock anyway!!! Very cool!!! And you can just move that rusty clock right to TN! haha

Re: Put a Little Spring in Your Christmas . . .

Lani, although I have seen this before, I just think it is so adorable!!!


Re: Display Case Frame

Wow! I hope I run across one of these someday. Love the picture idea!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

Ooooh...I LOVE THIS! I have a round top stool like this. Wonder what I could with that? Were your letters different depths? Just love this.

Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

Now that was a fantabulouse Christmas tree idea! Kudos! I love originality!!!

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

This is a great, simple project! Love it!

Re: old window adorned with lights and ornaments

I don't think this is 'cheesey' at all! More like 'creative' and frugal!!!

Re: cart on wheels for displaying dollhouse

Now that's what I call creative shopping! Way to go!

Re: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ooooh..I do love those boots! Very clever gal!

Re: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas part 2

very nice!

Re: Art with Heart Show concluded...Upcycling in Georgetown, Texas

Oh, I do LOVE this art! Very creative project!!!


Re: My little red wagon - repurposed and happy to hold some fun goodies.

Great, great, great!!!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

Wow! This is a fantabulous JM tree! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

OK. Is there a 'C' in there? By the way, where are you located?

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Ooooh...I'm not even a 'shoe person'...but love this!!!!!


Many options for sure. What a great find!

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles




Re: Music stand turned side table

Well done!

Re: Addy's lightswitch

Now that's great 'adapting'!! Good idea!

Re: Embellishing Old Mirrors

Wow! I love these! Esepecially the praying hands thing! You've given me creative incentive!!


Oh, this is so cute. Could the hoe's hold candles or something you can display? Nice idea.

Re: A Rustic Junky Holiday Tablescape

Woohoo!!! Now that's MY KIND of junky decorating! Great, great job! Loved the clipboard charger!!! Unique! Awesome!

Re: First Christmas Project

Cute project! Now you're on a roll...!!!!!


Re: Sleighs

what a great table centerpiece! Very nice country piece!

Re: Hardware angel ornaments

Wow! So very cool! You and Sharon need to hook up...great minds think alike!

Re: Wheeling & Dealing With My Friends...The Big Day!

Oh what fun it is to a junkmarketing sleigh!! lol

Re: Christmas Bling & More Great Ideas

Love that bling chandy! Lovely decorating. simple,but elegant.

Re: Memory garden

Very, very lovely....!

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Treasures!

What a truly blessed site! Great job! Great friends, too!

Re: Card File Ottoman

Welcome aboard the JM site! Wow! What a great cabinet! And unique, too!!!


Re: Instant outdoor (or indoor) table

Awesome socket. I never find anything like this in TN!!!


Re: What Do You Do With 25 Stoplight Lenses???

Thank you very much, Sue, for the honorary post! There are so many talented and great people on this site, it's the highlight of my day and is soooo much fun, too!


Re: Got a pencil??

Jenny, I absoulutely think this is fabulous!!!

What a great idea!

And limited only by your imagination...!!! But I love the pencil idea for sure!!! Now I need to go rack my brain...thanks for sharing!


Re: well loved (and BIG) dominos wall art

Wow! What a unique idea! I've never seen dominos this large...what a great find from Mom!

Re: ok now you can call me a gear head

OK, I need to be put on the list of 50 best friends list, too! lol

I never see these in my neck of the woods (TN). What does something like this run in price?

Re: Home Tour Preview

Lani...I've been waiting for your fabulous decorating ideas! I love it all. Let's see more! Wish I could be there!


Re: A Collectible Christmas

Loving the color palette! I LOVE the neutral themes and I also have white ironstone pieces! Great junker minds think alike! Very nice.

Re: File cabinet / coffee table

Wow! A welder in the family!! (envy) the project!

Re: A variety of tables

I love them all but I'm drooling over the drum table!!!


Re: Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall. Which is the fairest of them all?

Oh....these are just too clever!!! I lean towards the industrial look, too. But love, that TV!!!'ve given me a great challenge!!! A car door w/roll up and down mirror??? Might give it a whirl!!! Especially if it was sentimental, like my GF's or something!


Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !



Re: Oh?! Did you think these were vintage radios?

Love it!

Re: What Do You Do With 25 Stoplight Lenses???

Thanks again all for your great support!!

The background for this is actually made out of plywood and 1 x 2's for the supports. JH tried and tried to talk me into painting this green but I was adamant that black was the ONLY way to go on this on. See, fooled the eye that it was metal, didn't it??? I don't think it would have had the same affect with the green he wants me to put a star on it....NOT....he jsut can't get used to the sleek, clean, rusty look! lol

Yes, Sue...JH is quite the 'trooper'! He complains.... but loves it the whole time!!! lol


Re: What Do You Make With One 5 Gallon Bucket and Two 3 Gallon Buckets???

Um....right, Sharon......I KNOW you could paint a fantabulous face!!!

Re: Tomato Cage/Galvanized Tub Christmas Tree

Way to improvise! Love it!

Re: What Do You Do With Cheese Graters and A Tractor Muffler?

Great idea, Geo! I just put this out a few hours ago. Now I can tweek it!!

Re: Greet your holiday guests with a little fun

Wow! Very creative!

Re: Christmas Dining Room

Sharon....I love it! THANKSMAS!!!! A new JM word!!


Re: Tractor Steering Wheel Wreath

Oh guys just cannot believe how much I have downsized! I used to have 13-15 trees up a year! We opened our house up for 5 years, for tour and charged a can of food for admission. Then donated all of the collected food to the Food Bank in our town. I'm liking the 'a little bit makes a big impact' look more and more. I used to have sooooooooooo much stuff. And as for storage? Most of this stuff is out (with the exception of the trees) and just used year 'round in a different way! Most of my closests are empty! Thanks again for the kudos!


Re: Champagne Glass Christmas Tree Pic With No Lights

The lights are just regular twinklelights, that came on the pre-lit tree. Then I added some of those big, clear outdoor bulbs and just strung them on the tree. I just kept the glasses hanging on the outside edges of the tree and the lights are strung towards the inside. So guess it's an illusion that there are lights 'in' the glasses!


Re: Fun With Clipboards

Sharon: Nope, their hanging on the DR wall all by theirselves!! I use these clipboards for all different seasons and just stuff. Their very handy. Did you notice the 'Noah' potato masher on the tree topper? I just LOVE, LOVE them!!!

p.s. Sharon made me the potaoot masher and the little Emerson angel, hanging further down the tree. Then I tried my hand at the rest of the 'ornaments' (3 more grandkids and 4 pugs) and wala...the JM tree! Couldn't have done it without Sharon's patient instructions1!!

Christy: I actually did one of these of my 4 year old niece. All of her little friends thought it was soooo cool! Guess Aunt Cinda scored again! haha

Sue: Thanks for all the compliments. I work on things throughout the whole year...yes, I'm thinking Christmas in July! But, I'm extemely lazy in the posting area..hence, that's why you guys get all of the pictures at one time!!
Thanks again all!!

Re: Champagne Glass Christmas Tree

fellowjunker: That 'grate' thingy was actually made for me by Ki, in one of previous 'junk swaps'. It is actually a large solid piece of wood molding. JH says the littly thingy's on the front are old screen door latches. Ingenious, huh? It is one of my fav pieces to decorate with.

junkartqueen: I'll try and take a pic without the light, but the glasses really blend in with the green tree without the lights. I would have liked to have done another white tree with these glasses. I've received a lot of compliments on this tree, too.

Candy: great idea about adding wording to the ribbons!

Thanks again all!

Re: JM Christmas Tree!

junktique: I didn't have any presents wrapped when I took the pictures, but since then, I have filled the basket with presents.

Re: Christmas Dining Room

wow, guys...thanks for all the lovely compliments. First of all let me say that I DON"T have the 'Martha Stewart' syndrome,LoL, by decoratng so early. My children/Grandchildren and some other family members are coming in from Oklahoma, for Thanksgiving and since they won't be back for Christmas, we're celebrating while their here. OK. So it's a good excuse for decorating early...but it works!! ha

The big candle pillar in the middle is actually a set of 3. I have the other 2 sizes in the bathroom with candles, too.

Re: An Elegant Junky Holiday

Amy, these are just beautiful and creative pieces! I've never seen Christmas tree stands like this? Are these vintage? Love the look!
I think Sunday showcase is a great idea! I'm game! And you're right. I have met so many great junkers online(yourself, included) because of this site. It truly is a great thing.

I haven't been on site for awhile and I just posted a few projects. I've noticed the "thumbs up awesome"!! Is this something new? Or am I just behind? lol


Re: Just the beginning

Wow! Very nice. Love the color, too!


What a great find! $5.00!! Wow!

Re: Shopping for ideas ~ croquet, anyone?

Welcome to the junkmarket site! Love your goodies! Can;t wait to see what you come up with!

Re: Architecture in the House!

Lani, as usual, I LOVE it all!!!! I can hardly wait for the home tour photos!!!

Re: Tree Branch Christmas Tree

Yes, that's where JH stays about 95% of the time...I was trying to keep that lovely reclyner OUT of the pic!! lol

Re: Something other than angels!

Love it, love it, love it all!!!

Re: OOPS, More angels!

Another masterpiece! Girl, you are just tooooo talented!

Re: "give"

Very nice piece of art. One of my favs, too!

Re: faucet knob wind chimes

Great chime!

Re: Drum Side Table

What a great conversation piece! Love it!

Re: It's a Spinner

Sue...this is one of my FAV pieces in your house! Loved it the first time I saw it and love it even more now!!

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

Very nice! Love the ceiling tin look.

Re: All is calm, all is bright... the white wheels!

Re: Another Door Project

Love the project! Especially the old letter bag!

Re: Vintage Typewriter Gets a New Home

Love the great ideas!

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

Gretchen, I LOVE scales!! I guess you could say I 'collect' them since I think I now own about 10 or so. Just out of curiosity, what would you be asking for a piece like this? And where do you live that it woud have to be shipped?
Another decorating idea is to load it with pillar candles and use as a centerpiece? You could use it as a vegetable holder (potatos/onions?) in the kitchen. Load it up with bars of soaps and towels. See, the list goes on! ha

Re: Some of my dumpster /junk makeovers,I can't beleive what people throw away !!!

You are TRULY a diving Diva!! Go girl!

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

Oh, I do love ths display!! What great project finds! Let's see more, more displays and ideas!

Re: A couple more angels

OMG! How could you possibly just choose ONE to love???? I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Girl, you are positively one heckuva an know I love them!!!

what are the wings on the canning jar made from?


Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

This is just fantabulous!! Love it!

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Oh Lani...I DO wish I could come to your open house, but Tennessee is a tad sure and post all kinds of wonderful pictures for us!

Re: Ultimate Junk Shed


Re: Believe

What a great piece! good job!

Re: Beehive

What a clever use of the glass dome!

Re: Happy Hallowe'en Junkers

Very nice.

Re: This November 4th...

Love it! Already voted early!

Re: Candelabrum

Love it!

Re: industrial lamp turned display

I love this idea! I have a round jar type thing I was looking to do something really cool with. This would be perfect!

Re: Farewell Jedi Junk - May the Force Be With You

Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Re: Make it Pink for My Sis

Oh, Sue...this is just too lovely.

Re: Nemo 20,000

What a fabulous piece of art. Very nice! Can't wait to see your other projects! Let's see more pics!

Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

Now this is one creative idea! Wow!

Re: Halloween revisited

Are these pictures made from crepe paper?

Re: another window / another idea

Wow! Very nice window project! I'll be on the lookout for another window now!

Re: from hitching post to bookcase

I just LOVE recreated sentimental items. Very nice.

Re: Mirror Galor!

Very cool idea!
Be sure and post pics when your through!

Re: Green 50's lamp turned into modern mosaic!

I love the curves of this lamp too! What a great find and what a great mosaic project!

Re: Gourd Jack O Lantern

Very cute!!


Re: More Mashers!!

Oh, I just love these!

The more I look at them, the more I see different things. I just noticed the safety pin arms...tooooo cute!!!

Re: Angels, Angels and more Angels...

Way to go Sharon!

If I started the 'angel' thing...I'm so darn glad!lol.....

but beware everyone...these are very contagious!!! and sooooooooooooo much fun to make!

As always....LOVE THESE ANGELS, too!!!!!

Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

VERY COOL!!! I would probably put this inside my house!

Re: Silver Lights

Oh...these are just Grand!!! I assume you use a light such as what you would use in the 'lighted houses' (like Dept 56.)?

Re: Thank You!

And a BIG THANK YOU for the great project ideas!!!

Re: Baby Shoe

What could you do with black patent baby shoes?

Re: Baby Shoe

Oh, these WOULD make great Christmas ornaments especially using your own family shoes for sentimentatllity!!! Very nice.

Re: Silver Clocks

Ooooooooooooooooh.....very, very nice!!!! Where did you find the numbers?

Re: My birdfeeders

What great birdfeeders! Very original and creative!!!! so glad you took the we want to see more, more, more!!!!!!

Re: Witch Potato Mashers

Go girl!! I knew you could do it!! woohooo!!

Re: Rust Brothers No More


Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

Oh, Geo....I LOVE, LOVE this!!! And no, I haven't seen this before????? Or if I have, I have long forgot it. So glad you posted it again. I just found out that my clan is coming in for Thanksgiving but they expect that Mom will have the house all decorated for Christmas!! Sooooooo.....any other junk Christmas ideas out there? I'm definitely doing the bicycle holiday wheel...very cool....ok, more ideas pleeeez.

Re: Bart Doll Finished!

Mangle?! Love it! haha


Re: Converted garage sale find.

Beautiful wagon and flowers. Nice find and repurpose!

Re: Last one I Promise!!!

OOooooh...I think this is my favorite for sure! Love, love it!!!! I can see this sitting under my 'Junk Christmas' tree!!lol

Re: Are You Sick of the Silver Yet??

Oooooh...can you post some pics of this project? I can't seem to make out what it is made of? Love what I see though!

Re: More Silver!!!

Very nice!

Re: For the Birds!!


Re: Junk silver!!!

Love it! Love it!

Re: Autumn Centerpiece

What an eggstraordinary basket idea! Love it!


Re: Trailer Trash Ball

Oh, this sounds like a grand time! Wish I were there? Lets see more! My nieces 14th BD is on Christmas Day (bummer) so Aunt Cynthia always tries to give her a really 'unique' kind of party....this would be cool, huh???


Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

Thanks for sharing !! Love it!

Re: Beyond Measure

Great idea! I have several of these rulers stashed back! I made a couple of the picture frame easels from Ki and Sue's book but now I can make something else unique!!! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Memo Gate

Way to go girl!!! That is a fantabulous memory remake!!!!



Ooooh....I'm having 'Junk Envy'!!!!!

Sharon Clark has got my hooked on making the 'junk dolls' right now. I can see all kinds of dolls in this stuff!!!

The junkmarket industry hasn't quite made it to my area yet, either. But as the 'green thing' is getting more popular, people are slowly adapting to the hottest new recycle look!


Re: Window Pane Photos

Love this window! Have never seen one like this? A rare find, indeed!



Very nice job! Love Mr. Squirrel, too!

Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

Ooooh knew I would just LOVE this!!!

If you couldn't find these cool vintage grates, another solution is to look at the plant section in stores. There are plate grates meant to sit plants on that look alike like these! Hope this make sense!

Good job, Lani!!


Re: A Rusted Development

Very nice!! Love the use of the colors!

Re: Junk is for the Birds

Love the indoor birdhouse!!! Can't wait to see the 'holiday' version, too!! go girl!!

Re: A "bottled" centerpiece...

Love this vinette! You could easily change it out for each season, too!! Do you sell it as all one piece, mirror included?

Re: One More Junk Doll!

Geo,,,,you made me laugh!!! Ball bearings??? Not a bad idea!!! These, however, were just some silver pony beads I had. Darn....I just didn't have time to tatter my own lace for the wings, so settled on some I cut off a stuffed animal!!! lol thanks all for the great compliments again!!!


Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Love it!!

Re: Few Weekend finds

Looks like you had a pretty good junking day!


Re: Picture Holder

Welcome aboard Robin! That's a neat piece, but have no idea what it's previous life might have let's see more, more!!!


Re: Bewitching!!

Thanks Geo!

My sisters actually call me 'martha'...I wonder why? lol

Would you believe that I do most of my stuff sitting and watching TV!!!!


Re: Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!"

Ding! Ding!!! Christy won the guess!!!

Yes, it is an old world globe painted. The hat is made from some left-over anagalyptic wallpaper painted. The arms are an old sweater. The feet are a shower curtain. The black diamond shaped triangle thing is an old 1960's plastic wall plaque. Now wasn't that fun repurpose thingy?????

Christy, want to see the globes!!!


Re: Some Fun Decorating

Great idea on the hand/papercutter, Lani!!! I've been wanting to use that rat trap for another project but didn't know what to do with the hand!!!


Re: Forked Footed Crow

He is made out of good ole muslin fabric and painted! That's it! I will be posting some Christmas guys I made the same way a little later. Glad you like it.

Re: Paper Cutter Table

Nice TX accent, Sue! Now let's hear you say ya'll...


Re: Bathroom JUNK makeover!

Love the junk! But love the Humpty Dumpty!!!!


Re: Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!" a ball.

hint: it is made out of cardboard!

Re: Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!"

OK. Geo and LuAnn....good guess on Mr. Pumpkin Head but.....................not even close!!!

Bowling ball is waaaay to heavy. This is much more lightweight.
Gazing ball would break.

Any other guesses???


Re: part of my mad scientist lab where it all comes together, talk about junk!

Oooooh, I LOVE all of your wonderful junk stuff!!! Wow! The creativity is unlimited for sure!!! Can't wait to see more stuff!!!


Re: Spooky Decor!

Thanks again all!!

Yes, I meant to mention the great stool...Ki made that for me during our junk swap!!! It is a GREAT piece to work it!!

Re: Junk Market Dolls!

Thanks so much everyone!! However, I forgot to give kudos where kudos are due!!! The JH!! EEEEEEkkkk.....couldn't have done it without him!! Drilling and wire twisting...I did the faces and finishing up!!! to HOW I did these? You might want to pull Sharon in on this one, too. Basically a lot of drilling and wire twisting!! Oh...and a glass of wine might help, too!lol

Yes, Sharon...Noah IS sitting on my glass enclosed quilt box!!! How perceptive!!!


Re: Patio Falloween up North

Ooooh...if this doesn't put one in the mood for Fall, then nothing can!!! Very nice..

Re: lamp and bowling ball coat rack

Welcome, welocme!!

Love the retro junkmarket style!!!


Re: Projects - for the Scott Antique Market

Love the bling light! Very original!

Re: My Fall Junk Exchange gift

Love all your goodies! I had a great junk swap gal, too!! Thanks Rosemary!!!

Re: For the love of Clock Faces!

Love the display, too! I Love clocks!!

Re: Sunday Swap meet

Very cool stuff!! Love the hangers!

Re: "Wine or Rolling Pins"

Any chance you're in Sanford, Fl?

Re: Merchandising Junk...Advice Requested

I like your display! it is very shopper-friendly!!

Re: Hair Salon or Dentist Office--you tell me??

Ooooh, I'm not sure, but think you need to send it my way!!! Love it!

Re: A ladder is more than a ladder

Indeed! It looks VERY nice!

Will you be decorating it for Christmas, too?


Re: Bowling Ball Pumpkin

Oh, and Christy, just put the word out there you want bowling balls and you'll be surprised how many people are willing to bequeth them to you!!!!

I started out mosaicing.
Then I broke mirrors and made mirror balls.
The fishing bobber.
And the pumpkin!

I've got another bowling ball idea up my sleeve but guess what?????

I don't have any bowling balls!!! hahahaha

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

Christy, wasn't the '70's JUST yesterday? We're young!!! young!!! haha


Re: Kitty Collage

Again....thanks all for the great compliments!!

Georgia...I know how you feel. We, too live out in the boonies! Last year we had a total of 5 trick or treaters...3 were my nieces and nephews! lol

Soooooo....I guess what I'm 'fessin' up to is I decorate just for the kid in ME!!!! lol

Thanks again all!

Re: Bowling Ball Pumpkin

Wow! Thanks everyone for the great comments!!!

Really...this is sooooo easy to make.

As a matter of fact, my 4 year old niece crumbled up the pieces of foil for me!!! You can use tin foil, in small pieces, just fine. I used some old reeses foiled candy wrappers, too. I decopauged (sp?) it all on with just deco glue...many layers! Used a little spray paint. Oh, and a little brown glaze.

Next is just rows of hot glue. Then dab-painted the hot glue, too!

Let the whole thing dry. Then gave a really good coat or two or three of polyurethane! I painted it on so it would help seal any foil pieces that might have neglected to stick before!

The stem is a stick from my back yard. I hot glued this inside the finger holes. The spanish moss and leaves are all hot glued to cover the finer holes as well.

That's it! I used mine as an indoor decoration, but I think it would be fine sitting in a covered porch area...

Ok. I'm ready to see some bowling punkins out there!!!!


Re: Kitty Collage

Good one!!! lol

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

Very good!!! You must be a true product of the '70's! lol

Re: Old Door Decorating!

This is my foyer, just as you walk in the front door! Thanks for the comments!!

Re: I Scream, You Scream . . .

Love that BIG apple!!!!

Re: Ugly Table Tile Redo/Kitchen Project

Nice job! Creative, too!!!!

Re: Gear Decor

Why can't I find one of these in Tennessee???? Love it!

Re: Don't You Love Free Junk?

Wow! What a great junk find!!! Lucky you! Can't wait to see the future projects!!! Maybe Christmas tree ornaments???


Re: Yes.. another window shelf!!!

Love the window!!!! Never too many window projects!!!!

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

Way to go Lani!!!

Re: Cheese Grater Light Catcher

You are just tooooo clever! Cute!

Re: "Guess what's coming next?" Suitcase!

Very cool idea!

Re: Cow Staunchion

I remember these in my Granpa's barn! Maybe I can salvage one! Cool idea!

Re: Mixer Fishbowl

Very clever idea!! Love it!

Re: Viewfinder 'Reel' Table

Thanks REELY are too kind!!!lol

Re: A Simply Grate Idea for Keys!

cool idea!

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest" this project!!! I like how versatile the look can be, depending on which type of dish you use! Very clever, girl!!!

Re: Vintage Insulator Repurposed

Very, very cute!!!

Re: Halloween Trivets/Coasters

Oooohh...I like them, too!

Re: White Cupboard Updated

RAIN? Pleeeez send some to Tennessee!! We are burning up here! the project. Are those really BIG graters or just a picture disception? Love them!

Re: JUNKMARKET Leaded Window Finds a New Home

very nice!

Re: Free Cupboard

Awesome piece! What a great makeover.

Re: Vintage Silver Tray

Oh. how funny....that must have been one popular tray back in its day and now again!!!

Re: Vintage Bird Cage Light Fixture

Very cool! What is the card holder made from?

Re: Decor - Beach Theme at Cabin

Mimi...I think I have this exact tray! I use mine as a coffe/creamer holder. I'll post a pic! Great junkers think alike!!!


Re: Granite Garden Paths

What a scrumptious work of 'garden art'...and free, too! Very, very nice indeed!

Re: Last Year's Fall Scene

LuAnn, I was just scrolling down and just now saw did I miss it before? Love the Fall decor!!! cute, cute

Re: Buffalo Finds

Lani, love all the great goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with that box!!! Love the numbers!

Re: Barn door picture frame

I love this idea! My Multi-Gr GF (5) was a barn builder. We have pictures of 2 barns that are still standing. I would love to apply this technique using his pictures!! Great idea and welcome to the site!!!

Re: Vacation in the U.P.

Very cool!

Re: Finds from Buffalo

OH...............I can hardly wait to see what you do with these!!!!

Re: Pumpkin Vintage Mirror!

Lani....I posted a couple of art pictures on my blog...just for you!! Don't laugh too loud now!!! lol

Re: Name that Junk

A teeter totter!

Re: Bedroom Platform Bed

Lani....You would be surprised how people ask me that question!!! I My can assure you, that headboard is going NOWHERE!! It actually sits on a cleat attached to the JH luuuuvvvvsss molly bolts!!! ha

Re: Bedroom Platform Bed

Thanks Kim for the kudos on the trunk! That was my 16th bd present from my Mom and Dad...I always tell my hubby if there is ever a fire, that's the piece to grab!

Re: Pumpkin Vintage Mirror!

OH, I do have to laugh at your comment A painter?...hahahaha....I guess art REALLY is in the eye of the beholder! Although, I did take that 'CROW' linoleum rug to the shop and it sold in 1 day! I've done a couple more painting things. My stuff tends to be more folk-art type stuff. I'll post a few pics for fun.

Re: Camping Lunch pail

Hey Cheryl!

When I first looked at the picture, I thought you had made each level into big candles. Like you poured candle wax and added a wick to each of these huge cylinders. Might be a future idea? But loved the scrabble letters!!!

Re: Scales . . . Scales . . . and More Scales . . .

Lani,,,as always....very, very nice!!

Re: Heirloom Piano Repurposed!

Thanks for the great comments, Lani...Yes, that is a hanging shelf. I have a feeling everyone is going to want that piece! lol But big sister gets first dibs!

Re: Yo-Yo Picture Hanger - Make it for Mom!

Oh my...this is just almost as darned cute as that glove lamp!! I love, love this, too!!! Can one love too many junk projects though? lol

Re: Painted Furniture

Very nice!

Re: How-To Make a High Voltage Electrical Glove Lamp

Oooh...I do love this one...hands down!!lol
Now to search for gloves!!

Re: Old McCalls Pattern Cabinet Makeover


Re: Old McCalls Pattern Cabinet Makeover

Hey Christi,,,no, this didn't come from the 127. I bought this at a GS last Spring. I actually have this in my Dining Room right now. It sure comes in handy for quick storage!!!

Re: Domino Coasters

I just recently found a bag of these I had put back for something. Think I'll try this one out!! Did you use any glue or just the peel and stick of the tile?