David Johns, Winchester, VA, US

I am a graphic artist, single dad, with a 2 1/2 hour commute each way, but in what spare time I can find I love creating stuff. I have been a fan of this site and the junkmarket movement since the early days but only recently have I decided to start sharing. I love country/industrial stuff and retro when it is done right.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 07/08/1966

Member Since: 03/11/2009

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Starting 'em off early

This is the little winged wonder my 6 year old son Max made from pieces he found on our junking adventures. He did the design all himself and I helped him put it together.

Fore!....the coats

I picked up a couple of sets of old golf clubs at an auction for five bucks and since I don't play I decided to make a new coat rack. I had seen this done before but with irons and with the irons...

Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

This was one of those projects that you know you want to do the moment you see the piece of junk but just never get around to doing....well I finally did it and I think it came out kinda cool. I have...

This post is for Gretchen...

Gretchen, I really love your jewelry designs and thought you might be able to use this little gem. I got it in a box lot at an auction, box had some tools I wanted so this was free. While I can...

High Speed Office Organizer

This was just a simple re-purpose project. I picked this up at a farm auction back in 02 and it has been holding bits in my shop until now. I found another, more compact, bit holder for the shop so I...

Triumph Door Knocker

Well I have been a member for awhile, mostly stealing ideas, but finally decided to start posting. This is a simple door knocker I made from a piece of junk my ex wife found for me several years ago...

Recent comments

Re: Bearing Bookends

These are simply awesome. Both industrial and quite elegant. I love them.

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

nice job

Re: Chicken Coop

My chickens are jealous, as am I

Re: Photo Love: AAJMS Spring 2010

love the industrial bar stools, i would love to find a set of those!

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

my niece would love this, she is all about pink.

Re: Junque Goddess

very classy, she looks great!

Re: Funny or embarrassing junking stories, anyone?

A few years ago Wal-Mart bought an old orchard for their new superstore down the road a piece. There were three houses on the property one was a folk victorian farmhouse the other two were shacks. I tried to get permission from Wal-Mart to dismantle and remove them but they said they had already decided to burn them to the ground! So I did what any self respecting junker would do, I raided them nightly! I started with the big house and got as much as I could and then decided to peek in on the closest shack. It was covered in asphalt shingles, yuk, so I peeled a few back and couldn't believe what I found, the siding was 1x8-10 inch wide by 8 ft long Chestnut boards!! So I grabbed a pry bar and my chain saw and started tearing them off. It was the middle of August and really hot (even at night) so I was sweating like a pig and had to keep wiping sweat out of my eyes. Unfortunately, working at night, I had not realized that the ivy covering the asphalt shingles was POISON IVY!! About half way home my eyes started itching and within 2 hours I was admitted to the hospital in danger of losing my sight. Luckily it all turned out ok and I managed to save some beautiful chestnut boards. Sadly though, the next day they burned the buildings to the ground.

Re: Junk on the Horizon

Wow that is cool and your dad sounds equally cool.

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect least for furniture

I love it open, but closed it is cool too. Great combo.

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Wow I LOVE the old combat stretcher. Wish I could be there.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Twine Holder

what a cool idea.

Re: Aully, Aully, Auction FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta love free stuff! its my favorite price. Love the crib parts, let us know what you end up doing with them.

Re: Television Table

Great redo, love the colors. It has a cool gypsy/carnival vibe going on, very fun.

Re: A New Desk for Captain America!

What a cool mom you are!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

These would sell like crazy in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. Folks who own townhouses with tiny yards (which is much of the population) would snap these up. The great thing about these is they look very well made which is important when you are looking for something cool to put in the backyard of your 500K townhouse. I imagine they will sell very well down there in Florida too. Keep going on that dream, you are doing fantastic!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

These are incredible!

Re: AAJMS Spring Show 2010: Are You Ready?

Love that fan with the squared blades!! Wish I could go....oh well maybe next year.

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

my kind of flowers, don't have to remember to water them!

Re: Any suggestions for these?

how big are they?

Re: Arbor with old doors

Great use of old doors, very nice.

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Great nook, love the rotary phone on the wall.

Re: This post is for Gretchen...

The lady is on her way to Minnesota.

Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

You're on a roll! Can't wait to see what is next.

Re: Lock Case Towel Bar

Excellent repurpose. I also collect old doors and their hardware, thanks for the inspiration.

Re: This post is for Gretchen...


Re: This post is for Gretchen...

Thanks so much RustyDiva, I sent her a message via her blog. Of course I could spend awhile looking through her blog...too bad I am just on a break at work :-(
Maybe later....

Re: Black and White Dresser


Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

That's too cute. My ex actually divorced me because of my junk, oh well now I can junk in peace. :-)

Re: Cork Collection

i had a friend who collected corks too, she made coffee table tops out of them. But I like the marriage of the type drawer and the corks too.

Re: Curch Pew Rebuild

If it is old enough for square nails it was probably done in milk paint which is kind of a pain to do but matching the color would be much easier. Or you could just paint over it, distress and let some of the green show through. If it were mine it would depend on where it was going and what the rooms colors were....and how lazy I was feeling.

Re: Old printers drawer

love the tin cups, would make great matching lamp bases. I have about twenty type drawers but mine are all full of type due to another hobby...

Re: I have a few hang-ups...

These are really fun.

Re: Stop the Draft!

love this Jim.

Re: Not quite done yet!

nifty project, I also love the color combo.

Re: Scrapyard lamp

nice lamp, love the industrialness of the tubing coupled with the fancy lamp shade, makes a nice combo.

Re: This post is for Gretchen...

Yes she does, I hope she reads this post before my kid finds the rest of this thing and it all disappears. :-) If I was a girl I would definitely wear her stuff but since I am a guy I figured I could at least contribute something cool.

Re: Cable Spool Table

I love it. My work throws these away all the time, I used to have one but my ex took it when she left. I think I might have to grab another one. Nice.

Re: Father's Day project

as a dad who loves this kind of stuff I am sure yours will be thrilled, this is cool.

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

This is awesome. Love the whole thing, logo, wheels, everything. I have just been inspired :-)

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

I know what you mean Sushikay, I lucked out with this one it was at a farm auction deep in the hollar in West Virginia so it went for just $20. Most of the old farmers that were there thought I was crazy for paying that much! Too funny.

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Cool lamp! Love the scraper pull chain.

Re: Funky Junky Furniture

LOVE IT! I love the graphic nature of your stuff, reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein (one of my favorite artists).

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

Thanks everyone, Melody: cool thing about this was the only tools were a hand drill, metal snips and a file.
Jim: Thanks, I am a big fan of your creations, you have a great style. Actually she was my wife when she gave me the junk, not sure I would want anything she would give me now. lol