Billy Stanley, Sioux Falls, SD, US

I am a father of 4 great young adults now and a granddaughter. My garage is a studio from spring to fall. I have been recycling and repurposing since I was child. I would use a hammer and screw driver to cut wood and make all kids of folk art. After retiring from the Navy in 1995. I added to my portfolio custom dacor birdhouses the evolved into wall art. Now I do alot of repurposing for clients. Im always saving furniture from the crusher.

My website address is:

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These chairs are really farm fresh.  I bought the pile of 8 at an auction a few years ago. They have been reglued, missing pieces made, cleaned up and ready for a new life.  The White pair...


My Daughter is a collector of skunks. I painted these reverse glass paintings in 2011 and have tried to come up with a great cabinet. My friend gave me some old 1 x 12 fence boards that was so...

Protective Underwear Stand

I have a client that loves the western theme.  Her parents are in a rest home now.  Limited mobility and health issues.  She had been looking for a stand for her father for his...


One of my regular customers asked me to take her Mother's and Grandma's  headboard /footboard and make something.  After the bench idea, wall art we came to the idea of shelves. I...

Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 9

Just a few odds and ends I turned out last year between my major projects.  I am working on several small projects starting this spring 


This is the second chimney cupboard i have have salvaged. I got this piece at an auction.



Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 8

Just a couple of items from the Shop this year. 

Antique Western Bar "circ 1940 - 2012"

Last year I posted a 4 piece wall divider in a western motif. This customer ordered a Bar this year. Wow was it fun and creative!!! Over past couple years of finding the right pieces to it...

A new look for Grandfather's Clock

I was asked to take a grandfathers clock and shabby chic it. Well at first I thought it was unusual. But after seeing the clock and the owners decor it wasn't a fith Shabby chic was definately the...

Old Farm Desk Do Over

When I saw a picture texted to me of this desk I wondered why Patty wanted it redone. Soooo cool as it was. She is one of my original customers so i took on the task. She dropped it off one day in...

Display boxes from vintage barn windows

I was given these windows over a year ago from a friend restoring a barn. Wasnt to sure what to make with them until I had an order for display cases. The funny part was: The day I was putting the...

Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 7

A little Western decor is in my blood. Collecting it is half the fun. building it is the extreme!

Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 6

just some olds and ends I made from junk  

Western Decor Room Divider

I'm back. If you remember last season I made a few hall trees. Well this year I was asked to make a room divider. These folks are genuine cowgirls and a retired rodeo clown. It was a team effort...

Billy's "Do Over Deco" Part 5

Well winter has not kept me to busy with completed projects.  I made these three just before the shop was to cold.  I used a small propane heater to keep my fingers warm.  I can't wait...

Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 4

When I saw Scott Phillip's episode on PBS making a chimney cupboard he got me hooked on doors of all kinds. Here is some projects I have finished the season with. I have orders for the spring to...

Fancy Headboard

You know, Dreams really can come true.  I had a garage sale selling my wares when this great lady came and fell in love with my hall tree and bought it,   She had a dream of this...

Fun with Shutters

Seeing ya'll having so much fun with shutters, I went into a buying frinzy when I saw them.  I have sizes from 12 in to 72 inches.  These were so much fun to make as well as a little...

Yard Art??

These are a few things I have been working on.  Been getting the yard ready for winter.  Every fall we get a flock of monarch butterflies come through to eat on our flowers.  I made it...

Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 3

Some odds and ends that I just put together.  Im cleaning up the projects I've accumulated this spring.  I will be switching to my birdhouses soon.  The Mrs is worried she won't have a...

Trunk Find Make Over !!!!????

You never always know what you get.  I noticed when sanding that this was not a normal built trunk. It was made with rivits.  I relooked at it and notices it had olive drab paint on the...

5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

IT's Alive!!  Do yo remember this one on a previous post.  I bought for $4.00 on an auction mainly because it had drawers. The whole thing was a disaster but it had hope.  Just short...

Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Just some of the great finds within the last week.  I guess I really need to focus on Creating and cleaning. Auctions are so fun.  Hope you are having fun too!

Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 2

A couple of these I showed you in a posting of my piles of hope projects.    Hope you like them as much as I did making them.  Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to...

Great buys last week!

Here are some finds I made this week.  Sundays auction and Tuesday's About the town shopping!  I need to start building.  My attic is getting full!   But the find it fun...

Hall Tree On Steroids

Have you ever wondered what to do with those boxes you get a auctions when you have to buy the full lot?  Well, I bought 12 boxes for $8.00.  I got the gas cans on a neighbor hood...

Vanity Dresser turned to Desk

While Shopping at a thrift store this old vanity was marked 9.99.  It was also a 20% off day.  Well I hated to pass that up.  I picked up the twin headboard at a local garage...

TV Console needs help!

I picked this up for $10.00 at the VOA thrift store.   Help.  Got any great ideas on what I can convert it into? 

Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 1

From the curb mostly or donated lumber from friends,   

Hall tree benches

Curb garbage, a box full of items yeilded wooden coasters, 24 in doors I traded for other junk, scrap lumber, part of a hall tree spindle, miror from a garage sale.  They were fun to build and...

Boat book shelves

Theses are my version of the boat bookshelves.  I made them out of old barn boards and reclaimed trim.  My neighbor was throwing away some 4 x 8 sheets of 1/4 in plywood I uses for the bend...

Kim's Coat Rack with Porcelin Door Knobs

  The top was our kitchen valance from the mid 70s.  The other boards were reclaimed oak from the neigborhood rubbage pickup as well as a pile of shutters.  The knobs from flea markets...

Billy's Birdhouse

I started out building regular birdhouses then mutated to table top models for the interior.  After a while I realized I didnt have room for one on a table and switched gears to Wall...

The Chimney Cupboard Family

I just started watching this great PBS show last season. I later found the website at  This guy (Scott Phillips) is fantastic and a...

Plant Stand & Storage Cabinet

Before my grandmother passed away we went into the barn and we pulled out some old junk before they tore it down.  This included the sewing machine legs. The brand was Monarch.  I...

Amanda's guitar coffee table

This was a Father and Daughter project.  Amanda had moved and wanted a coffee table.  We shared ideas until we came up with this idea.  We inlayed the guitar into 2X6's and did mosaic...

Recent comments



Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

Thanks Jasmin, I was looking for something cool to do with an ironing board just like this. It looks so neat. BillyJo

Re: Repurposed Bakers Cabinet

It looks great. Thanks for sharing , BillyJo

Re: Custom Painted Checkers/Game 1/2 Table

Thanks Brian. I have an end table I was going to do the same thing too. Thanks for the tip Billy Jo

Re: Hubcap Sun Face and Grill Plant Stand!

Love it. IT was an Hibachi grill Billyjo

Re: Do you have the Time?

They are great. Love the film reel. BillyJo

Re: Repurposed Crib Head & Foot Board Chalkboards

You the man! Looks great. BillyJo

Re: Trunk Table Monster Makeover

Your talent is amazing. great save Billyjo

Re: 60's Steel Media Cart into Island/Bar/Dining Table

Wow. Looks great Billyjo

Re: Dresser from Roadside

Wow, I bet seeing that on the road was an exciting day. Sweet Find billyjo

Re: Yet another repurposed organ.

That's the cat's meow. Love the creativity you have. Thanks for sharing. Billyjo

Re: Overhauled Vintage Night Stand + Vintage Yardsticks!


Re: THE SUBTERFUGE - Steampunk underwater vehicle

This is outstanding work. I love this kind of art. Thanks for the inspiration! Billyjo

Re: The Beauty of THREAD

Georgia, I love spools too, its in the bloodline. Great idea. You have my head spinning. I have a friend making her sewing room cave. She will love it too. Thanks Billyjo

Re: Child's vanity

Great save. Love the look. Billyjo

Re: Piano Pantry

Such a unique talent. Billyjo

Re: Save those random knobs and pulls!

Great idea again. We all find knogs and pulls. Now we have a new idea. Super great talent. Thanks for sharing. Billyjo.

Re: Old rocking chair

Great save and remarkable talent. Love it. Billyjo

Re: 1940s US City Unknown

I have looked at this 3 times now and have to say. This is really really cool. I love doing wall art too. This is so upper class art. I look forward to more. Billyjo

Re: New Use for Old Decking

I love reusing old boards. This is so nice. I want one in you garden. You two did a great job and saved a tree too. Thanks for sharing. Billyjo

Re: Junk Jewelry

Those are so neat. I have a friend that does jewelry too. You have an eye for it. Thanks for sharing. Billyjo

Re: Tiny Wheel barrel


Re: Reclaimed Door Hall Tree

great look. Gotta love doors!!

Re: Mexican Pine Pieces Goes Asian!

Great transformation BillyJo

Re: Hollow Door Room Divider

I love doors. What a great idea for those hollow cores. Thanks for posting. BillyJo

Re: My summer of 2013 bedroom makeover- 1st, The oak entertainment cabinets

They look fabtabulous!! BillyJo

Re: One door - 2 fun side tables

wowza!!!!! Billyjo

Re: Repurposed Roller Skate Truck No. 10: Double-Axle Heavy Hauler

So Kewell!! Billyjo

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

I too have a fetish for cards. Love the idea Thanks BillyJo

Re: Rustic Insulator Containers

Great idea. We just lost alot of trees. Thanks. BillyJo

Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift


Re: Apothecary Dresser

This is so nice. What a talent you have... Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Corner shelves from old doors

I love using doors. I love the corner idea. They look marvelous, unique and one of a kind. Supper job. Thanks BillyJo

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

So neat. Wish I had one. Thanks . BillyJo

Re: Junk Trunk turned Vintage Beauty

Wow, What a great project. Thanks for sharing a new spin on trunks. billyjo

Re: Safari themed wooden cigar box


Re: Roadside Find


Re: Printer's drawer coffee table


Re: One Way To Rehab A Delaminating Cabinet


Re: 1910 Advertising Toothbrush Holder Earring Display


Re: Happy Accidents...Shutter Project Gone Haywire


Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio


Re: Today is Her Birthday! So Here's Her Pallet pleasing project.


Re: Coffee Sack Curtain


Re: Wine Rack


Re: Welded Birdhouse


Re: Wood, a little rusty metal and an old clock


Re: Turning an Old Table into a Table that Looks Old


Re: Vintage Door Marries Vanity Bench

I love doors! This one looks great! BillyJo

Re: Door Bench

I love doors too. What a great project. You have your game on when you did this one. BillyJo

Re: A Pantry Created From Old Doors

I love door projects too. Love the color and your kitchen too. 2 thumbs up! BillyJo

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

Did you find the website?

Re: Vintage Door Corner Shelf

Great work with the doors. Love it! Nice color too. BillyJo

Re: Time to JUNK build - part 2

You are a person I will have to keep track of. Such cool work. I love doors too. Your's is soooo cool! BillyJo

Re: Distressed End Table

You two have a gift making diamonds from coal. Super work.
Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Upcycled Pedestal Birdhouse Side Table

Your art is soo cool. what kind of welder do you use. I have some horse tack that I want to do things with.

Re: Window wall & vanity

You have a masterpiece. Super work from all of you. BillyJo

Re: Coke Crate Table

I really like the use of a lamp as a leg. Very unique. BillyJo

Re: Junkolanterns

I wasnt having a good day but this finally broke it. Thanks for the laugh, the great idea and just plain envy of a job well done! BillyJo

Re: Cool Lamp

I had to comment on this. I love it. BillyJO

Re: The World's Gratest Fan

What a gifted mind you have!

Re: Vintage 10-Pane storage piece

I love doors and windows too. Sooo cool, BillyJo

Re: Wall of doors

Doors are fun but you have taken it to another level. Cool

Re: Bar "light"

It is the poster project of recyling. Great ideas! BillyJo

Re: Table bench

Totally a great transformation. BillyJo

Re: Refunked Cabinet

What a new look. Awesome!

Re: A Hot Transformation

I like!! BillyJo

Re: New "aged" cabinet

So neat. Thanks for that extra touch! Love to the paint too. BillyJo

Re: Sparkle Mirror/Memo Board

I dont doubt it sold. I will have the wow factor in someones room. BillyJo

Re: saved!

That was a great auction find. Really a great touch. Being from Glenwood I know those auctions are great too!! Keep up the junkin! BillyJo

Re: My Steampunk Hat

What a cleaver idea for hats. You have the touch!

Re: An ordination gift of old, old organ parts for a shiny, brand-new pastor.

I really love it. Great gift and definately inspired by God too. BillyJo

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family
is the website. Season 14 episode 1404 . It is still there. I just looked. But with future seasons it could go away. They also have one episode the used doors for a corner unit too. Good show and good luck. Check out my hall trees out of doors too.,

you can email me at if you have other questions too!

Re: Unique Sofa Table

Beyond great idea! What a find and fix. BillyJo

Re: What to do with millions of golf balls?

cool/ I saw a road runner made with a Wood, Tee, and golf ball. Was neat. Club was cut in half and the wood was the body, handle was the tail. the golfball the head and the tee was the beek. Put on a wood block and wow was it neat!
Keep up the great createevity!! BillyJo

Re: Jewelry from an old Brownie Camera

I'll have to tell a friend this idea. Super thinking. I have a camera like this. Gets me thinking of repurposing it!! Wow. Will I ever sleep now with all the ideas rushing in. LOL Thanks again! BillyJo

Re: Metal Trim

What a great fit and perfect accent!!! BillyJo.

Re: Flamingo junk......

Things that make ya go HUH!!! Why didnt I think of that. Sooooo Cool BillyJo

Re: Window Photo Display

I love ideas with windows and doors. Thanks for shareing. Billy Jo

Re: Garage sale find

Way to go. Another rescued! BillyJo

Re: HELP!!!!

I'd attach it to a door and make a hall tree around it. good Luck. BillyJo

Re: Ugly Old Lamp to Beautiful Garden Urn

Wow. I saw a couple at a garage sale and passed them up. Keep up the great ideas. BillyJo.

Re: Silver Swirl Bed Frame

Really creative. took lots of work! Thanks BillyJo

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

I have submitted several door projects you can use on JMS. I love doors and use them when I can. Hall trees, bookshelves, chimney cupboards, chopping board island. etc. A few ideas Ill be doing next year. I was inspired by a PBS show called American Workshop on season 14 and then with JMS. Some great minds here too.. Good Luck BillyJo

Re: Misty

Totally a work of art and functional too. Wow BillyJO

Re: Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

Wow what a find and a real transformation. Super work. Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

Your work is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your creative talents. BillyJo

Re: My Weekend Project

I agree the knobs are great and I love the paint work.

Re: Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

I would like them either way. Maybe put and candle in them and let the wax melt over the sides. I wouldnt have realized they were candle holders without a candle. In my latest creation I used old electric lamps repurposed and put vintage insulators. It wasnt until I put the tea lights in them and lit them did people know they were for candles. I love those! Keep up the creative juices. BillyJo

Re: Tool box or flower caddy with old Brace and Bit tool

I like the box. I have a few of them and have several ideas but was missing the type box I wanted for mine. Love it. Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Iris

Great Idea and very nice color. Is the color Robin's Egg? Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Garden Work Bench

Love Doors!! I like it. BillyJo

Re: Galvanized Bucket with Keys and License Plate & Copper Baking Mold Upcycled Hanging Baskets.

I love your work. So creative. You must lay awake sometimes thinking up some of these ideas from outside the box. I know I do. Great work. BillyJo

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Hang from the ceiling use to hang pots. mobile of collections, hang outdoors with chimes of metal pipes, license plates. The fine mesh I would hang from a tree to toss old bread, popcorn, fruit for the birds in the winter.
Good Luck, BillyJO

Re: Steampunk Forks & Copper Canister Bird House

WOW and so cool metal is your talent!!!!

Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

So great. Love galvanized and this fits in super!

Re: Failed Barn Star attempt

Looks great. BillyJo


Use the door like the facing of a cabinet. The window location would be shelving. the front would be false doors. Below the window and abobve would be narrow shelveing facing the side. I did one simular on my website and have it on jms too. Except I cut the door panels out. I wouldnt do it on that door though.
I cant wait to see it!

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

OMG that is soo neat and talented!

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

That is soooo cool. Great for the boys and car buffs.
Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Tin tile in a frame

Sooooooo Neat! BillyJo

Re: Fruit Box End Table

Nice primitive piece. Great Idea! BillyJO

Re: Drop Yer' Drawers

I like it. Great work and great colors. BillyJo

Re: Fancy Headboard

Hi Caroline. I dont do the blogs either. I do have a few pictures of door projects I have collected that I can send. Also some with windows. You can see some of my door projects on my website too. www.billysbirdhouses.webs,com. If I can help let me know, Good Luck. BillyJo

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

It is a gem to behold for any kitchen. I like! Billy Jo

Re: Horn Bird

I looked at your work. Great creativity. I to have been inspired when I was young. It shows. Keep it up BillyJo

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

Its a 3 tier lazy susan. I bought mine overseas in the late 70's Billy Jo

Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Love all of them. Doors are addictive you know! BillyJo

Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

Love the work. Nice idea with vasoline too. BillyJo

Re: Misc. finds from yard sales

Great treasures. BillyJo

Re: Before Pics of Bi-Centenial Dresser

I cant wait to see the final work. BillyJo

Re: Shabby Chic Salvage

Well That is what I like! Great Job and what a show piece now! Thanks for Sharing! BillyJo

Re: Bar Doors Revamp

nice looking. great job! BillyJo

Re: What we had done with a few old windows

So So Great, especially the encouragement you are giving her. Its what makes us the creative people we are. BillyJo

Re: TLC please

You sure are the doctor to the neglected Love it! BillyJo

Re: Moms Mudroom

Just amazing! Thanks for sharing! BillyJo


Dont you just love what a great looking door can make. This is really nice BillyJo

Re: Junk for Joy

I like it. I love to make words. BillyJo

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

That is some nice work you've done! BillyJo

Re: The Entertainment Center

it looks great! Super work. BillyJo

Re: Industrial Trophies

You always amaze me with your creations. Thanks for the inspiration. BillyJo

Re: Rosebud

Thanks for the website, I will definately go look. Here is mine . thanks for the beautiful art. BillyJo

Re: Twisted Sisters

and yet another great piece of art BillyJo

Re: Special Edition

You are just the cats meow! I saw your other one and decided a double take was in order. You are gifted! BillyJo

Re: Bird King

Ohhhhh! Wowwwww! That is sooooo Cool. What a great idea and a great creation. I did a double take and realized it was created with odds and ends. Wow. Love it! 2 thumbs up!BillyJo

Re: A new life for this old table and an old "new Junker"

Oh wow what a great work bench! You did get a great deal. I cant wait to see more! BillyJo

Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans

I really like those. Burn the cans would make a great finish too. Thanks for the post BillyJo

Re: Industrial Cart Face Lift

It is the perfect look. BillyJo from South Dakota

Re: Firewood Shed/Manger

So nice. Great use of pallets. Good wood to use too. BillyJo

Re: The Good Ol' Days Front Door Sign

I like that. I think I will make one for my next Garage Sale/show. I love DOORS! BillyJo

Re: DIY Soap Dish

I like it! Very creative. BillyJo

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Super workmanship. Watch the nails!! :} BillyJo

Re: Fore!....the coats

How did I miss this one. I love the idea. I knew there was a great idea for woods. Thanks for the idea.

Re: Bit & Brace Coat Rack

Ive been wanting to make one of these. Thanks for the tips and inspiration! BillyJo

Re: I'll grind your bones...

Honestly. I had to check your profile. This is soooo cool. I want one. BillyJo

Re: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Redo

SO KEWEL!!!! BillyJo

Re: A Table for Two

Looks so fun. I would love some lemonade and a few hours to relax., BillyJo

Re: Chair and Table

Sooooo nice and neat! BillyJo

Re: What to do with a dresser that is missing a drawer?

Great! Problem solved! Wonderful. BillyJo

Re: Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover

We have to connect sometime! Another great door use! BillyJo

Re: New style Pier Mirror made from old doors

I love doing doors. Thanks so much for posting. This is a great work of art too! BillyJo

Re: Shutter Cabinet

I like it! Looks great and heavy duty too! BillyJo

Re: BirdHouses all types and new crazy styles

I do love the birdhouses. They look great! BillyJo

Re: 100 YEAR OLD DOOR ~ Part Deux ~

I love doors and this door is so unique and you have made it into art. WOW. You have a fan! BillyJo

Re: Sometimes you need to have an extra vehicle just in case....

OMG that is such a great comical idea. Thanks for the post. BillyJo

Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

Oh wow. Im retired Navy. That is a find meant for my heart. BillyJo


actually I like the spice rack idea! Great!! BillyJo

Re: Coordinating pieces - pie safe, coffee table and end table

You created great works of art. BillyJo

Re: Photos from the "JUNK FEST AT THE NEST"

Hope to see you in October. BillyJo

Re: Closet doors to headboard

I love doors dont you. They are the fastest, neatest, and greatest creation for creating. super looking headboard. BillyJo

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

I love rusty stuff too. Real nice!!BillyJo

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Jim, That is the greatest! BillyJo

Re: Shabby chic counter bar using old shutters

I love how you used the shutters, Super job. BillyJo

Re: Old WoodenBookshlef

It looks reloved. BillyJo

Re: Garden Frame Hanging

I really like this idea, Great piece of art too, BillyJo

Re: I'm finally rubbing off on my husband

Soooo KEWELLLL BillyJo


Wish I was there, BillyJo

Re: Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

mine is sitting near next to my garden waiting for inspiration too. Lock ease is what I use on nuts-n-bolts as well as tools. BillyJo

Re: one man's trash...

NICE and NEW. BillyJo

Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

Great idea. They are definately more attractive now. BillyJo

Re: We Went to the Salvage Yard!!!

A slice of happiness. Great finds., BillyJo

Re: Time for a broom closet- New use for a grandfather clock case.

Wow, That is definately a winner. I guess Hickory Dickory Sweep is in order!! BillyJo

Re: This hydrant is now hot hot hot!

Im thinking too. Large stem plants? I saw something before Ill get back to you. I have a friend who bought two.

Re: My first potting bench

I love working with doors. I really fell in love with this one. My MIL wants a plant stand. Thanks for the treat! BillyJo

Re: Country store beaded board bird house

I love birdhouses too. Its been my life. I really like the false fronts. BillyJo


great story and nice work! BillyJo

Re: Morris...Rocker

love the tabbys Chair is tops!!! BillyJo

Re: Trash to Treasure

I just bought one in Omaha this weekend. Now I know what to do. Thanks. BillyJo :-}

Re: A Gravy Boat

Id sell it too! So nice! Billyjo

Re: High Tech Message Center

G R E A T! Gotta do it!! Thanks BillyJo

Re: "Fireside Chat" CoffeeTime Lamps

Another one! Soooo Cool! I cant wait to see more! BillyJo

Re: Instant Family...Just add Rust!

arent old photos fun! BillyJo

Re: Gardening in extreme circumstances...

Great idea and Spouse bonding too. BillyJo

Re: Glass Yard Art

So Creative. Great for the birds too! BillyJo


This goes well with your utensil holder. You're getting a good collection. Can't wait to see more. BillyJo

Re: Sunroom Sofas

Looks nice! BillyJo

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

I love the acreage too. I grew up on one and miss it much!
Your porch looks like a slice of peace! BillyJo

Re: Strainer into Utensils Holder

very industrial like. I love it BillyJo

Re: Love my Bug

cool bug, Is that a copper cap? BillyJo

Re: What Didnt Have a Leg to Stand On..Now Has 4!

great repurpose art. I love oregano too. BillyJo

Re: From Bath Tub to Pond ( to be continued)

soooo neat. Great idea! BillyJo

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

Wow cant wait until next year after planting. Great idea and talent! BillyJo

Re: Whimsical Yard art continued made from old metal platters & odds & ends

You have the gift of creativity. BillyJo

Re: Door Buffet

Really looks great! work of quality BillyJo

Re: Past Shenanigans Art Show

So unique! BillyJo

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

Very nice. I should redo mine. My wife may like it then!

Re: Garden Fun

Real nice and interesting. I love the totem! BillyJo

Re: Unique Picture Holders

Your mind is like a vending machine. Putting out great ideas on a whim. BillyJo

Re: Framed VintageWatch Parts

So nice and simple too! I have an email of a person that makes motorcycles from watch parts. I started saving watches but I am not a motorcycle fan. I still keep the pictures for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your idea I hope you dont mind me using it. BillyJo

Re: Mail Holder

Red, I love the red. It makes the piece pop. BillyJo

Re: Drink Up!

I wish I saw this 2 weeks ago. My neice has a bar and needed buckets. Im still going to tell her. Time for "DeFind intervention" Right! BillyJo

Re: Sea Goddess Nymph

I think she's awesome. Great work of art. BillyJo

Re: amazing bird cage

Grabe, Another fantastic piece. Your basket of ideas never seems to run empty! BillyJo

Re: Funky Junky Jewelry

You have brought a new element! Love the drawer pulls as bracelets. Cool. BillyJo

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

Great work. That should sell Fast. Just the thought "Fresh Up with 7up" cools me off. BillyJo

Re: Christmas in July

oh what to do?? Cant wait to seee the real thing here! Love winter BillyJo

Re: Garden outhouse

WOW WOW WOW I am jealous! I want one! BillyJo

Re: Art Show

Love the artistic flare you have. Stay tuned you have talent! BillyJo

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

I like it alot. I love doing coat hangers. I like the use of the tin. Great accent and imagination!! BillyJo

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

I like it. Did you form them around a pattern and us plaster paris? BillyJo

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Wow! Soooo! Wow. You nailed the greatest idea! Wish I knew this for years. Lools better than string!! BillyJo

Re: Freeze Frame

I thought it was off an old egg shaped camper trailer but your comment on "freeze time" keeps me guessing it may be the freezer that RustyDiva says. Soo Kewell. BillyJo

Re: Need Help with Terracotta pots

Hi Kim, I maybe able to help too. My email is you do mean that the pot will be hanging below that ladder with your electrical cord in the hole of the pot at the bottom. One idea (short of drilling holes and useing eye bolts) would be to use heavy looped wire into the whole you plan to put the light through. Or go to your hardware store and have the associate explain how to install a light to a light fixture box. You see the plate with a whole and it should give you ideas. Or email me and I will send you a piz after I search for one! K. BillyJo

Re: Curb Find

Nice Color and great work. Love seeing furniture salvaged!
Thanks for the inspiration. BillyJo

Re: Rusty Candleholder

Good combination of colors. They go well together. I like it!

Re: Gourds of mystery???

Great idea. I need to start looking for bedsprings for my garden! Thanks for sharing the story, BillyJo

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

naval jelly works well, I agree get the rust dust off and apply a little stain/varnish combined. Cant wait to see it.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Heh Jim. You did a great job. I thought it was an antique until you told me. Love it. BillyJo

Re: work shop sutters

Nice touch. I'm jealous. Can't wait to see the added touch. BillyJo

Re: birdfeeder

Great use of lumber. I have an order for a birdfeeder this fall. I may use some of your element too. Thanks for sharing. BillyJo

Re: Now it's a coat rack...

You were at the right place at the right FIND. Love it!


I really want a pond too! With a water wheel made the JMS way! Ahh the dream. You are so lucky! Love it. BillyJo

Re: Work is for the birds...

You had a few chuckles making that one! Love the birdhouse!

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

Do you need a home setter. I love it. Right a note for my wife so I can have a porch like that!! LOL BillyJo


You are an inspiring art teacher arent you! I can tell mine is too! Love the table too! BillyJo

Re: Simple Glass Bottle Projects

Sweet idea. I have a small collection that needs your touch! BillyJo

Re: Barn Sale Count Down

Well I looked up where it's at. You need to move the barn closer. Good Luck! BillyJo

Re: Picket fence tablerunner idea

Donna, I bet it turns a lot of heads. Great idea BillyJo

Re: Curtain Up!

Soooooo Right! BillyJo

Re: Potting Bench

I love it. My MIL wanted a potting bench. I gotta make one. ok! BillyJo

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

I glued the sides into one piece. It has thin plywood (the plywood layers per heavy paper thin)and the layers were coming apart). Then at the base I put in 3.5 in. wood braces on the sideds that connected the front with back. I replaced a piece of the skeleton that was missing in the front. The whole piece gained weight like a preemie and now can stand on it's own to the big ones. LOL. It's getting comments already on my website. I hope that helps and saves a heart broken piece out there!

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

I pick up my paints 2nd hand.
I got the brown at Habitat for humanity Restore 1 Gal for $5.00
But what it says on the label it is mixed: Pratt & Lambert- Red Seal Porcelaine- interior Flat, Acrylic latex wall coating: a-5y40 E-38 h 1y44 m-1y16 Fedora (2-19). I needed a brown and it looked good!
The red was a mix for TJMAXX the label is gone. It is a Benjamin moore paint they created in 1999 and it was made in 2005. We were disposing of paint. It is a bright red that is toned down with stains or the brown paints.
I also here that our town has a paint dump site. They also give away recycled paint too. I need to go someday! Check it out. Sorry I couldnt help much

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

Sue. Thanks for the idea. I have a net I was wondering what to do with. Sooooo Cool BillyJo

Re: Back to the Beach...

This is what I like. I could get lost for hours just looking. Thanks BillyJo


You're the tops!! BillyJo

Re: Marble ous!

Nice collection and a super way of displaying them too! BillyJo

Re: AmmoBox Table

YEAH, Thats what Like!! BillyJo

Re: Shadow Boxes

They are one of a kind art! I love that BillyJo

Re: What to do With a Window from a 1930's House

What a great idea. Your MIL loss your gain! BillyJo

Re: Covering up an Old Leather Top of a Table

Freebees are the greatest. Love craigslist myself! Great looking table now! BillyJo

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

perfect match and a smart looking fixture. BillyJo

Re: Vintage Chic End Tables

They looked great. Glad they sold. BillyJo

Re: Rusty metal thing

Cement mixer plant holder. The one thing everyone wants. I just love it!!!! WAy to go again. BillyJo

Re: I Broke One Of My Favorite Vintage Flower Pots

I just started collecting galvanized tins. Love the idea. Looks soooooo kewel! BillyJo

Re: God Bless America!

Happy 4th to you too! Cool. BillyJo from SoDAK

Re: Microphone Stand

That is so neat. Ill have to show my daughter your work!

Re: Corbel "Book" Shelf

You made a great piece. Like the twist with the book name. BillyJo

Re: dollhouse with found materials

I love little worlds, Great work! BillyJo

Re: This little light of mine...

So so nice. BillyJo

Re: Playing Outside...

Really a great bench. BillyJo

Re: Vintage Gears turned candle holders

You are so lucky. Great find and great repurpose. BillyJo

Re: True "junk" jewelry

I have to see your studio. Great job again Rachael!

Re: Bird Cage Chandelier

Been looking for ideas. M neighbors garage sale netted me come left overs. 2 cages. But you have the coolest one! BillyJo

Re: Bird Cage Lighting

I just was given 2 cages left over from my neighbors garage sale. Thanks for the ideas. Love it!

Re: Old palette TV stand

That is a real supper Idea. Ill have to show my daughter too. I love shadowboxes BillyJo

Re: vintage bike

Been thinking of a bike project. Inspiring! BillyJo

Re: cake stand

Another piece of art from GRABE. You are so talented! Thanks. BillyJo

Re: Chair back becomes a shelf

No thats a nice piece. thanks for sharing! BillyJo

Re: Redo's get it sold!

Real nice. That's what counts! BillyJo

Re: My front porch

Really classy. Love the plant stand too! Great shutter Idea

Re: my new desk

"A+"wesome! BillyJo

Re: Old crate stairs

Way Way better than carpet. Glad you came to your senses! LOL BillyJo

Re: Ruth Barnes-Memphis Tn.-Creator "Southern Junkers Group" on Facebook-Ruths redo's and JUNK

Love your work. Especially the Scrap art. Im getting into that too! BillyJo

Re: One more day till our June Country Junk Sale

Wish I could come! BillyJo

Re: A junkin' character building

I need one like that! BillyJo

Re: A ladder that does it all!

Wow wow wow. You got it!. I just came home from auction and 2 ladders went for $3.00. I just couldnt figure out what to do different with them. Wow. BillyJo

Re: my yard art

Yet another ta da moment. I love the idea. BillyJo

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

I heard about the hole in the chair. now I have seen it. It's true. What a true hit on the tea pot. I have a friend that will do summersalts over that. SOOOOO KEWEL!! BillyJo

Re: Bench

Wowza, You did a great job. Pat yourself on the back for your first try. Cant wait to see more. BillyJo

Re: Modernist plywood sculpture-"The Integration of Summer"

I like it home girl! BillyJo

Re: Old iron bed headboard garden fence

nice find and nice idea. BillyJo

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

You made a hit out of this project! BillyJo

Re: BBQ Bottle Bug/Bee

I just love it. Great wings! BillyJo

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

WOW!!! I really like your style and creativity. Chalk board paint on a table top. It may be your first post but it sure is a seasoned result! Thanks Billy Jo

Re: Summer Junkin' Fun

LadyCatherine, You did an awesome job! A one of a kind masterpiece. BillyJo

Re: Any Ideas??

The coke box I would use to put some glass insulators in turned upside down. Put some candles in it. Fill the rest of the holes with bottles of bath oils and beeds etc and you have a romantic evening anywhere, especially the bath tub!

As for the table I agree. paint, sand the edges where they would have worn away with time and touch up with some vanish stain (fruitwood) is my preference.
I cant wait to see the final projects BillyJo

Re: glass gems for mosaics

Well the P.I.T.A. paid off. LOL It's a hit! BillyJo

Re: This is what it looked like in the begining

I love it. Do you mind if I use it on one of my birdhouse?

Re: LOVING summer break!!

Love the table. I think its a mail sorting table. Love it. Seems you have have vison not the hubby. Thanks for sharing! BillyJo

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Love the use of the scraper. I WAS going to sell my ice scapers in my garage sale next week. THANKS for the save. Love the garden decorations! BillyJo

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

Thanks for the idea. I just got 3 boxes of them and the neighbor said candle holders. Kewellll! BillyJo

Re: Decoupaged Hat Box

This would be a great gift with family photos. Great Idea you have. Thanks for sharing BillyJo


looks cool.

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

I really think its a hit.
The envy of the town!!

Re: Great Load of Junk for our June Country Junk Sale!

Wow that's teasing. Wish I could fly! Looks great!

Re: Near and Dear to my Heart

Tear of rememberance! Nice BillyJo

Re: What to do with an old Minnow Bucket

Arrrrrrrg!!! I still use mine like that. I'm hiding it now!! I know what to do with it when I retire from fishing!


OMG! You have been blessed by the burlap fairy! Our nephew just got married and The theme was burlap. I love it too! I used it on my "Hall Tree on Steroids" Love using the scraps as an abrasive. Each piece is GOLD!! Congrats BillyJo


Oh wow. I want the Supply Office!! You lucky one! BillyJo

Re: Birdbath from lamp

Awesome creation! Love it! BillyJo

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

Oh soooooo cool. Love it. It would look great with my "Hall Tree on Steroids" I have a small metal pegasu I got off of my grandparent shed. You are right on track with the fathers day memories!!

Re: TV Console needs help!

Thanks for all the ideas, This is a tough one. Now lets see what falls in my path to start the wheels turning. It's a huge Cabinet and then the color? I like RED????

Re: TV Console needs help!

Thanks for all the ideas, This is a tough one. Now lets see what falls in my path to start the wheels turning. It's a huge Cabinet and then the color? I like RED????

Re: Red Distressed Dresser

I really love it. Love the color and how it looks. Dont you just love the Restore!!

Re: mosiac window????

REally interesting how did you do it?

Re: free find favorites

A great find indeed. Im having the urge to go pickin'

Re: Guarding the garden

They look FANTASTIC. The kind of art I like!! Thanks Want a couple more to paint??

Re: dough board organizer

YES!!! Great idea for spoons. You have such an eye!

Re: Before pictures

Nice stuff. The eagle I would use on a hall tree. The coasters look like flowers to me. I'm thinking attach wires for lawn decor? Make a bunch to catch water for birds!

Re: Money Box

Sweet. I have some money have been looking for ideas. Thanks!

Re: Old door turned in to Bench

Great Idea. Love reusing doors. Im glad you turned around.

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Finally those chairs have a better look. I sure hope the companies take the suggestion. Thanks

Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

I really love the old look. Love those signs too!

Re: Vanity Dresser turned to Desk

Cool idea. Thanks

Re: pet bed

I see these all over. What a super great idea and great job on its new look. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Sorry I wont make it to your 1st event. People ought to look at the auctions, garage sales, and events planned before booking weddings. Id rather be there

Re: Coming In 4 Days Vintage Treasures Market by the Pfarkel Sister's

looking at that pile reminds me of Fred Sanford. "The big one is coming Elizabeth!" Be still my heart! Looks like fun!

Re: Some more of the Master Bath

I love using doors too. This is so kewel! I need to dig in my truck for those items I bought while in the service in other countries. Good Idea!!!

Re: My salvage yard box

The poly made the piece didnt it. Wow I like it.

Re: Go wild

Love the critter prints. Looks great.

Re: The Toad House

I love castles. Great idea. I would have never had the idea of a castle. Welcome to the club! You got talent Girl!!

Re: From the book JUNK BEAUTIFUL.....

My friend was over yesterday suggested this. Now I see it in living color. Way too cool. Great job. The copper really adds class

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console

WOW, What a rewarding feeling you had when it was done. Hats off to a successful transformation.

Re: Old window and shutter cabinet

Windows with shutters. Who would have thunk! Right in front of my eyes thanks to you. Great work. Love it

Re: Everybody has shutters, don't they?

That is a super idea. Thanks for the idea. It may fit in my small bathroom too!

Re: Old Shutter TV and Stereo cabinet

Love it. Especially the red. My favorite color!!

Re: Shutter Mail Holder

Oh cool. Thanks so much. I am working on a desk and this is a great idea. Wonder if it will work! If it does it will be done tomorrow!

Re: Shutter doors

I love this idea, I have so many shutters and all different sizes, inspiring!

Re: bird house

You know I love the birdhouses. This is so cool. Glad you have wrenters.

Re: Birds of a Feather Grandfather Clock Birdhouse

You know I love birdhouses. This is so great. Good luck on wrenters!

Re: local Barn Sale- my fave... super fun! Even got to walk a horse! yay

Real nice. Being from a farm. I loved searching for treasures in the sheds and barns. Finding my families broken stuff and repurposing it. You are so lucky. Thanks for the memories

Re: Vintage China Birdfeeders

Wow. I was just chatting wiht Rachael on what to do with cups and saucers. This goes one step beyond. Now I have an idea for those unexpected auction add ons. Thanks
I am a bird fan!!

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #1

Yours seem to be more organized than mine. I had to get a portable stand so I had room for the projects. LOL. Nice!!!

Re: Wheel Lamp

Cool. Talk about earthquake proof!! I like!

Re: my junky little garage

I Just Love the shop. I am jealous! I want one too!!

Re: Billy's Birdhouse

Instead of 4 sides to a birdhouse, I just use the fronts.

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

This is so cool. I would have never thought of a coffee table. Thanks for sharing!

Re: my space at "The talk of the Town" store in Ocala, FL.

I could curlup in a corner and take a nap. So much like home. I love the room and the decor. Especially the doors

Re: old doors galoore!

Oh My. Take em all!!!

Re: beautiful weathered wood transformed, and still beautiful!

It Did come out great!! Good job. Beachy!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

Ive heard of this idea but this is the greatest version I have ever seen. wow, you are talented. Ill have to share with my neighbor too. Thanks for sharing!

Re: soldering irons

Great idea. You sure have put them to a better use!

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

Wow. What a cowinkedink. I just bought to cups and saucers in a box at an auction a few days ago. you are inspiring! Thanks for sharing


Rachel, You have the eye for this art too. Keep em plugging. Hope to meet you someday!

Re: A Great Marriage

Wow I love it when 3 or more pieces are married. This is just Great!

Re: Sunny Table transformation

I really like your table. The details are real looking.

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Nice and frilly booth. Do you still go?

Re: Kim's Coat Rack with Porcelin Door Knobs

I can arrange that if you want. We should team up and share junkin locations in town here. Thanks for the comment. I am going to take a look at yours now.

Re: another free picture

Great eye for the marrying of the two. They go well together!


This is so coooool. You have a creative mind. WOW

Re: help me with my beautiful weathered wood!!!

I buy old cans of minewax stains in various colors. I apply and then take off. It is oil base vs water that I use but comes in water base too. Then follow what the others here have said. Some one I know uses the husks off Black walnuts soaking in water for a short while. Makes a great water stain with a black walnut smell.

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Wow. I really like the collection and display. Gives me the 50s era feeling. Thanks for sharing

Re: Billy's Birdhouse

That can be done. Let me know!! LOL


I love doors too and habitat for humanity restore we have one in Sioux Falls, SD too. Great use of a great door. Thanks..

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

Wow there is some great finds there!!! I went to an auction tonight and scored some wooden coasters. Your finds give me great ideas for them, Thanks


Alice!!! I Love what people do with old doors. You got me excited to start using mine. Your a champ!

Re: Primitive dry sink from salvaged materials

That is so cool. The wainscott is the cream de la crem. Well my french is bad but I love this. thanks for shareing

Re: Found on the side of the road

Real nice find and great job of recovering it!