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Desk with Chalkboard Top

I found this cute little desk and chair at a tag sale. The top of the desk had been covered in shelf liner and was a bit ugly. I removed the liner, cleaned it up and painted it with chalkboard paint...

Chalkboard Drawer

This skinny drawer was from the dresser rescue. I painted the inside with chalkboard paint and added ribbon as a handle. It's a fun portable chalkboard!

Dresser Rescued and Restyled

This dresser had missing handles and one broken drawer beyond repair. The remaining drawers are dovetailed construction and very strudy. I sanded off most of the white paint to reveal the red...

Chair Planters

I picked up both of these chairs and all of the other goodies at a tag sale. Replanted some flowers in one and basil and thyme in the other. I think they turned out cute and will be going with me...

I live behind a white picket fence!

This fence was such a great find! My husband and I were actually at someone's house demolishing their huge deck so we could repurpose the wood. As we were leaving I noticed a pile of picket fencing...

A new garage from Salvaged Wood

My husband built us a garage last year almost entirely out of salvaged wood. We took the windows  and garage door came out out of a house. All of the lumber and siding was from a pole barn that...

Raised Garden Beds made from Salvaged Wood

My husband built me three of these huge raised garden beds a couple years ago. I can't remember which project we salvaged the wood from but I am so happy to have these!

Old Washing Machine now a Planter

I picked up this great old washer last weekend at an estate sale for $5.00. I think it looks great with the Nasturtiums in it.

New Potting Bench from Salvaged Wood

My husband surprised me yesterday by building another potting bench for my booth. The door was from the barn we salvaged as well as some of the wood. The rest of the wood came from a free pile...

Bird Houses and Wall Hangings

Bird Houses made from Salvage Wall Hangings Inspired by Old Barn Rescue EGGS sign ~ just because

Another Large Chalkboard Project

Huge Chalkboard Project

Chalkboard Room Divider

Chalkboard Room Screen Divider

Magazine Holder

Shutter Magazine Holder

World Peace

Finished projects to take to my Booth.

Potting Bench Made from Barn Salvage Project

Potting Bench made with Salvaged goods

Screen Divided made with Metal Fencing

Three Panel Divider

Huge Chalkboard

Chalkboard made from Framed Print

Potting Bench made from Scraps and Junk!

My husband recently built me this potting bench. He used scrap picket fencing, leftover plywood and 2x4's for the construction. We added a rusty metal dish and some large bolts that were from the...

My Junk Haul!

My elderly neighbor moved into a retirement home recently and her family has been cleaning up around her house hoping to put it on the market this summer. I watched them loading up a piece of fencing...

Barn Salvage Project

Barn Salvage Project

Dream Dresser

Goodwill Dresser - Updated Look!

This weekends finds and projects

This group of items is all packed up in my car and heading to my booth at Camas Antiques.

What do you make with a pile of exercise equipment junk metal? make more exercise equipment of course!   

Bench made from Vintage Bed

I picked up this bed at a garage sale recently and my husband built this bench for me yesterday. I painted it today, distressed it and absolutely love it. I wish I would have taken a picture...

Spring Junking Finds

A few of my Spring Junking Treasures.......

Bad Dog

This is my Flea Market Find Dog! I brought him home in August from the Packwood Flea Market. I love him to pieces but today he gets the title of "Bad Dog" I found this great sign at Goodwill...

A little Bit of Luck

After looking at my pictures of my new display shelf I decided that the little green box was a little too plain so I added one of my rusty horseshoes. It was simple but I think it was just the right...

Feeling a bit Distressed!

My husband made this little cutie for me! I had a blue hutch that was completely falling apart and it was too big for my tiny house. I asked him to make this for me and it's exactly what I had in...

Creamy Shelf

I found this great shelf at a local flea market. It had a dark colored stain on it that was pretty dull and scratched up. The backing was also loose and coming off. I fixed it up, painted it cream...

Yellow Primitive Dresser

I love this dresser. I found it at Goodwill, the stained finish was very tired. It was full of cobwebs and just looked sad. I instantly knew I wanted it to be yellow and than decided to make it look...

Vintage Table that Probably still looks like Junk to some!

I found this little table last minute at the Expo Antique show in Portland,OR. It was pretty sad and she didn't want to load it up so I got it cheap. It had been painted red but the paint was very...

Benches made from Ugly old bed

My husband used an old ugly bed that was headed for the dump and made these for me. I painted them, distressed them and rubbed glaze on them.

Red Distressed Dresser

This armoire/dresser was a bit sad when I picked it up a couple weeks ago. It was covered in stickers, missing some hardware and one of the drawer slides was broken. I cleaned it up, fixed the slide...

Nest Key Holder

This was a fun quick little project. The wood was picked up from a free pile. It was a rickety shelf that we broke apart.  The nails are rusty old square head nails. The nest was from my craft...

A Place to Call Home

This little birdhouse was another thrifted item. I really didn't like the orange color of it and a few pieces were loose so I fixed it and I painted it...hated it.. painted it... still hated it...

Golf Club Rack

This was a great find at Goodwill.  I loved it except for the flawless paint job that it came with, just too perfect for my style. So, I distressed the paint and rubbed on some burnt umber. I...

Thrifted Birdhouse Updated

Thrifted this little birdhouse and I love the shape and color but did not like the little cheap bell or the "grass" filler. This was a simple project, I just removed the filler, glued in a drawer...

Recent comments

Re: Crib Conversion

That is awesome and so funny because tonight my neighbors gave me a crib just like this one to reinvent!

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

These are Fantastic! I love them!

Re: Lotsa boxes...

I LOVE this... great job!

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

This is one of my faves ever.... I LOVE it!

Re: How To Resize Photos

I use It's easy and free.

Re: For the Record...Vinyl-Inspired Table for Two

Love all the ideas!

Re: From Barnyard to my yard...

I especially like the one filled with nasturtiums, it will look so wonderful when they fill in!

Re: Dream Dresser

Thanks! My daughters are so happy with it!

rebeljunker: I gave it a very light sanding just to take off the shine. After sanding lightly I wiped it down and painted it with 2 coats of paint. I rarely prime my pieces and I can usually get away with one coat of paint if I'm distressing the piece, but this was a cheap gallon that I picked up off the "oops" rack and didn't cover as well as a higher end paint.

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

Thanks so much for all the compliments.... I have been wanting to make a bench for years and found so much inspiration here on JM that I finally got around to asking my husband to build it.

grammie25: I did not spray a final coat on this piece but if I was going to I would probably just use a spray can of clear flat polyurethane.

Re: My first project

How fun! It looks great.....


Re: Need a new candle holder? trouble!

Love it in the glass hurricane!

Re: Rusty Pliers & Horseshoe with Bird Nest

Great use! It looks wonderful

Re: Bad Dog

Reading all of these comments was cracking me up! Swiper does look very sweet and innocent! He receives the title of "Bad Dog" often, and his name is very fitting as he swipes our shoes and other items and runs out the doggie door with them!

I fell in love with this cute little dog the second I walked past him at the flea market. My husband was totally against the idea of bringing home a fourth dog. I immediately loved him, so I couldn't help crying when my husband said "NO". Obviously, my husband has a weakness for tears because Swiper came home with us that day.

Re: My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

To edit your profile: Click on the "My Junk" tab, then click on the blue tab on the right hand side of the screen that says "edit my settings". Voila!

Re: Dresses & knobs

That picture is so stinking cute! Nice studio too, can't wait to see the inside!

Re: My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

I load my pictures into It's fast and easy.

Re: Mint Tin Frame

Perfect...and as a bonus you got to eat mints too!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

You have such amazing talent!

Re: Feeling a bit Distressed!

Here you go Sue! I added some pics of it in use. I will probably re-arrange it a hundred times but right now it has a Spring feel.

Re: Creamy Shelf

Thanks ladies. This one will end up on my space at Camas Antiques if it doesn't sell today (I have a lady coming over to look at it) Hopefully it doesn't sell too quickly because it is a perfect display piece!

Re: Fake Garden Pillar

Very cool... Really makes me wish I would have picked up the birdbath stand I saw at a garage sale yesterday....kicking myself now!

Re: Inspired by fellow junker: Junk Sophisticate

This is super cool. I want to make a tealight candle holder with a very similar look.

Re: Beloved

I love this..but I think I love every single project on your website!

Re: ...More salvaged fencing!

Great Salvage! My husband built our picket fence, porch and garage all from salvaged wood. I love the added touch of the rakes :o)

Re: Time for an old drawer to SPRING to life!

Everything came together so perfectly. Love it!

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

Yee Haw! Love it.

Re: Red Distressed Dresser

Yay! This piece sold tonight. I love it when I sell my me money to start work on new pieces!!!

Re: Vintage Table that Probably still looks like Junk to some!

Thanks for all the compliments! This little cutie sold a few days after I brought it to my space at a local antique shop!

Re: Robot

I love this... I'm so envious of this type of artistic creation!!!

Re: Benches made from Ugly old bed

Thanks ladies!

Alice: I had a gallon of latex interior glaze left over. It is Colorplace which I think is a cheap brand sold at Walmart. For the red bench I blended in some acrylic burnt umber paint and for the green bench I blended in acorn colored acrylic paint. I brushed it on and quickly rubbed it off with a towel before the glaze dried. I had all of the paint on hand from other projects so I just experimented with it. I'm really happy with the finished look.

Re: Junky Clipboard Turned Handy Photo Holder

I love every detail of it!

Re: pub window rescue

Everything looks wonderful!

Re: Potting table

I Love - Love - Love it!!!

Re: Door bench

I love this. I have showed similar ideas to my husband. He says if I bring him the materials he will build anything for me.. I better start looking for an old door!

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

Everything looks wonderful! I tried to follow your blog link but it wouldn't work?

Re: "Purse"analities!

That is so very cool! I use to resize my pics.

Re: Farm Rescue

Love everything about it!