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Drawers, boxes and extra vintage hardware

After doing a small clean-out at a friend's house, I ended up with lots of boxes and drawers.  Once they were emptied of their contents I had 13 containers that yearned to re-purposed! My screw...

Wind Chimes

This was a fun project and I love the sounds it makes!  I found the red handled mixer all by itself-it was missing its mixing bowl-and knew it would be the beginning of something neat! After I...


Dominos refigured into a desk set!  Better than rotting in a landfill!

A window full of flowers

The Window full of Flowers.

Saving Plastic Bags in Style

With elastic at both ends or two canal using pretty ribbon, these sleeves are so simple to make. Whenever I visit someone I make a mental note as to what colors they are using in their kitchens...

Coasters for two hard to buy for friends

In years past I have made many gifts for our friends for the holidays!  This  year we are all being as "green" as possible.

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Re: Front Door Clutter Collector


Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Amazing and awesome! I just shared this site and the pictures on my shop's facebook page! I have many of these items at my shop and hopefully my customers will see these great ideas and come on down to pick out their favorites!
Thanks for the great ideas!

Re: Vintage Hardware, door knobs & furniture knob and pulls

I put the hardware on peg board at the front door of my shop with the vintage tools in buckets. It brings the gentlemen to the shop door! Then it's just one step up into the shop! My ladies love it...and so do I!

Re: Money to Burn

What an awesome idea! I have a shop and some of the old toys have lost their "luster" and some of their parts as well. You now have me thinking about turning them into art projects such as yours!
Hey, gotta go... too many ideas to jot down!


Hi there! Hope you are having a great summer! Keep those ideas flowing so we can all steal them!

Re: GIONIS ON A JUNKIN' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paint a bandage on the bunny's foot!
I love everything you do!

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

Awesome and thanks for the ideas! I have two frames that will be redone tomorrow. I bet you can figure out a way to utilize the screen door above with some "clouds" (pillow stuffing or quilting fill). Hide the wire in the clouds and hang some necklaces that would fit the mood=stars, moons, etc. Or it could just rain with chains!
Love, love, love your stuff,

Re: Berry Basket Frame

Awesome on both accounts!
Thanks for the great ideas.
I use one of my grocery carts to bring things from the car to the front door, but I could certainly use another to make a table. Maybe fill it with all the books stacked by the chair!
Great work!

Re: Salvaged Secretary

I love your treasure! I would suggest replacing the mirror with glass. Draw a template on a piece of large paper (inside of wrapping paper is a good thing) and bring it to your local hardware store (not the big Home places!). It should not be too expensive and be sure to get the little nails to put the glass in-ask the hardware dude or dudette for the right nails.
Good luck!

Re: Wind Chimes

I just visited your wonderful posts and I can't wait to get my hands on a bunch of things I have out in the shed! Wait until I find the white spray paint and I'll be on my way! Your "Thank You" note to those on this site says it all: INSPIRATION!
Thank you for your comments and suggestions and YOUR inspiration!
Auntie Q

Re: All wood whats it !!!

I keep one under my desk and use it on my feet everyday!
(It is a wonderful dust collector, too.)
I like the idea of making it into a message board (USE FOR FEET!) but my aching feet would miss it.

Re: Old window and shutter cabinet

How wonderful! I have the window, now all I need to find is the rest of the pieces! I must have one. You are very clever; thanks for sharing your terrific cabinet!

Re: Painted Window

This is so pretty it make me yearn for Spring! What a wonderful job!
Happy Holidays to all!

Auntie Q

Re: A window full of flowers

I am just thrilled to get feedback! Thank you all so much!
Jim, as I said in the description, it was really very simple! The Mod Podge was slathered onto the windows and onto both sides of the pictures. (I cut the pics out very carefully.) Over the next 24 hours I kept smoothing out any bubbles and let it dry well. The Mod Podge and its texture added to the depth of the paint's texture. (I used tempra paints-very simple stuff!) Finally, I sprayed the whole thing, including the frame, with a clear sealant from the craft store.
Thanks so for your kind words. They are very encouraging!
Auntie Q


All I want for Christmas is a trip to your sunroom!


You can always use the iron headboard in your garden with lots of flowers and tell everyone it is your "flowerbed."


That's an awesome piece! Make it into a clock and drive people nuts! (Seriously, get the clock kit from the craft store-it would be terrific!)
Auntie Q

Re: Coasters for two hard to buy for friends

Hi there! Wow, it is so nice to get feedback! You guys rock!
Thanks for the kind words. Those alone are inspiring!
Auntie Q