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Faux Clock

My friend was looking for a large piece of art to hang in her home.

Chess Anyone?

Collected salt and pepper shakers make an awesome chess set.  The board is made of brown and white marble subway tiles cut in half for 3" squares.  A couple of the pair of shakers have...

Another chalkboard project

My elementary school was demolished about 13 years ago.  My Mom and Dad salved a huge chalkboard and bricks from the school.  I think the school was built in the 1920sThe...

Bringing the inside out

I painted this garage sale find: chest of drawers a pretty green.  Inside the french doors is my dining room and kitchen which has the same green accents.  Drawers are great for storing...

Let's EAT!

I bought a new power tool, a jigsaw.  I had a sheet of plywood in the garage and went jigsaw happy the first day or so.  I made EAT for my nieces's birthday-she's 25.  It...

Elmer's Glue

I found this Elmer's glue display at the Frederickburg's flea market last weekend.  As I walked around Friday afternoon, several people asked me what I was going to do with itThanks...

Escutcheon plates

I bought 4 escutcheon plates at Canton yesterday.  I attached them to the bottom of my new mailbox post as armour to protect from the weed-eater.  As you can see it doesn't cover completely...

Big Girl Bed

I love to paint furniture.


Isn't it "B"eautiful?  It was free (bounty) for the asking today at lunch.  They were putting new signage on the building where I work.  It stands about 36 1/2" tall and about 9"...

2 Painted chest of drawers

These pieces were painted to match a comforter set.  The comforter has since been replaced, but I still like the pieces, they currently are tucked away in the closet and used daily.

Mini chandelier (Georgia Moon style)

This is a mini version of Georgia Moon's chandelier posting a few months back.  I found the tricycle wheel at a flea market and added clear ornaments and keys.  I use it as my bedside...

What's a girl to wear?

Plastic pearls and glass beads tied with a red satin polka dot ribbon gives Atticus festive attire for the holiday party.

Holiday dog collar: What's a girl to wear?

Holiday bunco is at our house.  So Atticus will be wearing a string of plastic pearls and glass beads.  And what "pretty woman" doesn't wear polka dots.

Tiny Christmas Tree: reuse

This little tree is in my master bath.  The decorations are from my jewelry box.  I used necklaces and bracelets as the garland and earrings, rings and lapel pins as ornaments.  The...

Grandma's chair

These chairs were a wedding present for my Grandparents back in the 1900's.  I have 2 of them and a rocker.  The seat originally was rope or twine.  I purchased leather belts at thrift...

Love My Chair

I bought this chair in Round Top, Texas.  It needs a little bit of work.  I really like Sue's leather and fabric chair in the Creative Home issue.  Does anyone know where I can get...

Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

I purchased the sprinkler at a flea market and the votive cup at a local antique shop.  Looks really cute haning on my fence.

"green" birdhouse

My little birdhouse needed spiffing up. 

Recent comments

Re: Dressers with Broken Drawers. No Problemo.

Great transformation...and you maintained the character of the original piece.

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

OHMYGOSH! That is incredibly genius...
I luv it.
Thanks for sharing and always inspiring to create.

Re: Happy Autumn!

That is beautiful. It looks like a solid piece. I find it amusing the old tool boxes are so heavy, and then to add heavy tools to carry to the jobsite. Now for its second life it is perfect for an arrangement of flowers.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

nice soft distressing like the sea creates driftwood. Good job JA!

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

The JA dirty distressing at its finest, not to mention the craftsmanship of the whole piece. So is the front face one piece of wood or multiple pieces that you can see the joints?

You should host a painting class to demonstrate your dirty distressing technique.

Luv the color too.
Great job as always.

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

luv the intense orange color and the aged finish.
simple shutters make an awesome dry sink
good job

Re: Little Rusty Wagon

That's a great piece; who knew it isn't a hundred years old. Good job JA

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

Simple and oh so festive. Great job of using household items in a unique way.

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

industrial exacto-knife


Happy Turkey Day to all! The messy workbench is a great back drop for the sign.


Re: Happy Halloween

Let the Fall Festivities begin! It looks great. Will you be serving hot "spiked" cider to the little goblins or at least to their parents? You can carry the holiday theme thru the winter with your bird nest: skeleton head for October, turkey for November and ornament for Dec...

Happy Fall

Re: Console Table

Great finishing/aging in a hundred years, someone will think it is 200 years old.
Do you date and sign your work?

Good job JA.

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

That is genious! Great idea with the vintage cookbooks.

Re: Beautiful Old Wicker

Wow, that's awesome... Love the color of the cushion to the color of the wood porch and pretty green house. Great place to relax and take in the view.

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

looks like a great place to sit with a tall cool glass of lemonade.

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

"Trust" at some point something will be hidden, whether from you or the dorm monitor.

So where is the creative lamp for lighting to go with this piece?

Good job JA...

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

How cool. Love the beautiful red chippy paint. Amazing the unique pieces that fit like a puzzle. Good job.

Re: Industrial Trophies

So incredibly creative! I think this is the second year to see the commision for these creations and they contine to amaze... No wonder the owners continue to come back to you for these innovative awards that are in keeping with their industry. Congratulations on winning this commission project.

Re: Back to the Drawing Board

Love the penmanship on each of the drawing, as precise as the outcome. And aren't all creative minds best at work with a beer in hand?

Good job.

Re: Order Up...! Repurposed Deli Sign

FREE, What about labor costs?
Your talent is priceless...

Re: my "CHAIR"ity creation donation

A throne fit for a princess. Very clever...

Re: For the love of DOORS!

That is awesome...

Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

Fabulous; love the fragment details. Good job Jim!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Towel & Robe Rack

Very clever...
love the vintage towl rods too.

Good job Brian.

Re: Collecting Memories Album

So did they give you these bits and pieces or did they tell you a story and this is how you translated?

Just curious how it all came to be...

I'm sure they will cherish it for years to come...

Good work...

Re: guitarman 2

That's is awesome! My brother plays the guitar would love it. I love sculptural art.
Keep up the good work JimBob...

Re: ~Christmas Jewelry~

Love the swirl on the clip and the Santa pin reminds me of one my Mom has...

Good job little elf!

Re: Junkin Around the House


Re: Recent Up-cycled projects with wood, driftwood and metal !

Incredible creations! Nice work...

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

Really cool mirror. VITROPHANE sorta goes along with "Vita-meta-vegiman for happy pappy people".

It would be really cool to find a roll of this Vitrophane paper...

Good job JA!


Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Fabulous! Love the display composition...

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

That's awesome JunkArchitect... All the pieces came together nicely, from the door push, lamp pieces and the sign on the wall. Great finds to pull the space together.

I'm "green" with envy.

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

I love the old cloth tape measure and yard stick. Bits n pieces came together perfectly...
I'm sure your client is pleased...

Re: Photo Album for Baby

So "BABY" has the key to everyone's heart... Good job Jim,
great vision for so many vintage bits n pieces.

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

Awesome! Wonder what the two different numbers reference?

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

Congratulations! The talent here is unbelievable. I've enjoyed sharing and being inspired by the creative minds in the junk world.

Re: My Newest Addiction

I have 5 and a tool tray, I guess that's a collection. They are beautiful, rusty and functional. Yellow and turquoise what a beautiful summer combination.

Great plant deplay!

Re: Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

So fabulous!

Re: Flowerbeds

The garden fairies will love to rest in those each night. I can see those planted with beautiful sweet potatoe vines and tall fountain grass and some beautiful color in between.

Beautiful work...

Re: My new upcycled ceiling light fixture

That is awesome. The top piece looks like a quiche pan too. Love it what a great chandalier.

Re: License Plate Skyscrapers & Skylines

Very clever...

Re: Chess Anyone?

Thank you...

Re: Faux Clock

Thank you both for your kind comments.

Re: Houston, I think I have a Problem...

Beautiful and clever to display the jewelry as art... And out in the open a constant reminder of all blessings.

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Wooden Ball Chandelier {ideal from Pottery Barn}

This is beautiful. I've been thinking of adding this detail to my dining room chandalier. Tuna can! That's hysterical... no one would ever know the humble beginnings.

Thanks for sharing.

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

Another fabulous creation of architectural salvage.
The curly-q cord adds additional character.

Great job!

Re: Upcycled Lamp No. 6

Love this lamp...

Re: high octane

Oh My, those would hurt...the chick wearing them and the person she might be dancing with.


Re: Happy Valentine's Day

Awe, how beautiful...that would put a big smile on any girl's face any day of the week!

Happy Heart Day!

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Jim, this has to be one of your best works.

Every aspect of days/weeks leading up to the special day.



Re: Industrial Junk Decor

What a junkers dream of a place. Especially love the bathroom fan all blinged up.

Re: Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

Winter with the burlap and spring with the door. I like the versatility.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Light it Up

That is wonderful. Especially like the shade.

Re: Low maintenance pet

Awe he is so cute, I'd take him home for sure.

Re: Vintage wine storage

Wonderful, love how the two pieces came together as one. What lucky finds.
Thanks for sharing...

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp


Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Beautiful!!!! What a winder wonderland.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Trumeau Mirror

Amazing! Love this idea and have been want to experiment with that mirror paint.

I'll try this on my next window/glass project.

Thanks for sharing.

Re: From rags... to riches.... literally!

Lucky YOU! Beautiful color...

Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

Love the curvy details. And the garnet colored mums are very striking against the chippy white pickets.

Don't think of it as obsessed, just creativity at work.

Good job!

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

Oh how beautiful! I can see these on either side of a master bed, w/chandaliers hanging from each. Or attach beautiful scrolled brackets for a leaning bookshelf, or as a hall tree with vintage hooks n knobs in an entry way.

Agree with Lani endless options...

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Re: Laundry Room Lamp

In true Jim "creative/talented" fashion it looks fabulous.
Can you imagine the clogs that plunger has "unclogged"?

Oh I see some old yardsticks in the background too. Another project waiting on the work table/washing machine.

Your friends will be delighted to have a "Junk Architect" original.

Good job as usual.

Re: Got LOVE


Re: cottage mail

That is a perfect fit for that cute cottate.
Good job.

Re: Crawfish Lobster Mold Film Reel Stained Glass Junk Collage Piece

Love your creativitiy on all your pieces/posts.

Re: Bringing the inside out

FundementoDesigns: I'm not a lawyer, Atticus Finch is my dogs name. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is one of my favorites.

Jim, the round metal piece is a Compass Rose. New (I know "new" shame on me) find at Pier 1.

Thank you for your compliments...

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

I could see that sign and the dealer has "pawn shop" turquoise. At least that's what I think the vintage turquoise is called that the indians sold when they needed money for supplies and such...

Love the graphic and the detail on the decal.

Shape of the sign is perfect for so many other graphic: Room for rent, Hotel, Wine Cellar...

Fabulous work.

Re: Cheers!

I bet your brain is full of creative ideas. Good job as always.

Re: Spindle Lamp

Don't you love how things come to you in the most interesting way.

I have to tear it apart and then it comes to me how I should put it back together.

Talent and Wit what a combo.

Re: Vintage Hardware, door knobs & furniture knob and pulls

I'm this stuff.

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

INCREDIBLE! Heart and Soul cost way more than $4000.

Re: Kitchen islands and tables

Oh what beautiful wood. One of those would look fabulous in my newly renovated kitchen. Congrats on the sale(s).

Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Love her plaid and green (my favorite color) ribbon. She's very festive.

Re: Funky Junky Jewelry

Wow, that's it beautiful. Very cute.

Re: Garden outhouse

Now that's funny! Love it.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Good job Jim, that is awesome. It looks like it came out of a Piggly Wiggly (a grocery store) back in the 60s.


Re: One more day till our June Country Junk Sale

Where O Where is this Wonderful SALE?

Re: Need your help with this Adorable Vintage Parlor Table & Chairs

How about painting it black and then just lightly spray over w/gold, silver or rust to give a little definition, maybe around the curly areas. That is if you don't want to keep it white. Sounds like "MakinItHappen" and I would want the same result, just have different ways of getting it.

Good luck and can't wait to see the final.

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

The ornate vanity mirror without its handle seems to be just begging for something unique as a new handle. Oooh sounds like a treasure hunt to me...

I'm inspired now to put more mirrors in my home.

Re: A new kitchen light


Re: Hall Tree On Steroids

You must be kin to inventor Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Good job!

Re: New booth Plano Texas

Oh goody, a place in my neighborhood...I was there on Monday but most everything was closed. I'll check back.

Re: barrels of fun!

Those are more fun than a "barrel of monkeys". Got recycle.

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Good luck on a successful event. I can't wait to see the stories on Monday.

Kind regards,

Re: My new workbench "Pretty in Pink" (vintage pink!)

Kathy, now you need to carve your name into that pretty pink piece, so when someone else falls in love with it 40 years from now, they will see the name "Kathy" and say "there's a story there, I just know it"...

Great find.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

TOO CUTE! Oh how I wish I could sew like that. I seem to be missing the "patience" gene required for this awesome talent.

Re: 1 of a Kind bathroom vanity

tre chic

Re: chestdrawer becomes a shelf unit

Love the green.

P.S. a tip on your the picture in the file it is saved, click view, and rotate the view accordingly, click save.

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

I don't know Jim, it looks like you can still take em off the wall and scale a pole or two and put them back at the end of the adventure.

I'm all for multi-function: pole scaling/art display.


Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

I believe that is a surveyor's measuring wheel.

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

I love the vintage quality of hobnail glass. Beautiful hat stands.

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

OH, AWE! I'm in love...
This is terrific.

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

Glad you had a "lovely" Valentines Day.

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Happy Valentines Day!
Great job for a lucky sweetheart.

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Jim, looks like you've been busy over this holiday season. What a masterpiece!

As always thanks for sharing your genius with us all.

Re: This project is a crock!

I see a them of stars going on in your Christmas decor as well as the unique vessels for the trees.

Good ideas...

Re: Ice Cream Freezer Makeover...

Love it. It can be an indoor planter when Christmas is over.

Re: Christmas with Georgia

What a contemporary twist with the pops o' pink. The shop just looks like someone's cozy home set for Christmas festivities.

Great job.

Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

And very Veteran's Day salutable...
Your talent just amazes me...
Sheri from Texas

Re: A teensy little shopping trip for my booth

Wow, what a load of treasures. Yes, I'm kicking myself for not making in down there. It would have been fun to run into the Texas members of JMS.



Oh the potential I see in this blank space. Old ceiling tin mounted on the door for detail. The brain just swims with ideas. Can't wait to see what ideas your brain comes up with.

Have fun giving it your style.


Oh the potential I see in this blank space. Old ceiling tin mounted on the door for detail. The brain just swims with ideas. Can't wait to see what ideas your brain comes up with.

Have fun giving it your style.

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

I continue to be impressed by your talent. Great job.

Re: Thrift frame to sophisicated art...

Love your stone fireplace. Great inspiration for my all brick fireplace.

Re: salvaging old barn more photos

How lucky for you! That would be my idea of a great lake side retreat.

Re: Funkalious, Junkalious Lamps

How fun and medevial looking...I love the belt.

Re: Infant's Chiffarobe turned Primitive Pie Safe

Congrats on a successful turnaround.

Re: Night-night Sugar...

Yes very sweet.

Re: Oh Junk Angel of Wind Chimes

I recognize this item. It is a hair spray can cover from the 60s. My Mom had one in our bathroom when I was growing up. Her can of White Rain or Adorn was beautifully hidden underneath.

Great transformation to a delicate wind chime.

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

That's clever! Good job Junk Architect Jim.

Re: Is anyone going to the 650 mile garage sale this week?

Good luck to you, I hope you have a successful week.

Re: Any Ideas ?? I'm stumped!

Great piece. Use it in the kitchen to sort your spices and/or measuring cups or on the bathroom counter (if it's long like mine) to places your eyeshadows, brushes, hair baubles and all those girly things.

In the garage to organize all those different size nails and tacks.

Good luck with it.

Re: Windchime

Great idea with the Petron bottle.

Re: Bench/Coffee Table

Pretty, pretty...

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

Oh Georgia, that photograph is awesome! You should have it enlarged and printed on canvas. Or print black and white and water color the door in pink or turquoise. Or print sepia toned.

But just awesome enlarged and framed just as it is. Signed and Numbered.

Would have loved to be at the sale too.

Re: Vintage Headboard "Fence"

That's what I call Texas-sized trellis. Love it.

Re: My first bench project

I am jealous. I made my first attempt this weekend, making a bench from a footboard. Needless to say mine is not picture worthy. But I'm not giving up. I'm inspired.

Re: card catalog drawers

What could be more appropriate for your kitchen. Great recycle on the drawers and the clean lines are oh so contemporary.

Re: Rusty Old Wheelbarrow Planter

What a great second life. I just discovered today my old wheelbarrel has to be retired as well. It has a broken axel. Thanks for the idea Jim.


Re: GIONIS ON A JUNKIN' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I love the bowl...I collect green bowls. Like JunkArchitect I wish I could attend, you have a nice stash. Good luck on your sale.

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

Congrats on your first posting. The door/table is wonderful.

Re: Found Dentist chair in my BASEMENT under the stairs!!!!!!!!!!

AND PINK! Looks like it should be in a museum. Or the rinse bowl can be a bird bath. Have you checked the local archives to see who were the previous owners' of your home. This looks like an episode for "If Walls Could Talk".

Re: Meet the Cover Dog

It's that herding instinct of the border collie in him. He looks like he could be my girl Atticus' brother.

Good job Shadow!!!

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

Oh Kathy, I recognize the seashell angels. She was made by Margaret Furlong from Oregon. I have almost her whole collection (as she is not making them any longer). My Mom started my collection back in 1981 and I got one each year until her studio closed 2002-ish (can't remember). She made a series of tree toppers, pocket full of stars, box of shells each out of bisque porcelein. Each year the angel was holding something different. Originally there were 3" angels, then she expanded to a 2, 4 & 5" each hold a different item (dove, trumpet-1981, sun, bouquet, starfish, heart and more). If you'll notice the back of her shell dress should be stamped with the year she was made. If I remember correctly Margaret began the angels as a tribute to her daughter, who probably is now a young adult.

You have a rare find.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Great job Sue on the appearance. Just like a bunch of girls all talking at the same time. HARPO Production will be calling soon.

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

Oh fun, I can just see that in a little boys bathroom. Lucky you.

Re: Bad Dog

What a cute face, surely he didn't stay in time out too long with that cute face.

Re: A Girlfriend for RePete -- Another Playful Pooch

Congrats on a successful auction. Re-Pete was worth every penny. Cleo is a cutie too.

Re: Twitter

I'm on it now too: Atticusfinch3. If you pass thru Dallas, TX on the way to Round Top, stop on by.

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

Good job on the slip cover. Love the 30-40's style.

Re: G E O

It is so fun to see your name so grand. GEO is C-O-O-L!.

JunkArchitect, we have to wade thru the beanie babies here in Texas too.

Re: Kitchen Redo

What a wonderful transformation. And looks like a great place to gather with family and friends.


Love it, my brother plays the guitar...I might just have to make him one. Thanks for sharing this stummin' idea.

Re: Salvaged Secretary

Artgurl, you might be able to use silver leaf to repair your mirror. Or maybe even just brush some metallic silver paint on the backside, to give the illusion of the mirror.

Good luck.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

Very good. It looks like an old croquet caddie. Your imagination made something non-functional to fun-ctional.

Re: Vintage pincushions

I have a few of these little pieces (deer, bear & duck) in my garage. Thanks for the idea on what to do with them.

Re: Old wooden window for holloween

Oh this is could paint a window for every holiday. Cheshire Cat meets the Great Pumpkin.

Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

Beautiful, I just love the pearls.

Re: coffe table w/ no top

I think your local glass/mirror shop would be able to cut a piece to fit.

I love the dainty details of this table.

Re: Storm Window Display Shelf

I think that green was the all in compassing institutional color.

I would suggest hinging them so they will stand and mounting hooks so you can hang your wares. You could maybe make a shelf along the middle section so the items on the shelf will be scene from both sides. Use some decorative wooden brackets from Lowes or Home Depot for feet (if additional stability is needed). A third panel door would make a great trio of a piece. Good luck and can't wait to see the finished product.


Re: All work and no play

"Rufus at Play" Great Job, I'd be the first to place a bid, and hopefully the last!!!!

Re: Another Saturday and a New Project...

Oh he will be irresitible at the auction. Keep us posted on your success.

Re: Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but....

Very cute, I've not heard of them as "gossip" benches. I suppose the more cushy ones are the "courting" benches.

Re: My bull skull...transformed

Great job, way to make us Texans proud. You forgot your disclaimer: no animals were harmed in this project, it died of natural causes.

Re: Towering blast from the past

Love this. I have a baseball/softball room. Bats works well as curtain rods too.


IP, I see an angel in that pile. Round mold for her dress, diamond mold for wings, heart for a halo. Maybe use a square mold for the base and a dow rod as the core for all those pieces. She'll be beautiful.

Re: Holiday dog collar: What's a girl to wear?

Am I doing something wrong? I tried to post my pic to the contest site, but it didn't ask for my particulars. It was only as if I was posting to the "member projects". Please advise. Thanks.

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

Wonderful idea, and it is dramatic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Re: A little Christmas bling...

oh your bejeweled girly tree is precious. It looks like I need to bling my tree up a little more.

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Congratulations on your continued success. I can't wait to be an initial subscriber.

Re: Charming Little Chairs!


Re: Old door bench seat

Funky curve to a traditional piece. Great job and thanks for the idea.

Re: I Love the Details of Vintage Cast offs & New Mom had that same scarf (and on date-night with Daddy, purple velvet hot pants). What a treasured find on the table.

Re: A Silver and Black far

Love the silver, white/black theme. Have fun in the city by the Bay...that is this Texas girl's favorite city.

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

OH...the "green-eyed monster" of envy just popped out! What a terrific freebie. I like Lanette's idea of curtain corbels.

Re: Sophie the Dachshund

What a cute model.

Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

Can I come over and play at your house! I've just recently borrowed my brothers compound saw...I don't want to give it back. My sister says he's created a monster, b/c now I have all the projects to do.

Re: Twinkle, Twinkle BIG Star

What a dramatic statement. I collect yard sticks too.

Re: Tag... You're It!

Sue, I was just in the cuties shop here in Dallas (in the Lakewood area of town) called Curiosity Shop and saw every single items on your two postings. So next time you are in our neck of the woods you will have to scope them out. I purchased some of the tin letters and a brass cow tag (when I realized what it was I giggled out loud..right there in the store).

I promise you won't be disappointed.


OMGosh...I love it! Did you do the side and edges too?

Re: Greet your holiday guests with a little fun

My mind just continues to be boggled at the creativity that I see on this site. Great job on making functional items artistic.

Re: Architecture in the House!

Lanette, love your ideas. I have used a picture frame around the thermostat (architectural "uglies") in the hallway at my house. Small attention to details make it our own...

As always thank you for sharing.

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

What a great combination. You could also add one of those new battery lited candles (not junk style, but inventive just the same).

Thanks for letting us have a peek into that marvelous brain...

Re: Suitcase Dog Bed

Very spoiled pet ideas.


I have a headboard I need to convert. Thanks for the ideas. I also have a "carriage house" sign over my garage, after all it does house my little silver (Jetta) carriage.

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

I love the race track's gray side graphic quality. What a wonderful piece of are (would fit my vaulted wall perfectly).

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

Beautiful. Your cut job on the tin was clean as well.

Re: Junking on a TUESDAY???

Georgia, I agree with Kathy I think the 3-legged stands are flag stands. You found some great stuff, just makes the mind reels with possibilities. My day job is getting in the way of being out having fun finding junk to recycle. Funny thing...I was in downtown McKinney, Texas (great antique/boutiques to shop) and I saw a SUV with the Texas license plate "JUNKIN". She would fit right in here if she's not already a member junker.

Re: Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

Kathy, icing on the cake...add a picture frame or found molding below the cashier's sign with your boutique name.

Cute cute cute

Re: Chaise Lounges from my childhood!

I agree with Sue on painthem them. To avoid any more deteriation so you can enjoy them for many more years...I would clean them up and paint them with Rusteoleum, it works wonders.

Re: Found on the Curb!

Those kinds of finds just make me giddy. The end result is fabulous.

Re: French shabby linen armoire

Wow, I'm impressed. That is beautiful.

Re: It's a Spinner

Amazing how you can make such huge industrial pieces fit in and add warmth to your home. I bet your castle looks fabulous.

Re: Vintage Christmas

Hmmm...that Santa looks familiar from my childhood. Can't remember if it was my Grandma or baby-sitter Granny who had one in their decor. What a great display for such memorable items.

Re: Lighting Dilemma

Tracey, today I went to a building surplus and they had a couple of these fixtures. So the possibilities are endless. And I'm in Texas too. The location was Real Deal in Westminster, TX. Oh and they have spindles and post at unreasonable prices. My brain was just reeling...

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Lanette, I checked out your blog and love your home. Good luck with your home tour.

Re: Love My Chair

KMayflowers, thanks I know exactly where you are talking about. Where is your shop? I'm not quite that ambitious. I have a good upholster I've used before I'll probably call him.

Thank you all for your help. Give me a few months and hopefully I'll have a success story to post on this one.

P.S. Chair is comfy, great little side table near by to set a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Re: Home for the Holidays with Sue

Oh, I hope my copy is in the mail today. Can't wait.

Re: wonderfull good find this week.

Golly Moses...what a haul. I do like the stacking as a table base with glass on top.

Oooh Candy, I don't have your vision of headboard but sounds fabulous. Cool.

Re: Lighting Dilemma

oh the possibilities...

1) blown glass ornaments (at your local hobby store) in varying sizes by strings or silver wire from each layer, all clear or colors to match your decor.

2) tie strips of tule between the layers with a few old chandalier crystals wired into the tool.

3) I do like the idea of painting white or silver as mentioned by Candy.

Can't wait to see your finished treasure.

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

How sweet. What won't we do for our pets. Love the scene in the back.

Re: City Sidewalks

If you are in the Lone Star State this weekend:

Neath The Wreath
November 7-9
Friday: 9 a to 8p
Sat: 9a to 6p
Sun: 11a to 5p

Location: Plano Centre
2000 East Spring Creek Parkway (between Hwy 5 and Jupiter)
Plano, Texas

Re: Believe

I hope you bought more than one. Those would make great gifts for Christmas. "Hark...Sing"

Re: Rust Brothers No More

Georgia, I can see the brackets on the conservatory. And that beautiful round flange as the top of a great wind chime of other gathered junk (keys or forks). Can't wait to see what it all becomes.

Re: Garden Mosaic Sun Face For Under $1.00

Hey fun Rosie Moon. I have his cousins in my backyard on the fence.

Re: Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

Hello Georgia. AtticusFinch is my lab/border collie's name, and yes from To Kill A Mockingbird, one of my favs. Thanks to you all for the welcome, you have all made me very excited about posting my junkin' projects. Just returned from Canton, Texas today. Had a blast got some new old junk. I'll share soon.

Re: another window / another idea

great job and cleaver too

Re: And...A Cozy Guest Room Too!


Re: My birdfeeders

Looks like the local bird restaurant.