Winchester, VA, US

I have always love to shop for old things. Make things out of nothing. And love decor. So why not open a shop? So that is what I did. In the little town of Winchester, VA. On the old town walking mall. Things that people can buy and feel good about it! I love it!

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I hated the ceiling in my shop. It started off with just one umbrella. Now look. We have people that drop off umbrellas or mail them to us. People come in just to see where we put them up. I have...


Had this nice cab, Didn't have a base. So with some little nobs on the bottom. I have a coffee table. Ok, for now lol

Letter "M"

Got this letter "M" and is looking great outside my store. Hey just in time for Mother's Day.

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Re: Red HOT Kindel vanity REDO

Love it!!! I have been looking at this desk I have. Love the type just hate that it looks so out dated. So why not paint it your red! What type of paint and what color red is it! Great job!

Re: Umbrellas

Mimitoria, I just looked at your webpage for your store. Wow, what a great looking place. Hey, hang them umberlla's!!! I tell you people will talk about them alway. They can be broken, holds, etc. But people love them. The best thing I have done lol Good luck and I would love and see more pictures of your shop. And how it is going.

Re: Umbrellas

Hey Patti, Winchester VA is right next to Middletown. I'm on the Old Town walking mall. Fabulous Finds 540-678-0181. And all umberla's are alway welcome. So thank you so much. A lot of mine are broke, have holds in them but we love them all. I think we are going to start and put tags on them where we got them. People have been very nice to let us hang them. If I get a lot more I think I'll have to do my front window all in umberlla's. As for the Crawl....I did that one year. But was not that good. Maybe I should try it again.
Oh one more thing. We had rain big time today. And guess what? I didn't have a umberlla lol

Re: Letter "M"

Hey, piecesofthepast! I think you would have a drive to get to my store. It is in Winchester, VA. Fabulous Finds. It is a great place. I have a lot of consignments. And people come in all the time showing me things that they have made. Nice because it comes from my store. Most of the time I think....why didn't I think of that lol

Re: Letter "M"

I love them too. And get this... I have a P, C, U, and O coming in lol. Hey I may hang them from the ceiling. Always looking for fun things to do with the store.

Re: Umbrellas

Thanks grannijo! Yes, I wanted to take them down at one time. But I can't. I have people talking about them all the time. They even want to buy them. But how can I let them go? Most of them are gifts. So I just keep them up. And still looking for more. Have my front room of my shop to do. lol