Joan Hawkins, Richlands, NC, US

Im 56 yrs. old. Born in Thomasville, Ga.Married a Marine and moved to Jacksonville, N.C. and years later bought a house in a small town near by. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I LOVE to craft and Repurpose. If I can glue it I can do it.
I hate to throw away anything (my Mother taught me well). When I am not working or crafting, I am out riding with my husband on his Trike. The trike is a repurposed item, it is made from the transaxle and engine of a 72 VW, a little scrap metal and the front end of a motorcycle. Loads of fun and gets loads of looks.

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Re: Steel Spring Table

Love your new dining room and really enjoyed strolling through your blog.

Re: What is this?

Down South (Georgia) we used to call things like that "a thing-a-ma-jig for a what-cha-macallit". Basically, anything you want it to be.
Good luck with your next project.

Re: Editor's Challenge

WOW, yall really sound like a fun bunch to be around, too bad I live in the south.


Like Beachbabe, I couldn't see the trash can for looking at it. That is a nice creation. I would love to have a summer porch and fix it up like your room, but my hubbie wouldn't go along with it, that just isn't his style, BUT I LOVE IT!
Great job.

Re: Growing Mushrooms....

what is the best glue for gluing glass pieces together? I want something that dries clear and will hold tightly.
Love your idea.