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This is a 10 foot long plank of wood I purchased at an auction for $1 (it was in a stack of other junk wood--got the whole heap for a buck!).  I sanded the loose pieces of paint off, painted the...

3741 Whipple Lane

Vintage, handmade sectioned tool box is given new life when dirt and petunias are placed where hammers and nails used to be.

Recent comments

Re: sweet and girly coffee table

Well now! Isn't she a pretty little thing! Very nice.

Re: Verdure

Thank you. I've enjoyed the sign in the mornings while I drink my coffee and read my Bible in the back yard.

Re: vintage bike

This is just too cute! I have one (a red one also!) propped up against my clothes line pole. It has a couple of potted ivy plants in the basket.