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Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

Such a good idea and wonderful execution!

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

Brilliant idea!

Re: Door turned desk

ay yi yi! Absolutely fabulous table! oh those legs........!

Re: From frumpy to fabulous!

I'm afraid I wouldn't have seen the possibilities hiding in that cute but outdated crock! I love it now! Happy laundry!

Re: More gems

Really cool pieces! Good luck!

Re: There's safety in numbers

oooooh! love 'em! Good decision to keep them!

Re: Tea House of the August Moon

What a fabulous project! And, wow, your garden has certainly grown! You now have a lovely place to lose yourself in your garden! Janet

Re: A TP Holder

Brace yourself: This is simply charmin'!

(Sorry, couldn't help myself!)

I love that the Gorilla allows you to undo it if you ever wanted to. Nice.


Re: Cooper's buddy!

Oh! Both Coopers are keepers! (ok, sorry....) Too cute!

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Too cool! Great lines on the table to start with! Even better with the paint and the scrabble tiles! Think you got a high score! Janet

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

Oh, oh, oh! I can't believe this piece of junk! Fantastic!

So hot!
And too COOL!
Oh, and great repurposing!

Re: Once a Crate Now a Shelf

This is awesome. Love the graphics. Always thought Japan would be cool to visit-now dying to go! Thanks for the post! Janet

Re: Licensed to plant

Love the planter and love the combination of flowers! Great colors and textures! Nice casual, colorful, funky look! Janet

Re: Reece's Piano Staff for his Teacher

Great job! Can't wait to see more awesome junk projects!

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

Oh yeah, this is one super-cool project with fab materials and excellent execution producing a terrific result! I love it! Janet

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Container gardening design: Charming!
Color Scheme: Green and white are simply classic!
Silver flatware plant markers: Priceless!
(Looks like we'll be a few place settings of silverware short at dinner tonight.....!)

Re: Letter "M"

Love your letter M! Wow, I feel like I'm on Sesame Street!

Re: My first project

The old photocopied newspapers were a great choice for covering this piece! It was nice as it was, but now it is a real looker! Good job! Janet

Re: Mod Oval Ottoman from Goodwill Pleated Plaid Skirt

Wow! What a good eye you have; I'm afraid I would have overlooked that ottoman. And to find the fabric in a skirt-sweet! Oh, and the legs are perfect, too! Thanks for the inspiration! Janet

Re: Antique Mahogany Chair

What a lucky chair to have found you! Very elegant! Nice fabric choice! And great craftsmanship!

Re: headboard bench

Aww, cute and fun! Clever to use the curtain for the seat cover! Nicely done! Janet

Re: Making cards with..........junk of course!


Re: Fifteen Minute Laundry Room Fix

This is great. I was just refreshing my memory looking at the laundry room makeover in Junk Beautiful, which is so cool. I really need to employ some of these ideas, at least for inspiration. May as well make those un-fun spaces as pleasant as possible. And maybe make laundry a little more enjoyable! Janet
Used to work at PB; their shadow boxes are fab-great to buy with employee discount or on sale! Love the sign in it!

Re: Candle Holders!

Love the candleholders! Love the scale! Every room needs some big chunky accessories, like these. I always get too fussy with too many small items. These are great! Janet

Re: A couple fun winter shelving projects

Wow! Who wouldn't love either of these? So great!

Re: Heard It Through The Grapevine Table

Beautiful table! Demonstrates your talent, once again! Love it!

Re: GOOD EATS Clock Using Vintage Wood Type

This is fabulous! I just love the old wood type. Gotta get me some. The red hands really complement the warm browns of the wood. Such an awesome piece! Where do you get the type w/o spending an arm and a leg? I've been bidding on ebay, but can't make myself pay what it goes for there. Or am I being cheap? Anyway... terrific clock!

Re: Vintage Fireplace Grate Shelf

Wow! That is such a lovely, delicate piece! What a nice sister! And you finished it off so nicely with the trim! Good job! Janet

Re: Studio Junk

What a great creative space! Love it! Janet

Re: My bull skull...transformed

Yee Hi! This is great! We all need a bull head or two around! Classic Texas! What fun! Would be cool in the garden, too. Or on my sister's gate to her ranch! Hey, birthday idea! Thanks! Janet

Re: Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

So sweet! I got on a kick and bought a bunch of these one day, to make pin cushions. But never did! I began to kind of like them, as they are! But you did a great job with the pin cushion. Now I'm re-inspired! Thanks! Janet (love the q-tips and toothpick holders, too!)


What a lovely piece! And I really like the surprise element-you see a clock case and expect to see the clock! But there is the sweet b&w photo. I really like this. Janet

Re: Christmas Lamp

This is great. So unique. Well, until we all copy you and make one for ourselves! what kind of bucket is on top? A vintage child's toy?
Oh, and I can really see those shovels now. Wow.

Re: Music stand turned side table

Love this-in the book and your adaptation! Yeah, not good for a 6 month old, just put it up in a closet. Baby will be grown up before you know it! And then, what if you can't find an old music stand? It's very cool. Janet

Re: cool drawer pulls

Oh yes, these are so cool. Wondering if you can take them apart and reassemble them somehow, and maybe add some stuff between the crystal and metal pieces? Anyway, whatever you do, it will be very cool. Great find.

Re: Have You Got The Time?

Oh my goodness! These are fabulous! You talented thing! Love that you put the mechanism off center on the tin. Love the funky one that you might keep. A lot. And that ole Bill. Wow. So graphic. Too cool for school.
Now, I've had some trouble with those clock mechanisms that they sell at hobby shops, etc (like Michael's, Hobby Lobby); is that what you use? Seems like I can't get it together right, the hands don't move or something. Maybe it's the spacers or whatchamacallems that take up space and hold the "stuff" taught? Um, can't even ask it intelligently. Anyway, are those the "innards" that you use? thanks. (ooh, and love the rusty one, too.)


Gotta admit, I have a thing for lamps, too. The possibilities are endless. Think I've got 2 suitcases full of lamp parts somewhere...vintage suitcases, of course. I'd better get busy. Love these 2!

Re: How to Make a Cranberry Bog Scoop Wreath Holder

Terrific. But ya can't find cranberry bog scoops in Texas. Gosh, guess we could import 'em! It's awesome!

Re: Mix It Up

Oh dear I'm afraid I'm coveting...the Pelican Cooler. Fantastic! All the pics are lovely. There's nothing like fresh greens and berries, too. Sweet!

Re: Joy To The World

Wow! Really lovely! The frames of the french door really give it a graphic quality. And really delineates the sections. Love the fresh, current look with the beautiful blues and greens, which are popping up everywhere in design these days. So are maps. And the silver ornaments are a nice touch, floating on the white background, not competing with the maps, but not an empty space, either. Like everyone says, such a clean professional look! Cry your heart out, Pottery Barn!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

Hello all! New here, but can't help but comment on this fabulous piece! May I ask what type (oops, no pun intentded..) glue did you use? And I guess you used a new piece of wood because of what you said about needing a smooth clean surface for better adherance? Wow! A whole wall! A backsplash! Too cool! Even the "backsplash" to an old hutch or cabinet, book/display shelves, ooh, imagine the possibilities! Oh, or even a door! Love it! I'm inspired!
(ps: great colors & fabrics on the quilt!)