March Floral Arrangement of the Month

March 9th, 2017 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A dressed up mailbox makes a delightful spring bouquet.
Im not typically a big fan of gerbs, but for springtime bouquets they are a very happy choice. They do have a way of making me smile!
The essentials...A perfectly crustified mailbox, craft paper, covered brads, decorative embellishments of your choice, nuts, washers, Mod Podge, sponge brush, glue, and a craft knife. If you want you can use floral foam in a baggie to hold your flowers or a container that fits inside the box. And done!
What to do about the little latch?!Wrap your paper around the body of the mailbox and cut your notch before trimming the edges. How do I know this?Hmm...after all these years Im still learning the hard way.
OK, now you can trim the edges to fit using a nifty noodle little Fiskars finger cutter. It actually cuts the paper, not your finger.
Mod Podge strikes again! This time you will want to use an ample amount. Apply it directly to the metal, place paper, and smooth away. Bubbles are for bath tubs!
After a couple of coats to the paper I added the ribbon border. Two more coats over ribbon and paper and youre golden. Follow all directions on container for a perfecto finish.
Add your embellishments of choice.
These little fabric covered brads struck my fancy, but theres a whole wide world of choices out there! Aint life grand?
Grubby hardware has enough self-confidence to show up at any party.
A view from the front.
I feel pretty, oh so pretty!
A dressed up mailbox makes a delightful spring bouquet.

A dressed up mailbox makes a delightful spring bouquet.

Old, crusty mail boxes can be found at just about any flea market. I know you have all seen one or two of these little babies on a junk pile! Pick one up, give it a little TLC , and pack it with flowers. Nothing says spring like a perky little bouquet. Enjoy!

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Comments (15)

jirish writes: absolutely the decoupage! Posted: 10:26 am on June 23rd
Chovey writes: very Springy indeed! Getting me in the Spring Junk mode!!! Love it!
cynthia Posted: 6:31 pm on April 3rd
MimiToria writes: Sue your sense of humor when posting your projects is always a hoot and is a breath of fresh air. This is such a fun floral project and really puts one in the "spring spirit". Interesting how we woke up to another dusting of snow today. Old man winter just doesn't want to let go of his grip.
Gretchen Posted: 11:24 am on March 20th
suewhitney writes: Thanks all! OK, Jim we can consider ourselves even because my daughter wants me to make your All table for her dorm room. I told her I would take a stab at it (with different buckets of course, but sodas would replace the Coronas on her table!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 6:34 pm on March 18th
QueenofQuanity writes: I when industrial pieces take on a more feminine look! I have lots of junk like this for you to take a look at when you get to Texas!

QofQ Posted: 1:32 pm on March 18th
OldBarnRescue writes: Love this use of old mailboxes! Fun! Posted: 10:42 am on March 18th
shabbychick writes: Such a beautiful, springy mailbox - keeping it full of flowers is a great room for any bills to be delivered!! :) I might have to fill mine up with some posies too...

Thanks for the "special delivery"!

Kathy Posted: 10:35 am on March 17th
JunkArchitect writes: Sue,
You have more of an influence on my daughter then I do when it comes to junk projects. She went to a junk shop yesterday looking for a mailbox so she could duplicate your beautiful creation.

Posted: 11:46 am on March 16th
CottageElements writes: Sue, I really need a floral class! Not my forte', but love your creations! The weather today really puts me into a "spring" mood. I have a few old mailboxes, burried somewhere...need to dig them up and attempt this!

Lani Posted: 9:26 pm on March 14th
georgiamoon writes:

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these junkers from the swift completion of their appointed projects".

So Ok I changed the words...a little... but don't you think they apply to us too? What? a little snow and freezing temperatures? These minor obstacles can't keep Sue from delivering a lovely spring floral arrangement that makes you almost feel a warm breeze on your face. Great job as usual Sue. I always look forward to your innovative floral containers! Love it, Georgia Posted: 3:15 pm on March 14th
grannijo writes: Sue: who would have thought to use a mailbox?...only you! project and the daisy flower is one of my favorites...I am looking forward to Spring!!..p.s...have the new book and LOVE it!.....sharon Posted: 9:57 am on March 14th
luvstojunk writes: "Welcome Spring"! that is so nice!!! Great ideas from you as always. I just made a (small) bouquet of posies on my Kitchen table out of Buttons and a $dollare store container. I feel bad as I don't know how to post my pictures on here. BUT I love all your projects...... Posted: 8:38 am on March 14th
alicemom writes: She strikes again! How fun is that & you are funny too. Love that project. Thanks for the "spring forward".
Alice Posted: 8:24 am on March 14th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is so very sweet! I always look forward to your "floral of the month" and love the color palletes you choose. This one is no exception.

Thank you for another great project!
Candy Posted: 7:51 am on March 14th
berton718 writes: Sue,
I love this project. You constantly amaze me. Thank you for ushering in Spring!! Posted: 7:00 am on March 14th
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