It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

March 4th, 2009 in blog, projects     
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A warm welcome to an old friend.  Her nightstand is filled with sew many sweet adornments.   
Buckle up, people.  Its going to be a junky ride! 
My mom gave me a whole mess of belt buckles recently. This one is rusty and kind of fastener. 
I zipped right through this project.  I wrapped my pitcher in record time using one of my old zippers  
I included a couple old books on the table for my friend to leaf through.  (They helped to beef up my lighting situation too).
I filled a box with little goodies for her to take home.  Tied it off with creamy white bias tape from my old sewing supplies.
I think its pretty, but may be biased... 
My own lovely mother showered me with the mother load of all buckles.  Mother-of-pearl buckles...cha-ching! I felt like a mini Queen of Quantity for a moment or two.  
I also placed a vintage paper needle holder that has sophisticated gold writing by my friends bedside.  Hmmm.  What can I do with that? 
I decided to tuck a little note inside it for her. 
$5 tulips is money well spent.
Who will your next overnight guest be?
I can hardly see a dent in my old sewing stash.  Can you? 
A warm welcome to an old friend.  Her nightstand is filled with sew many sweet adornments.   

A warm welcome to an old friend.  Her nightstand is filled with 'sew' many sweet adornments.   

Vintage Sewing Supplies = Pretty Things 

Do you have an old friend you'd like to invite over for an overnight stay?  How about a Aunt....your mom?  I grabbed a few old sewing supplies to make a friend of mine feel as welcome as possible.   

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eveh writes: You are one clever crafter. I have a lot of old vintage zippers that I just stare at and would never think to do this. I learn so much from all of you. I think I am going to wrap one around that old lamp I have. It is fine but a bit boring. This idea will add a little interest. Posted: 10:22 pm on April 10th
catbishop writes: Can i come stay at your house? ;) Posted: 9:01 pm on March 24th
justloveit writes:
Candy, The old metal zipper wrapped round pitcher and anchored with metal bucket is inspired! Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing that idea!

Leanna Posted: 12:51 pm on March 12th
bubbasmom writes: Great job Candy. You are so clever putting stuff together. Posted: 11:29 pm on March 8th
alicemom writes: Candy,
I am jealous of all that great stash. I think it's great you don't sew. Much better ideas!
alice Posted: 9:47 pm on March 8th
CreepinJen writes: I have a soft spot for sewing themes and just love this idea. On first glance I thought the pitcher was tied with a ribbon. I was tickled to see that you used a zipper. Very sweet and probably well received by your friend.
Posted: 8:58 am on March 8th
NDJunkGirl writes: How ADORABLE is that zipper?! It just made me smile! You think of the NEATEST it all! Andrea Posted: 2:40 pm on March 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Thank you for your wonderful comments. From someone that doesn't sew a stitch, I had to think of ideas to put this stuff to good use...or to ANY use for that matter.

And yes, come on over anytime!

Candy Posted: 1:13 pm on March 5th
suewhitney writes: So fresh and so lovely, Candy! Love, love, love the zipper idea.....cute as can be!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:55 am on March 5th
fellowjunker writes: So, so pretty Candy!!! I just love your pitcher with the zipper and buckle. INGENIOUS once again!!!
xojanis Posted: 7:49 am on March 5th
JunkMama1 writes: Can I be your friend?! Posted: 11:30 pm on March 4th
JunkArchitect writes: Candy,
This is so creative and photos are beautiful.

Jim Posted: 10:55 pm on March 4th
CottageElements writes: Candy, I'd sure love to come visit you :)! And what lovely things you have and so beautifully put together. You are so creative!

Lani Posted: 10:21 pm on March 4th
grannijo writes: Candy: "sew" sweet!!!...I would like to be your guest!...great idea...sharon Posted: 8:54 pm on March 4th
georgiamoon writes: Candy, Any guest would be so pleased to come into a room filled with such warmth and thoughtfulness. Your friend is a lucky girl. I love the zipper the best of all. You are one clever lady. Georgia Posted: 3:53 pm on March 4th
writes: Candy,
This is a precious idea. I especially love how you used the vintage paper needle holder to house your card. So clever.

Are you sure you're not a professional photographer too???

:-) JennyK Posted: 2:15 pm on March 4th
junkfestgirl writes: I LOVE the zipper and buckle around the fabulous pitcher of tulips! And the old bias many uses! Very clever! Posted: 9:28 am on March 4th
shabbychick writes: Candy - this is too sweet! I'm sure your friend will be looking forward to her next visit - to see what clever little thing you'll come up with! I love old sewing stuff too - and you've done this up sew well!!!

I really like the zipper wrapped around the pitcher - who would have thought??? And, buckles...the perfect finishing touch!

Looks like you've got sew much more fun to get into with your stash! Thanks for sharing - AND beautiful pictures as always!!

Kathy Posted: 8:35 am on March 4th
SweetMelissa writes: What clever ways to display, and a sweet and fun greeting for a friend. Posted: 8:33 am on March 4th
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