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March 4th, 2009 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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A package for me?!  And it was wrapped in true Candy style...  And, theres a clue on the tag!
Look whats inside!! (non-smokers version...just the glass!)
A perfect fit!
A few faux blooms!
A view from the scooter.
A package for me?!  And it was wrapped in true Candy style...  And, theres a clue on the tag!

A package for me?!  And it was wrapped in true Candy style...  And, there's a clue on the tag!

My junk friend, Candy, sent me a package the other day. 

When I went on vacation last month, I came across an old (really rusty) test tube holder - and it reminded me of a project that Candy had done in January using glass cigar tubes, a wood stand, and tulips - so, I snatched it up right away (it only had 3 test tubes, but I knew I'd come across more...AND, my "junk" angel was watching over me...).  So, when I posted my vacation finds, and Candy saw the test tube holder...well, she very generously decided to send me some to complete my project.

The package came last week (and in typical Candy-style) it was wrapped very creatively - and beautifully in a junky sort of way!  The tag even matched - with a stamp of a box of cigars...not sure how she did that - but a very cool touch! 

Well, I couldn't open it fast enough (I did slow down a bit to get pictues though) - and sure enough there were nine beautiful glass cigar tubes inside...  I didn't have any fresh flowers, but used some button stems from a bouquet I was working on, so I could get the full effect - and I think it's divine!!!  I can't wait to bring flowers in from my garden and show them off in my new bud vases!

Candy - thank you so much.  It was all very thoughtful and I appreciate them soooo much!  I'm looking forward to meeting my junk friend in person, and to a junking adventure as soon as we get out of this wintery weather! 


P.S.  Here's the post on my blog - more pics...  http://sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com/2009/03/junk-mail.html

Pattern or design used: Candy's Flower Holder - January 2009
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irishrovr writes:
This is a super combination! The button flowers really look good in there!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 11:01 pm on March 31st
shabbychick writes: Angelz, Christy & Melissa - thanks for your kind comments!

Angelz - I bet you did have fun with the button flowers. It can be addicting once you get going! My friends and I had hours of fun the other nite putting together a "friendship" bouquet (we each did a handful of them, and then we bundled them together as a surprise for a friend...she's gonna love it!!)...

Melissa - an entire science department - that would have been heavenly for sure!!!

Christy - the bouquet is being delivered next week...no turning back now!


Posted: 2:44 pm on March 11th
ANGELZ writes: I didnt have your wonderful holder,but did have to make some of these button flowers.I had HOURS of fun!(till I ran out of wire) Thought I had toooo many buttons, now dont have enough. Posted: 10:44 pm on March 10th
csudderth writes: OOOOHHHHH--I love this. Now you're going to hate giving up your button flowers. They are so cute. Great gift!
Christy Posted: 9:32 pm on March 6th
SweetMelissa writes: Wonderful! To think I missed out on the motherload a few years back... our small school closed and had an auction. Had I been following the JM Site back then, I probably would have bought the entire science department!! I love the inspiration from all the wonderful posts here, and the special touches like the button flowers and Candy's packaging prove that "junking" is truly a wonderful lifestyle. Posted: 12:18 am on March 6th
shabbychick writes: So glad everyone enjoyed my "not so junky" present! I just love them, and can't wait to get some live flowers to show off!

Sue, you're right - junkers really are the best - I think it must be a prerequisite...!

Gretchen - you'll have to share pics of your holder too - I know it'll be awesome! (And, Cassie said the junkfest girls were coming your way...how fun - and I know we'll see pics of that event too!!! :)

I made the button flowers for a friend - hope she doesn't check out the site before I give them to her next week...haha!!

Thanks everybody! (and especially,Candy!)

P.S. Candy - ok girl...let's set it up!

Posted: 10:08 pm on March 5th
MimiToria writes: Kathy-
Your metal test tube holder looks awesome with the wire blooms you put in it. Love it! That was an awesome find you got. I bought one 2 weeks ago at the Carver, shops that I blogged about on my blog. Mine is wood, with about 7 slots for test tubes, but had 1 large and 2 smaller ones in the one I bought. I'd not heard of cigar tubes until Candy's post, which was so cool, that when I found this wood vintage one at the sale, I knew I had to have it.
Very cool getting the Candy gram, and how fun that you will someday get to meet.
I'm looking forward to meeting the JunkFest girls from North Dakota in April, as they are making a junk trip to MN, and I plan to meet up with them when they come. This whole Junk Market Style site has brought so many wonderful new Junking friends into my life. I love it!
Gretchen Posted: 7:21 pm on March 5th
Chovey writes: OOOhhh..what a great junk mail surprise! The project is just great, too! Love it!
cynthia Posted: 6:17 pm on March 5th
georgiamoon writes: OOOh This is a grand thing to receive in the mail! You are a lucky girl and the button flowers are fantastic in the tubes. Georgia Posted: 6:09 pm on March 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: You are so very welcome, Kathy. I love how it turned out. It looks funky cool with your fantastic button flowers.

Yes, we ARE going to have to meet. The Hubs will be in China for a few weeks coming up soon so maybe I can schedule Mom-time sometime thereabouts.

Looks great and thanks for sharing!
Candy Posted: 12:35 pm on March 5th
suewhitney writes: Wowsers...what a great gift and adore the wrap job. It looks great with your button flowers. You're a lucky girl! Aren't junkers the nicest people?

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:21 am on March 5th
fellowjunker writes: Oh, so pretty........lucky you Kathy. Love your holder too!!
xojanis Posted: 7:48 am on March 5th
piecesofthepast writes: What a great friend you have! This is so cute...I love those old buttons! Posted: 7:20 am on March 5th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, you got a Candy-Gram! How cool! Love how it came together so wonderfully. Your button flowers look great it them. Love the Radio-Flyer they're on, too!

Lani Posted: 11:49 pm on March 4th
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