Farm Rescue

December 30th, 2009 in member junk     
junkfestgirl junkfestgirl, member
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Close-up shows the great character of distress marks and old carvings.
Side view...doesnt take up too much space.

Just wanted to share a piece I "rescued" from my parents' farm before they tore down a dilapidated old grain elevator.  It's a freestanding Fairbanks grain scale, which now sits in my kitchen and holds my music cd's (I know, huge cd case, right?) On top sits a great old arch from a church that displays what ever pretties I prefer at the moment! 

Pattern or design used: My own design - JunkFestgirl
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GrammyChris writes: I sold one of those scales to a dear friend years ago.. wish I hadn't now lol. beautiful great primative piece. Posted: 1:14 pm on March 14th
junkermidge writes: Such a cool, cool piece. I love it!
Midge Posted: 9:40 pm on January 7th
GreenerPastures writes: Love, Love, Love IT!!!! Posted: 11:49 am on January 7th
54girl writes: This has to be one of my favorite things ever!!! Love everything about it!!! And to have that history behind it makes it even more special. So glad it was posted again!!! Mary Posted: 3:25 pm on January 4th
greencolleen writes: great save, i'm with sue junk envy ! love the patina ;) Posted: 12:16 pm on December 30th
oldnews writes: How on earth I missed this the first time around I don't know, but wow, this is amazing! It is absolutely beautiful! What a save! My dad was a commercial scale mechanic so I have a thing for beautiful old scales, and this one IS wonderful! Marie Posted: 11:18 am on December 30th
RustyDiva writes: So glad this popped up again because I missed it the first time. I'm drooling over this piece! It looks awesome in your space! Love the color and combination of pieces. Love love love!!! Posted: 10:29 am on December 30th
MimiToria writes: I've chosen Cassie, aka JunkFestGirl, one of the four creative gals that make up the Junk Fest team out in Carrington, ND. They have a fabulous website with a lot of great projects on their Junkfest blog, in addition to their posting on the JMS membership area.
My being raised on a farm like Cassie, caused this post of hers to really stick in my mind. I just loved what she created out of this piece off her family farm. Such a one-of-a-kind piece and sentimental to boot.
Not only is Cassie a very talented junker, but she is a sweetheart and has become a dear friend through Sue and her fabulous JMS site. So I'd like to introduce: Cassie, and one of my favorite member posts of 2009.

Thanks -


Posted: 6:37 pm on December 17th
SouthernSherri writes: Wonderful rescue and an AMAZING beautiful piece. History, beauty, great use and 'junk'. PERFECT! Posted: 10:08 am on March 1st
MimiToria writes: Cassie, this is a piece that should be featured as a member post on Junk Market Style blog. It is absolutely outstanding! I loved it on your blog post, and still love it here. It is so vere unique and the story of how your Dad rescued it for you is so special. Love it! Love it! Love it!
I too love how you've merchandised your beautiful pieces in these two made for each other vintage pieces.
Gretchen Posted: 11:13 pm on February 28th
roadtriplouise writes: A great treasure you rescued from your parents farm!
Ann Posted: 6:58 pm on February 27th
Chovey writes: Wow! Great rescue and reuse! Love it!
cynthia Posted: 5:58 pm on February 27th
MelHow writes: How about that being the coolest thing I've seen...lucky you!! Posted: 5:45 pm on February 27th
suewhitney writes: Wow, this piece really is to die for. I have a case of junk envy. Thanks for sharing.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 5:07 pm on February 27th
kenziebr writes: Absolutely the neatest piece! This is to die for!!! Love it, love it, love it! If you tire of it, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands!! LOL!!! Posted: 4:03 pm on February 27th
gilswife writes: That is Absolutely be the most Beautiful.. Beautiful.. T2T piece.I have ever seen,,soooooooo Elegant!!! ... Donna Posted: 8:33 pm on February 26th
georgiamoon writes: Well you gotta love that! It is just fantastic! Georgia Posted: 7:37 pm on February 26th
CreepinJen writes: What a great piece. Everthing about is so cool. Extra bonus that it still has the original lettering. The two pieces look like they were meant to be together. Great display too. I have the same bird picture, and I like how you've used it with the plaque and actual bird nest.
~ Carrie Posted: 7:03 pm on February 26th
CottageElements writes: Oh, Cassie, this is soooo cool. What a wonderful save you made! And sentimental to boot. Love, love, love it!

Lani Posted: 5:03 pm on February 26th
plumberdaughter writes: This is such a cool piece and the arch window looks like it was part of the original piece. Very nice. Posted: 4:33 pm on February 26th
fellowjunker writes: What a beautiful piece and so meaningful as well with the history that is attached to it. So glad you shared it with us!!!
xojanis Posted: 4:12 pm on February 26th
BarkingDogs writes: Love everything about it! Posted: 3:22 pm on February 26th
thehillbillies writes: I love it! Wish I could find more treasures like that myself! Thanks for posting... you have it decorated nicely- although the piece says a lot in itself! Posted: 2:28 pm on February 26th
shabbychick writes: That is the coolest thing ever!! You made a great rescue - and something with family history too - a bonus! Your arched piece on top is awesome too.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 2:02 pm on February 26th
alicemom writes: what a great rescue. I love both pieces.
alice Posted: 1:41 pm on February 26th
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