Vintage Leather Suitcase

March 3rd, 2015 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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It still has the old tags and travel stickers

You dont see too many all leather suitcases

The RC Cola crate is a great place for books and magazines

It still has the old tags and travel stickers

It still has the old tags and travel stickers

Photo: Jim Healy

There are many ways to give an old suitcase a new life. So when I needed to raise a bedside lamp this seemed like the perfect solution.

By layering a vintage book on top of the suitcase it brought the lamp up to the desired height.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy Junk Architect (copyright 2009)
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Comments (27)

just_old_stuff writes: Now that's' a man's nightstand. Rugged and oh so vintage.
Posted: 5:46 pm on February 10th
DunhamDesigns writes: Jim.. So awesome. Thats all I'm blown away Posted: 6:59 pm on February 6th
gadgetsponge writes: Like it! Makes it seem like you're ready to travel "vintage-style" at a moment's notice with that great suitcase at the ready. Posted: 8:25 am on February 4th
byabpryor writes: This is awesome.. I LOVE old suitcases! Posted: 9:51 am on July 2nd
JunkMama1 writes: Love it! Posted: 11:35 pm on April 9th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: Awesome arrangement on the suitcase. Whats the lamp look like? Annie (pofolksdecorator) Posted: 10:56 am on February 28th
irishrovr writes:
The perfect combination of function and fun! Still, it has a classic air to it as well!

Eileen Posted: 8:35 pm on February 18th
bridiemurphy writes: Hi Jim, this is way too fun; the title grabbed me, then looking at your choice of books -- well, what a character you are! Delightful fort, yours. Posted: 5:35 pm on February 18th
fellowjunker writes: Love your suitcase Jim, as well as the entire look of your bedside table set up. Don't you just love those PB phones!!??!! Ours is actually cordless, but looks totally vintage.
xojanis Posted: 2:56 pm on February 18th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: The size is perfect! All my suitcases are larger and I can't quite do this. I love how it all works together and you've definitely achieved a “warm, homey, comfy and masculine” look and feel.

Candy Posted: 8:11 am on February 18th
snowyowl writes: I love the old texture and wear of the suitcase. Sitting there it makes me want to open it up and see what is inside. What is inside? Inside its travels, journey, who touched it, what happened when it went_______________-. I love the old phone. Does it still work? Had one of those growing up. Seems so slow and clunky now to use. Love the old RC crate too - great texture, color and storage. Nice ideas here. Posted: 7:59 am on February 18th
SouthernSherri writes: Love the look and feel of this! AWESOME idea that just flows together to form junk into beauty. Posted: 10:36 pm on February 17th
junqtiquer2u writes: Love the decor!!! I did something similiar back in my early years of "after the divorce" era! Had a set of 3 old matching suitcases of my grandmother's. Needed an end table, and Zam-Sham, they appeared with a new look! Boomers get it done!! Posted: 10:34 pm on February 17th
JunkArchitect writes: Georgia,
the phone is a couple of years old and from Pottery Barn…no dialing.

I‘ve tried to make it “warm, homey, comfy and masculine”…so thanks! Did you ever have a fort when you were little, someplace fun to hangout with all your friends. That’s how I feel about my house. Except the fort had no property tax, utility bills, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, snow plowing, maintenance… Posted: 9:32 pm on February 17th
DownHomeDIY writes: Is there a superman suit in that suitcase?? Posted: 8:53 pm on February 17th
georgiamoon writes: Hey Jim, once again this is such a cool set-up. It's warm, homey, comfy and masculine at the same time. I love it but what I really want to know you really use that old phone? We are so lazy now that it is hard to imagine dialing!!! Your house looks so cozy and warm even though I know it's freezing outside. Great job as usual, Georgia Posted: 8:11 pm on February 17th
junkcollector writes: Great display!! We keep getting little bits and pieces of your home and it's amazing!! You are an extremely talented man and I hope you continue to share your wonderful projects.Thank you for sharing. Posted: 6:18 pm on February 17th
piecesofthepast writes: I never met a suitcase I didn't like or couldn't use somewhere. Those "mod" suitcases with the hippie flowers (those lovely ones from the 60's) are great for me to use in my colorful office at work to store toys and other goodies for my students. I got one of those at a yardsale for 50 cents! This look you have is so warm and it!! Posted: 5:05 pm on February 17th
texasjunkermom writes: Jim, the whole display is really great, as usual for you. Thanks for giving us good ideas! Posted: 5:04 pm on February 17th
MelHow writes: I notice you said "vintage looking book" :) Posted: 4:19 pm on February 17th
jillruth writes: I've been buying quite a few suitcases lately to sell in my etsy shop but also to use around my house. I really like the look of what you set up! Posted: 3:39 pm on February 17th
writes: Great idea Jim! I like this idea for the storage opportunities too! And I love how you kept the tags on the handle...

Nice job!

JennyK Posted: 2:45 pm on February 17th
shabbychick writes: Great spot for your suitcase to land...after all the traveling it's probably done! Very cool - and love the old phone too!

Kathy Posted: 2:38 pm on February 17th
gilswife writes: Looks great!!!! ....Donna Posted: 12:52 pm on February 17th
CottageElements writes: Jim, aren't suitcases awesome! There's so many uses for them. This one has great patina and looks great with all your other items. Super duper . . . .

Lani Posted: 11:38 am on February 17th
janwinn writes: Another great idea. How come all your ideas look so amazing!!!! I love how much of a warm look this is. Posted: 11:31 am on February 17th
suewhitney writes: Hi Jim,

I am a big fan of the suitcase and I love what you have done with yours. Layers of junk...nothing could be finer. Beautiful!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:10 am on February 17th
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