Restaurant Clip Picture Holder

August 28th, 2008 in projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Clippingly cute!
Clippingly cute!

Clippingly cute!

Those little stands/clips/card holders on restaurant tables make an awesome holder for some of your favorite photos. Steal some today from your least favorite restaurant! (Actually, don't. Just get 'em for a steal at a flea market. Much more legal.)

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

2 to 4 in. wooden disk (purchased from craft store)
2 to 3 in. wooden disk (purchased from craft store)
Two used metal restaurant clips
Three to four (depending on birth date) 1 in. washers
Three to four (depending on birth date) old grocery store pricing numbers
Two binder clips
Two 5 in. by 7 in. mats
White spray paint
Wood cleaner
Instant glue

Tool List:
Screw gun
One 3/4 in. wood screw


Step 1: Spray paint 4 in. disk and allow to dry.

Spray paint outdoors or in a well ventilated area. No fire, either.

Step 2: Apply wood cleaner to 3 in, disk to give it a natural finish.

It's like a makeover for wood.

Step 3:
Pre-drill hole through center of both disks.

Step 4: Attach disks with screw from the top disk.

Step 5:
Attach metal restaurant piece to top disk with glue.

Step 6: Attach pictures of loved one to mats.

Step 7: Peel and stick grocery store numbers to washers.

Numbers and letters are a favorite find here at JUNKMARKET. What's your favorite number/letter medium?

Step 8: Clip washers to mats with binder clips.

Step 9: Slip finished mats into used restaurant clips

A Tale: Baby E's First Birthday Photo

Your child's first birthday is a momentous occasion. You're still changing diapers, but the memory of the pain of child birth has finally left the building. Ha! Only kidding. Capture the moment forever with a project like this. I wanted to keep it simple because if you do have a one year old in tow you don't have much time for crafting! Just look at that face. Just makes you smile.

Just wait until I bust out the bathtub photos, E. You thought you were embarassed before!


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Comments (5)

MimiToria writes: These are so cool. I've never seen this for sale (the restaurant table stands). Very clever. Posted: 1:37 pm on September 23rd
suewhitney writes: Hi,
To clean old and dirty wooden pieces I use Skidmore's Woodfinish Cleaner. It brings luster back to dull dry wood. I'm not sure what metal paste you are refering to. To remove dirt, grime, and other nasties from metal try Krud Kutter. You can also sand metal to remove rust and crud. If you are looking for some other product for metal let me know. Hope this helps.

Sue Posted: 8:32 pm on August 29th
crustyrusty writes: Sue, you've probably mentioned before but, what is the "metal cleaning paste"? Also, what do you use for cleaning an old dirty wooden pieces? Your help is greatly appreciated! Posted: 4:28 pm on August 29th
CottageElements writes: Okay, you are having way too much fun and are being way too creative doing all these projects! I'm jealous! I picked up a whole bag of these at a sale and was no-where near as creative. That's why you're the Queen of Junk! Btw, what a cute baby!

Lani Posted: 8:47 pm on August 28th
TheBlessedNest writes: That is SO cool! I love the look of these--Little E is adorable! The numbers on washers is my favorite part :).

Stacey Posted: 2:38 pm on August 28th
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