A grate idea?

February 9th, 2009 in member junk     
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The grates just lie on the table, so I can take them off and use elsewhere anytime I want.
I know that this is heresy, but I actually prefer my treasures not to be too chippy or rusty, so I cleaned and painted these grates.
The grates just lie on the table, so I can take them off and use elsewhere anytime I want.

The grates just lie on the table, so I can take them off and use elsewhere anytime I want.

My JH and I found these cast iron heating grates for less than $5.00 for all 4 at a Salvation Army thrift store in the Charleston, SC area several years ago. That is a wonderful area for finding treasures! The grates are sitting on a discarded locker room bench from one of our local schools. It's a "grate" table for the wrought iron sofa that we sit on in our garden seating and dining area.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Faeryhollow writes: Wanda, I've been to the Habitat Restore and Page's many times, and agree with you that they're treasure troves! I have an old wringer washer that I got at Page's, and could have loaded up with much more if we'd have had room in the truck. They do have good sales. We also hit the thrift stores in Mt. Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, and Summerville, as well as Charleston. The area is a junker's paradise. I'll have to look up your shop in Greer the next time we go down the mountain.
Barbara Posted: 7:41 pm on March 4th
purple412 writes: Love the "grate" idea, Faeryhollow! I too, love junking in the Charleston area. It's one of my favorite places to get away! There's a Restore/Habitat store heading out to Folly Beach that always has great leftover building supplies, etc. I've found left over windows, porch columns, and antique dining chairs there many times. Also, "Pages Thieves Market" in the big barn-like house, is just before you get out to the Habitat Store. They handle antiques and estate auctions. Some things are pricy, others are bargains, and you never know what you'll find. Lots of chippy, peely yard stuff too! Posted: 10:33 pm on March 3rd
MelHow writes: awesome deal and a clever way to use them without committing them to a permanent role in life...I have a friend that uses light weight two-sided tape for her cloth and paper creations so she doesn't have to commit. :)

BTW It was fun to read your comment on my bread box - I would love, love, love to keep bees but am not sure my husband is ready for me to do so...we have a garden and I do worm composting and I have some Orchard Mason Bees hibernating in the fridge waiting for spring because last year the bees didn't find my garden until July (I had lots of blooming flowers including: yarrow, poppies, sunflowers, phlox, cornflowers, iris etc...in addition I never have had that problem before).

Posted: 5:42 pm on February 27th
gilswife writes: Now theres a neat idea!!! Love it!!!! ........... Donna Posted: 3:12 pm on February 13th
irishrovr writes: Wonderful idea! I like the added touch of the lacy frills!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 6:00 pm on February 10th
georgiamoon writes: This what I call "Beau-ty-ous" Georgia Posted: 12:51 pm on February 10th
suewhitney writes: Very, very, very sweet! What a great find at a great price.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:26 am on February 10th
SeaGlassLady writes: What a wonderful find! I love the look of those grates, and each has a different design. Posted: 7:54 am on February 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Looks great. I'm blown away by the cost too! Nice find!
Candy Posted: 5:52 am on February 10th
grannijo writes: What a cute idea!... Posted: 5:22 am on February 10th
csudderth writes: I've just got to say it--this is a "grate" idea. Bet you couldn't find grates for that price now.
Christy Posted: 11:04 pm on February 9th
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