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I just loved your satellite dish gazebo and I asked and scouted around and finally found one SOOOOOOOO now I'm wanting to build a gazebo like yours.  Could you possibly give me some help?  If you wouldn't mind answering some questions please email me at csudderth@arbuckleonline.com

Thank you!


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t4tmiller writes: Am I overlooking what you used for the Top finial-type thing? Just found your site yesterday while searching for a magazine article I'd seen several years ago about how a woman took a vitage pull camper and turned it into her potting shed, I think the article was more about her backyard space - - but I was more interested in the Camper. Loved your Potting Shed, by the way! If anyone out there can help me out - - I would greatly appreciate it. Posted: 12:59 pm on May 20th
junkismystyle writes: Christy, this is the e-mail I tried to send, don't know what happened, I must have your address wrong?

Is you dish similar to mine? It took two of us to handle it. My husband cemented landscaping post in the
ground about 2 feet deep, the post are 8 foot, so that gives you 6 feet to work with, it will be taller
in the middle. Then with me on one side, him on the other, we lifted the dish onto the post, while I was
holding it in place, he drilled some long screws into the dish through to the post, at least two per side
of post, then we attached metal brackets, that I got at Hobby Lobby, to each corner.
The screws were easy to drill through the metal of the dish. I think we used wood screws or sheet rock
screws. Just make sure they are long enough to go through the dish and the wood securely.
We've had the gazebo for about 3 years now, and it's made it through some pretty high winds. I tried painting the top,
but I needed a sprayer to really get it done right.
We made stepping stones out of cement for the floor, just rake out the area real good, plop down mixed cement
in mounded forms, smooth out, don't spread out too thin, the stone needs to be a little thick, shape it to
what ever form you like..let it dry..and you have great stones...mine have aged and have green and dark
colors to them....they look very natural.
Hope this helps..let me know how it goes!
Kathy Short Posted: 2:17 pm on February 10th
junkismystyle writes: Hey Christy, I tried to e-mail you but something happened...
my e-mail is kanddshort@gmail.com
How can I help you with your gazebo?
Posted: 2:11 pm on February 10th
Chovey writes: I would like the instructions, too! What a great idea!
Cynthia Posted: 8:39 pm on February 9th
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