Water Ski Bench/Table

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I have a cottage and am always looking to find neat stuff for it.  I saw these ski benches on Ebay for over $500!. I knew I could do it cheaper, so I put an ad on Craig's List for used ski, got 5 skis for $20.  Then I found the bench frame at Menard's for $30.  Instead of using the 2x4s the bench kit was designed to be built with, I used the skis! I took off the hardware on the skis, filled in the screw holes with wood putty and covered with a few coats of polyurethene. I then attached the skis to the frame. The pictures tell the rest!!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Joy.homolka@amway.com
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MelHow writes: I like this - especially when converted to a table - I want to sit at it with a drink and read and watch the water... Posted: 4:03 pm on January 26th
CottageElements writes: Very creative. Perfect for a cabin. Thanks for sharing this with us and wecome to the site!

Lani Posted: 9:35 pm on January 25th
joyofjunk writes: I'm glad everyone likes the bench. And the pictures truly don't do it justice. I bought the resin frame from Menard's in the Fall, on sale for $30. The idea is to use your own 2 x 4s to make a bench, I just substituted skis. You also can make 2 table/benches, put them together and they make a picnic table! Posted: 5:46 pm on January 25th
JudyJunkster writes: Great bench -- such a conversation piece. I checked out Gretchen ski shelf -- just loved it! Posted: 5:09 pm on January 25th
csudderth writes: Cool, cool, cool. Love this project. Now let's see more!
Christy Posted: 1:52 pm on January 25th
MimiToria writes: http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/1073/waterski-sign


A couple of more ideas of what to do with water-skis. You still have the 1 extra one.
These are both at our cabin. We are serious skiers, so this fits our lifestyles.

Gretchen Posted: 12:59 pm on January 25th
MimiToria writes: It's always great to see more waterski projects on this site. Thanks for posting. I have 5 skis at our cabin, and my husband keeps trying to take 4 of them for a bench he wants to make, but I've been wanting to make the serving table that Sue created for one of their books. I might have to let him have the skis and make his bench now, after seeing yours. He already has built the bottom portion of the bench for the skis, but will have to add his back. Can you tell me how you made it so that it tips up and can be a serving area? This might make both of us happy.
I've posted 2 other waterski projects that you might enjoy seeing on this site. It was back in September, so most members haven't seen them, but you can view them here. I'll post the links on a seperate post.
Gretchen Posted: 12:55 pm on January 25th
JunkArchitect writes: What the…! Incredibly cool bench. Vintage skis make such a strong statement when worked into a piece of furniture. I can just imagine an ocean view restaurant with all the furnishings done in this theme…how great would that be.

Keep on creating. Posted: 10:37 am on January 25th
junkermidge writes: Hey JoyofJunk,
Welcome to JMS. So, glad to see someone from GR, I'm from Hudsonville.
Love your waterski bench. Great design idea and great exection. I always have a hard time getting my hands on waterskis (cheap ones, anyway). I've done a few benches, but next time I think I'll try something similar to yours. I like that it converts to a serving table, too. Good job!

Posted: 10:14 am on January 25th
suewhitney writes: Very cool....wait 'til Junk Architect sees this! He'll go crazy, the good kind! Love the look and the versatility.
Great job. Welcome to the site. I'll be on the lookout for your posts.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:45 am on January 25th
joyofjunk writes: Since I made this bench, I have inherited several more skis from friends! I also just bought another cottage, so of course I need another ski bench!
I have several cottages in the Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Muskegon area available for summer weekly rental, if any junkers are planning a visit to Michigan!! Posted: 9:32 am on January 25th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Hi there, Joyofjunk! Welcome to JUNKMARKET Style. This is one fabulous bench, I must say, and is executed really well. I'm curious what you'll be doing with that extra ski you have now. Keep us posted.

Love your view.

Posted: 7:23 am on January 25th
trunkajunk writes: Awesome!! It makes me miss my "surfboard bar"! :) Posted: 11:22 pm on January 24th
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