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January 22nd, 2009 in member junk     
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A girl friend was telling me about how much jewelry she has that she doesn't wear.  In the morning when getting dressed she doesn't have time to look through boxes or untangle pieces to wear. I made her this storm window converted to a jewelry holder that she can just lean in the corner or up against the wall. She can now see what she has and it is at her finger tips. 

 All I did was take the glass out and stretch nylon screening, found at any hardware store.  I use the one for pet doors, it is more durable.  I covered the staples on the back with a decorative cording and gave it a paint job based on what she likes.  She uses X-mas tree hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets on and it's perfect for pierced earrings. In her case she puts her earrings at the top and necklaces at the bottom.


Pattern or design used: My own design
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Catmagic writes: I love it! Novel idea. Also, remember that the screen can be used for earrings made for pierced ears. Just stick the post through the mest and secure on the other side. I have made earring holders using embroidery hoops. Just secure the screen with the hoop, decorate with lace or pretty ribbon glued around the edge, a loop at the top, and you have an earring holder. And, they're small enough to hang anywhere you want for easy access. They make a great gift for a special friend. Posted: 3:39 pm on January 24th
capawajunker writes: Super job! Just the right thing to stand in a corner with glitz and glamor hanging from it. Posted: 2:26 pm on January 14th
DitDi writes: Love love this idea! Thanks for sharring Posted: 2:59 pm on October 7th
Lovingmylife writes: OH I love this Idea! I am going to try it! It is so smart AND beautiful! My daughters would love something like this in their small bedrooms!You could put some picture wire on the back and hang it! Also good for some pictures too! Great job ,you have my mind going a million miles a min! LOL
thanks for sharing!
Veronica Posted: 11:27 pm on January 13th
new2nc69 writes: Clever, clever, clever! I think I will try this too! Posted: 2:53 pm on July 24th
Zann writes: Wow, what a nice friend you are! I tried something similar with an old wood-framed screen I bought at a yard sale, but the screeening is definitely vintage & metallic and is harsh on earrings. The nylon mesh type you used sounds like a much better alternative. And I'm almost embarrassed to admit that even though my bedroom is a pretty good size, it's still ridiculously....uh, cramped. Thanks for sharing this! Posted: 1:06 am on March 24th
frstyfrolk writes: Awesome idea, I had done a photo frame with wearring at a consignmnet booth, but everyone has more than that will hold. I adore this!

smiles, cyndi Posted: 8:49 am on March 8th
luvstojunk writes: Love the idea, I have small garden iron thingy (LOL) that I have sitting in my bedroom for my jewelry. Fun to find different things to "Hang Around". :) Posted: 8:00 am on February 23rd
DejaVu writes: Thanks again, Georgia.
You'll notice that this is a very slim screen, so it doesn't take much room. I did a large oval frame and hung it on my wall next to my dressing table. My bed room is so small I have to leave the room to turn around. Posted: 8:00 pm on January 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Wow all your jewelry at your fingertips ...what a novel idea. It seems I am still into the tangled ball that I struggle with everyday. I love that she has plenty of room and since it is sheer it doesn't look bulky. It's probably even prettier with the bling on it. Georgia Posted: 7:28 pm on January 22nd
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