coffe table w/ no top

January 20th, 2009 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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I liked the designs on this little coffee table. It doesn't have a top to it, maybe it was supposed to be glass?

Anyways, I haven't done anything with it, mainly because I do not have any room for another coffee table in my house.

PS- where could I find an oval piece of glass to fit this? Do they do that at Lowe's or Home Depot? Is it expensive?

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pofolksdecorator1 writes: Junkermidge made a galvanized bucket table. Koolest thing I have seen in a while! go to her site. I hope she doesn't mind, but I am making one right now with tiny lights and a glass top. Posted: 6:54 pm on March 17th
ilovetobemom writes: Have a piece of wood cut for it and then grout small broken tiles or china on it and create your own mosaic.
Posted: 11:36 pm on March 11th
AtticusFinch writes: I think your local glass/mirror shop would be able to cut a piece to fit.

I love the dainty details of this table. Posted: 9:04 pm on January 21st
texasjunkermom writes: Great piece of 'junk'! I think the idea of a strong piece of plywood cut to fit, then padded and covered would be easy and affordable. Then use it like a bench when you need extra seating. Beautiful details on it. Lucky you! Posted: 4:19 pm on January 21st
PAT Posted: 7:57 am on January 21st
lovecrafting writes: Love this piece. Would look really great if you could find an oval mirror to go on top. Glass is pretty expensive and so is mirror but you might be able to find one at a yard sale or thrift shop. Posted: 11:12 pm on January 20th
MimiToria writes: I agree with either of the ideas, but I thought a stool or coffee table/stool when I first saw it. Cool material would really make this great.
Gretchen Posted: 10:26 pm on January 20th
CottageElements writes: I wonder if this had a piece of marble originally on the top. You could just replace it with a piece of wood and would be more affordable than glass. Maybe you could use an oval frame for the top and just fill it in with a piece of wood, glass or fabric. Just a thought . . . good luck!

Lani Posted: 6:04 pm on January 20th
KingChase writes: This is a really great piece of furniture! I think I would repurpose it into an oval bench for a large bathroom. I would gold leaf the legs and sides(or spray paint gold, then burnish) and get a piece of old plywood that is strong enough to sit on and trace and cut for a "top", then pad it and put a really cool solid covered fabric on it like crushed velvet. Posted: 1:05 pm on January 20th
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