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Dining Room
Milk glass collection
Old Shutters (sand dollar wreath made by my daughter-in-law!)
Dining Room

Dining Room

I have designed my dining room white on white. The cupboard is circa 1800 from an old home in Sutter Creek, CA and houses my milk glass collection that I use regularly!! I have purchased all of my milk glass at flea markets, estate sales, Goodwill, swap meets, etc., very inexpensively. The mirror was found in the rafters of our first home in 1978 and is quite old and beautifully shabby. The windows are from an antique store off the beaten path so they were very inexpensive as well!! The white-on-white allows me to accessorize and go all out for holidays and special occasions without clashing colors or totally redecorating!



Pattern or design used: My own design
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GayleB writes: Wonderful!!! Posted: 12:56 pm on January 19th
rebeljunker writes: Your home must be absolutely beautiful!! I love white on white.
I also collect white milk glass, but my collection is not as extensive as yours. I buy mine a local thrift stores, if the price is right! I have never seen a pitcher, candlesticks, or frilly bowls that you have.I would love to get my hands on those. Thanks for sharing!! Posted: 12:52 pm on January 19th
judithomas writes: Redesigned.....Could we possibly have a tour of your house in pictures.....please? Every room looks just beautiful and comfortable and so well put together! We just want to see more if possible!

Love your ideas......Judi Posted: 9:38 pm on January 18th
texasjunkermom writes: Amen to what MimiToria said about a follow-up on the great post on the "shutters-as-divider" peek into your beautiful white on white dining room. Ditto what several have said about your milk-glass collection. And a BIG 'good for you' to YOU for using your pretties all the time! What's the use of having it if you aren't using it? No paper plates for me, my family loves using what I have. Posted: 4:48 pm on January 18th
gma002 writes: I am an avid milk glass collector myself great job in your dinning room.I have about 300 pieces spread between 2 rooms. I should take soms picks. It would be nice to see some close ups of you pieces. GREAT JOB WHITE ON WHITE Posted: 1:28 pm on January 18th
csudderth writes: Beautiful room--love, love, love it!
Christy Posted: 8:26 pm on January 17th
CottageElements writes: Wow! What an incredible room. Love the white on white. I would love to have mine more like that, though I am pretty neutral. But husband does bug me about adding color. I, too, just love your milkglass collection. It really makes a statement all together. I've been trying to make a collection of ironstone, but milk glass is a lot easier to get and not quite as expensive. Makes me think I should switch to milk glass. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lani Posted: 7:40 pm on January 17th
fellowjunker writes: I absolutely love your dining room, and I think it needs to be in a magazine!!!!
So glad you shared these pictures.
xojanis Posted: 7:05 pm on January 17th
MimiToria writes: Yeayyyy Redesigneed! You gave us a post on that room beyond the shutters that we were all wanting to see.
This is a stunning room and so glad you posted these photos of it. You've done such a great job with the white on white. I love that look, but unfortunately my family doesn't share that with me, so only am able to have touches of it. However, I love what you've done.
I'm with Candy that I love the compotes and the cake plate collection you've amassed. I have a small collection of milk glass, but no place to showcase it. I'll have to work on that, as you've inspired me with your posting.
Gretchen Posted: 6:54 pm on January 17th
paisleypenguin writes: Love you square table and the fact that you can fit eight chairs around it the size it is! Posted: 4:09 pm on January 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: ReDesigned,
Your DR is beautiful and the milk glass collection is one of the best I've seen. I am particularly loving the cake plates and compote servers uptop and would love to see a closeup of that mirror on the wall. What a nice find!

Thank you for giving us a closer look into your home.
Candy Posted: 2:30 pm on January 17th
LuAnn writes: How elegant is this. Great job. Definite easy to add color whenever the mood strikes.

Posted: 2:22 pm on January 17th
chiccottagejunk writes: Perfection! I love it! My mother loved white on white and had many different shades in her rooms at the old farm house and it really worked. Just as this really works. I wish I had an old house that I could do this to and that my husband supported my junking habits! Posted: 12:54 pm on January 17th
Meadowview_Farm writes: This is just beautiful - so peaceful and serene!
Kari Posted: 12:19 pm on January 17th
suewhitney writes: Stunning!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:49 am on January 17th
MelHow writes: I bet it does decorate up easily - be fun to see a few different holidays... Posted: 11:31 am on January 17th
MelHow writes: My MIL collects milk glass too - I dig it up for her as I like the hunt and she doesn't so much... Posted: 11:30 am on January 17th
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