Is this the year I finally get organized?

January 14th, 2009 in member junk     
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These shutters are big enough to hold mail, just first tack paneling onto the back.  Drawer pulls hold scissors, pen can be tied the knobs.   
This file holder was made from croquet hoops.  The stick at the end has a slit for holding notes.  Feet from another croquet stick.
This angel does more than watch over the desk.  Shes perfect for tacking messages and reminders.
These three shutters together form a triangle that perfectly fits DVDs.  No shelves are needed, just open door, open shutters and slide in.  Its also a planter!   
These shutters are big enough to hold mail, just first tack paneling onto the back.  Drawer pulls hold scissors, pen can be tied the knobs.   

These shutters are big enough to hold mail, just first tack paneling onto the back.  Drawer pulls hold scissors, pen can be tied the knobs.   

Right up there each year on my list is the goal of becoming more organized.  I don't know if these will do the trick, but they sure couldn't hurt.  And I think they're kind of cute, too. 

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Redesigned writes: ...Love this idea, I try to pick up old shutters anytime I can find them! I love organizing!!

Sue Posted: 8:43 pm on January 17th
purple412 writes: Hi Junkermidge,
Love the shutter projects! I'm especially fond of things to make from shutters. My question is, with the DVD tower shutters, was there a open/close louver on those? How do you keep it from moving about, or did you? I was just wondering if that was a problem or not. I did make a plant stand from 4 shutters a couple of times, and sold each of them. I never thought about putting DVDs in them.
Again, great ideas!
Thanks! Posted: 8:30 pm on January 16th
junkermidge writes: Thanks for the kind words, all of you.
DownHome -- The paneling for the back could be any kind of thin, lightweight board. You could even use cardboard. Just cut to the size you need, apply a thin line of wood glue to each slat, and set down. Then set something heavy on top, like paint cans, and go to work on another project
(or see if there are any new JMS posts). Have fun!
Midge Posted: 10:46 pm on January 15th
MimiToria writes: Junkermidge I just love your shutter organization project. It is way cool!
Organization is something I try to continuously do and still need more help with it. A fine project this would be to anyone's home.
Great project you shared here.
Gretchen Posted: 8:32 pm on January 15th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Great minds think alike JM! I have croquet hoops that had plans of becoming your finished file holder project. You beat me to it! Glad to see a visual of it so thank you!

I really love your shutter mail holder. It has a very classic style to it which would appeal to so many people. The dark finish (or paint) looks wonderful too.

I'm trying hard to be more organized this year so I'm right there with you girl! Way to go!

Candy Posted: 8:19 am on January 15th
DownHomeDIY writes: I love the look of the shutter mail holder! I have two shutters waiting to be repurposed in my garage. I shutter to think of all the possibilities! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!) I think I am going to use it in my boys room to hold photos. They love to change them out all the time. What kind of paneling did you add on the back? Fabulous job on all 4. Way to repurpose!
-MB Posted: 7:59 am on January 15th
roadtriplouise writes: I like the shutters for holding the DVD's, I have been trying to think of something unique to hold our Wii games.
Now I just need some shutters. I have doing lots of organizing too.
Ann Posted: 11:07 pm on January 14th
csudderth writes: Good organizational tools. Love the shutters. I've been trying to find something really cool and different to organize my mail and this just might be the thing. Thanks for sharing.

Christy Posted: 9:26 pm on January 14th
JunkArchitect writes: junkermidge, these are four fantastic ideas. I really like the shutters holding the mail. Posted: 8:56 pm on January 14th
fellowjunker writes: I especially love what you did with these shutters with the added door plates and drawer pulls---great ideas!! The croquet organizer is just a fabulous idea as well.
Keep junking!!
xojanis Posted: 7:41 pm on January 14th
Countryinthecity writes: Congratulations on getting organized! These are great looking and actually make you want to use them. Nice work!
Sue Posted: 7:23 pm on January 14th
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