Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

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plumberdaughter plumberdaughter, member
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This is a wool and leather baseball Jacket I made for my son when he was little. I put it here on his High School Graduation and now he is in his 2nd year of College. I just couldnt take it down.

I used Antique Door Knobs on an Oak Board to create this coat rack.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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kirbyowen writes: here is the site Posted: 9:24 am on June 19th
kirbyowen writes: You really wanted to preserve this vintage doorknob, and that is good, unlike having them use for door, they will be easy to worn out. What specific type of door knob is that, I have this traditional type of door that I got from, I think those type of doorknob can match the type of door I have.

Kirby Posted: 9:21 am on June 19th
BigVic writes: Nice Twins Jacket. Posted: 11:59 am on February 3rd
plumberdaughter writes: Hi, Gretchen
I used the regular Gorilla Glue that says bonds: Wood, Stone, Metal, Ceramic & More. I found it easier to replace the metal shaft with a dowel, because I hate using a hand saw. I love power tools. Some of the knobs did have the square opening and I just found a dowel that fit tightly into it. Kim
Posted: 6:57 pm on January 19th
MimiToria writes: Ok Locklady and Kim. I plan to use a combination of both of your ideas. I have some knobs with the original square spindles, but many do not have that and were sold with just the door knob part itself. Thanks for the hints gals.
Now, Kim, which of the gorilla glues did you use? I have them all and want to use the correct type the first time, without mistakes. : ) Thanks again for the added inforation. You'll find us junkers like the whos and whats on the projects people post, so its always great when more details are provided or like you did added after you were asked by several interested members.
You've got a lot to add to this group, so I'm so glad I had mentioned it in my Christmas card I sent you. : ) I had forgotten I'd included it. Posted: 7:49 pm on January 17th
LockyLady writes: I made one of these several years ago and have since then made many more from requests.
To attache the knobs I used the original spindles on them by inserting them into the knob, placing the back board over the edge of a table and setting the knob on top to mark the spindle to the right length and cutting it with a hack saw. I then drilled a hole in the board the same diameter of the spindle (even though it is square)inserted the spindle and filled in around it with wood putty.
Doing it this way I am able to change out the knobs if I run across one I like better by just using it's original set screw.
Posted: 8:18 am on January 17th
csudderth writes: OK, I'm really feeling inferior. You MADE a leather coat???? Love the door knob rack too.

Christy Posted: 2:09 pm on January 11th
plumberdaughter writes: Sorry I forgot to mention on my previous post that I drilled holes into the board. Then put the dowel with the knob already glued into the board. Posted: 8:06 pm on January 10th
plumberdaughter writes: Hi Gretchen and Leah (answer to attaching knobs)
I got the Oak board at the lumber yard, I usually buy the boards that aren't perfect. They are not plained really well more rough. I think they look aged, I also used the router to round the edges.
I attached the knobs with a dowel. I found a dowel that fit very tight in the back of the knobs, then cut them so they fit inside the knob and through the board. I used gorilla glue to glue them into the knob and then into the board. Gretchen if you need it routered I have a router. Posted: 8:02 pm on January 10th
piecesofthepast writes: I love old doorknobs. I keep saying I'm going to make one of these but have never gotten around to it! Maybe this is the inspiration I need!! Posted: 5:17 pm on January 10th
CottageElements writes: Kim, great job on the door knob rack. Can't believe you made the leather jacket, too. I thought Georgia was kidding and had to re-read your post. Very talented!

Lani Posted: 1:06 pm on January 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love this project PB! And I am amazed as well with you making your son's leather jacket. I can guarantee you won't have to take it down because he will...and take it to his own home when he grows older. ;) Great mom...great project!

That's neat you and Gretchen are old-time buds too!

Posted: 12:53 pm on January 10th
FunktionalJunk writes: It's getting so I get excited when I see you've posted something new! Your stuff is just awesome and this project is no exception. I have the same question as you have an easy trick for attaching them? Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

Leah Posted: 9:13 am on January 10th
MimiToria writes: Hi Kim- another great project. I've finally got all of the door knobs collected, as I too wanted mine to be eclectic and mis-matched. I have yet to find the vintage piece of wood that I want to use for mine though.
Can you share any types as to how you attached these door knobs? I'm sure you've got it all figured out with this great project you did.
I can't believe I didn't recognize your photo earlier. Hey other members, this talented girl, Kim was one of my best friends in my 20's and now she's a talented Junk Market Member. Yeah!!!!
Gretchen Posted: 10:58 pm on January 9th
fleamrktchic writes: You beat me to this one, I have one I am working on at this very moment except I have an antique door trim header piece I use, but the oak board looks very nice and I like how you kept the decorative plate with some of the knobs. I never thought about that. Great Job! Posted: 8:58 pm on January 9th
plumberdaughter writes: Thank you for the nice compliments. It's my therapy I always have to be doing something. If I don't have a project going I'm lost. Posted: 8:10 pm on January 9th
StrangeCargo writes: A very special project with a sentimental touch. Beautiful. Posted: 7:51 pm on January 9th
georgiamoon writes: You MADE a leather coat?? Wow is there anything that you can't do? I think not. You my dear are a very talented woman. Keep up the fantastic posts, Georgia Posted: 7:21 pm on January 9th
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