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Front to back after
Interior before conversion
Everything we used to convert the bus was repurposed, rescued or otherwise on hand, except the floor.  We did get good new plywood for that.  The skirt around the shelf is made from old curtains.
The worktable, storage is an old computer desk my DH rebuilt to my specifications.  Then I refinished it.
I took an old dress of mine and made a throw pillow for one of the two seats.  Added some beaded fringe for a necklace.  PRETTY IN PINK flamingo was a GW 25 cent find.
Front to back after

Front to back after

I took an old school bus and transformed it into a mobile boutique.  We took this old bus all over north and east Texas holding fashion shows and sales in nursing homes for the residents.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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QueenofGreen writes: What a beautiful thing you are doing. All good blessings to you and your generous spirit. What a fun "walk - on" closet! Posted: 12:04 pm on February 8th
shabbychick writes: This is so unbelievably wonderful - and such a unique idea! You're doing a great work, and providing a much needed service. Being able to "shop" (and knowing how much some of the residents miss being able to do those little things...) -what a boost to their spirit!

Thanks so much for sharing & blessings to you!

Kathy Posted: 2:09 pm on January 6th
JUNKFORFUN writes: THE BUS IS GREAT! AND YOU'RE GREAT TOO, GOD BLESS YOU. Posted: 1:04 pm on January 5th
Gardenjunky writes:

Unbelievable! Everyone likes to shop. Everyone needs
something new and fresh every now and then. It makes us
feel alive. What a fantastic thing you are doing. It must
put a smile on your face to roll on up to the next stop.
Not everyone has wheels when they get up in age. Why not
bring the wheels to them.

Carolyn Posted: 7:42 am on January 4th
csudderth writes: What a creative and thoughtful use of an old bus. The elderly are so often forgotten and they have so much to offer. My junkin hat's off to you and this great project.
Christy Posted: 9:22 pm on January 3rd
kopykatkim writes: Very Inspiring, I have worked in a nursing home for many years, could you drive that bus up North to us. My residents would love to play Dressup. And they have so much to offer us. You have made many smile and remember their past I'm sure. Thanks for giving back to those who have given to us.

Kim Posted: 8:28 pm on January 3rd
writes: I am really moved. This is amazing. You are affecting people in so many positive ways and it is just really inspiring.

Bless you!!

JennyK Posted: 5:57 pm on January 3rd
junkjunkie writes: Thanks everyone for all your encouraging words. We have had such a wonderful time with this. We always tried to have the residents as our models (even in wheelchairs). I carried hats and feather boas and they always had a good time, almost like playing dress-up. I named the bus MISS EVALYN after my mother who was the inspiration on this idea and continues to be my rock and biggest cheerleader. Posted: 5:27 pm on January 3rd
junkpainter writes: What a great idea. Good for you I bet the people in the nursing homes love when you come. They're styln' Posted: 1:48 pm on January 3rd
MimiToria writes: What a fabulous idea! You are definitely special. What a gift of joy you must provide with this bus.
Gretchen Posted: 11:58 am on January 3rd
suewhitney writes: You go girl! What a inspirational,thoughtful, and kind thing to do. I'm sure all of the residents can't wait to see your bus rolling up th their door. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much and welcome to JMS.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:43 am on January 3rd
judithomas writes: Way to "pay it forward!!!!" I think this is a wonderful idea!

I, too, am a Texan....from the Dallas area. I am very familiar with Canton Trade Days.....SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with us! Judi Posted: 9:05 am on January 3rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What an inspiration on so many levels JJ. I have seen mobile libraries and mobile play areas for children, but NEVER a boutique for the elderly! So fantastic! And to think you rescued so many of the items you used to do so.

I bet your customers love when you come rolling to their place. Way to go!

Welcome to JUNKMARKET Style too!
Candy Posted: 8:59 am on January 3rd
FunktionalJunk writes: This is such a wonderful idea! I've been a nurse for 20 years and I've seen first-hand how often our elderly are kind of "forgotten". What a neat way to show them that they are important, too. Hopefully other people will see this idea and do something like this where they live. How inspiring!

Leah Posted: 11:40 pm on January 2nd
piecesofthepast writes: This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! What does the outside of the bus look like? Maybe you could post pictures of it, too! How did you come up with this idea and how did you come to get the bus? You've really put the junking adventure on a whole new level...using it to help others and that's wonderful! Shoot, the only thing that would make that bus complete would be to get David Cassidy on the seat in there...just like the good old days on the Partridge Family bus!! GREAT WORK! Posted: 11:00 pm on January 2nd
junkermidge writes: Hang on a sec while I collect really got me, junkjunkie...My dad passed away last year after being in an assisted living center (he had Alzheimer's) for 4 years. He was definitely outnumbered by the ladies. But I noticed that they always would be dressed nicely, makeup on, necklaces, earrings, the whole bit. (That will not be me!) I'd compliment them on how pretty they looked and they would just smile. Little things mean a lot to them. God bless you for what you do.
And how cool that you redid that bus! I've always wanted a bus to redo (ever since the Partridge Family). YOU ROCK!
Midge Posted: 10:49 pm on January 2nd
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