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December 31st, 2008 in member junk     
pizzawife pizzawife, member
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This is a side table I purchased at a yard same for $10.00.  The top was really bad, I sanded and sanded and then sanded some more.  Then I painted it.  I think this table is almost over the top......almost....but I love it anyway!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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pizzawife writes: Sorry Grandmalois8, no Arabic calligraphy here, just straight out of my goofy head!

Purple12: Wish I loved closer to ya, I know I would love your shop, love your screen name and your shop name....PURPLE is my favorite color in the entire world.

Posted: 10:29 am on January 20th
purple412 writes: Wow pizzawife, love the table! And your title for it is way cool! My shop in SC is called The Grapevine. Beatiful work! Posted: 2:32 am on January 5th
1DesignChick writes: Beautiful table! Demonstrates your talent, once again! Love it! Posted: 1:21 am on January 5th
grandmalois8 writes: This is great... wondering if your design is based on Arabic calligraphy. Posted: 4:08 pm on January 2nd
pizzawife writes: Thanks ladies.....No stencils are ever used. I usually put the design from my head onto paper and then just go for it. Some times it's a go, and sometimes, It's an "Oh No, what the H*** did I do". However, my house can only take so much of this crazy way of painting. I have to curb myself into some "regular" more conservative pieces. But it's just as much fun to paint.

I'm going to post a picture of a Mural I did for my husband's restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. Let me know what you think.

Wishing all of you a prosperous and healthy New Year! Posted: 11:51 am on January 2nd
piecesofthepast writes: I've gotta get on the stick and get some painting done...you are making me look bad! This is great, as usual! LOVE IT! Posted: 6:16 pm on January 1st
FunktionalJunk writes: I agree with the others...not too over-the-top at all! I love the design on the top. Did you use stencils or anything or were you able to just see the design in your mind and go with it? Either way it works!

Leah Posted: 2:01 pm on January 1st
CottageElements writes: You certainly have a knack for the details! Your painting job is perfect! And to think the table only cost you $10. That's what is so nice about what we do. We can transform something that would otherwise have been disposed of and give it new life. Great job!

Lani Posted: 1:11 pm on January 1st
junkermidge writes: That is definitely one cool and artistic table. I LOVE the design on the top. Your hard work and SANDING paid off big top. Way to go!
Midge Posted: 9:07 pm on December 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Wow! The design on top is extraordinary! I'm partial to black and white but still...wowzer!!

Great job once again. Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds with your creativity added.

Candy Posted: 3:49 pm on December 31st
suewhitney writes: Not over the top at all. I love it...great craftsmanship once again. Tanks!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 2:34 pm on December 31st
georgiamoon writes: Once again you've done something totally unique and beautiful. You really do have a flair to all that you do! Georgia Posted: 1:58 pm on December 31st
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