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I came across all of these trophies at a school auction.  There are tons of them, I'm guessing 150 - 200 of them.  Maybe more.  I couldn't resist them since they were only $1 for all of them!  I am ready to be rid of them.  I hate to haul them to the city dump if there is someone who could use them.  I have tried special olympics, trophy sales places etc.  No one wants them.  If there is anyone out there interested, they can be yours for free.  I live in Clovis, New Mexico.  So if there is anyone close by or willing to make a trip.  They are mostly basketball and track trophies.  There are some gymnastic ones too.  A lot of them are team trophies and are pretty big.  They range in all sizes, and there are also plaques.  It is a shame since there was so much sweat and effort put into earning these!

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missartgurl writes: I saw a piece of artwork online and thought Id share it with you re trophies! Matthew Schlagbaum did a strange sculpture with them. I found it on google images. Posted: 5:05 am on January 19th
denisemuzz writes: I am unsure if you still even have any of the trophies left from December as I just ran across this blog but I am with a Church in Virginia and we are looking for about 70 trophies for an upcoming church event. If you still have the trophies I would be glad to take them off of your hands and pay shipping etc. Please let me know if the trophies are all gone or not. I would love to work something out with you on them if they are still available. This event is for our youth group and their achievements. Thanks! Posted: 12:28 pm on April 10th
1retrogal writes: Thanks for the link Tybeesherri. That was interesting.
Karen Posted: 12:32 am on January 31st
TybeeSherri writes: Country Home magazine showed a room with numerous trophies painted white and lined up on blue shelving. I believe I also saw blue trophies lined up on a white shelf in another magazine. Very striking! See photo on link below. There is also a business mentioned that sells loving cup trophies for big bucks. Posted: 1:34 pm on January 18th
joyofjunk writes: I have been trying to find old basketball trophies! I have posted on my local Craig's List, to no avail!
I have an idea to make coatracks out of them, with the tops screwed in and being the hooks. I am a big U of M (Michigan) fan, whose colors are maize and blue. So, I would use gold (maize) basketball guys as the hooks, paint the wooden rack blue, and slap a U of M logo sticker on it!!
I also would like to make one for my cottage, using old swimming/diving toppers as the hooks!

So, if you have metal basketball/football/swimming/diving trophy tops, please email me at and I will pay you to ship them to me!! Posted: 10:31 am on January 11th
Chovey writes: OMG! I cannot wait to see what you do with all of these! What a great find!!
cynthia Posted: 6:39 pm on January 2nd
1retrogal writes: Thank you for all of the great ideas!! There are certainly enough for several ideas and for many more to go around for others.

FunktionalJunk, you can call me whenever you are coming through this way, I'd be glad to let you take whatever you want out of it. There are wood bases and also a lot of marble bases. There is a lot of everything!! I first started taking them apart, thinking that I would sell the ornament figures on ebay. I soon lost my enthusiasm after unscrewing about 30 of them. That got old real quick! :)

My home phone # is 575-762-4683 and cell is 575-693-9287. Hopefully we can connect up when you're coming through! Posted: 8:02 pm on December 31st
Meadowview_Farm writes: What a fun find! Thought I would enter the mix with my thoughts - I am kind of following Candy's line of thinking here:
1. I am in Management - and we have a "traveling trophy" ---The idea is that people recognize the work of others - so whoever has the trophy, receives a note why they recieved it (e.g. "Thanks for your smile every day")....and there is another attached note asking the recipient to keep the trophy for a week & then pass it on with a note of recognition to someone else.
2. I am also a Teacher - before I entered Administration ---I would imagine that there are lots of teachers out there that would take enough trophies for their entire class - so they could "redo" the words and hand out to each child through the year. You may want to call an elementary school or even child care center with this offer!
Happy New Year!
Kari Posted: 10:21 am on December 30th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I love the way you posted your lot and offered them up to local junkers! I hope it helps to get rid of some of them for you.

I like the ideas you've received so far. Here are a few more.
- Use as bookends. You have a lot to choose from so you can coordinate them with your decor...and each and every family member and friend's decor too for that matter. ;)
- A la JunkArchitect's pennant Christmas tree, , why not remove your trophy tops and hang as ornaments or use them to decorate for the holidays elsewhere?
- Use as jewelry hangers. The outreached arms of the athletes are perfect to hang necklaces or to place rings.
-Use as hostess gifts (hehe). Every time you go to someone's house present them with a trophy and say they received it for "being the best friend", "having the cleanest house", etc. Maybe only fellow junkers would get this idea so you may have to be selective. ;)

Good luck on dispersing your $1 find!

Posted: 8:45 am on December 30th
FunktionalJunk writes: Hey, retro gal! I'm actually quite close to you...I live in Fritch, just north of Amarillo and am going to Lovington this week to visit a friend! I have used trophy bases for lots of things. Lots of times the wooden bases are good quality wood that are great for making small little signs. I've also taken off the athletic tops and epoxied old lamp globes onto the base that's left to make votive holders. I don't know if I could use the entire lot of what you have but I could definitely lighten your load a little! Let me know! Posted: 11:25 pm on December 29th
junkermidge writes: What a great haul you have there. I like Bridie's idea to think about some of the parts you could possibly use. The figures (basketball players, etc.) could make fun finials for the top of a lamp or anything really. Some of the interior hardware might be worth keeping, too. But it looks like you have plenty to spare. Good luck.
Midge Posted: 10:32 pm on December 29th
1retrogal writes: Thank you for the great ideas and comments. I'll keep trying to peddle them!! Posted: 10:13 pm on December 29th
writes: Hi there!
I'd put them on eBay or Craig's List. Trust me, there's someone out there who would love them. Good Luck!

JennyK Posted: 9:37 pm on December 29th
JunkMama1 writes: Have you thought about making garden art out of them? I've seen people mount tops of trophies on various items and place them in the garden.

And, ironically, although I'm from the Seattle Area, my youngest daughter received her Bachelors Degree from ENMU and I traveled to the Portales/Clovis area three to four times a year! But, she's home now, so although I'd love a free trophy or two, I'm won't be traveling to NM for awhile.. funny how it's a small world though!

Happy Junking,
Claudia AKA JunkMama
Urban Iron Art & Newtiques Posted: 9:35 pm on December 29th
bridiemurphy writes: ahhhhh...the tropy conundrum. once so prized, coveted and fought for: today, merely trash.

There's actually a guy here in Austin who buys every trophy he sees as he is decking out his car with all of the "tops" and using them like hood ornaments...only muliplied! Hence, he joyfully continues to help keep Austin weird (why I love it here so much).

Perhaps there are folks dollying up a Cadillac over at the University in Portales? You might post on a Freecycle group or on Craigs List. The bases might be useful to someone -- maybe you? Unscrew the athletes and then you've got a nifty pad for displaying something else!

Oh, and I see one that is like a "loving cup" or cup...look it vintage? Is it worthy of holding a lovely flower arrangement? The folks at Ralph Lauren would be all over that one! Again, you can unscrew it to get rid of any tacky stuff!

Have fun with your $1.00 prize! Heck, it would be one he** of a White Elephant Gift for someone next year?

Posted: 9:32 pm on December 29th
suewhitney writes: Hi 1Retro Gal,

AWESOME find! I love trophies...if I were closer I'd be there in a heart beat. I hope someone on the site can help you out!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:28 pm on December 29th
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