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All my friends!
A lot of little mirrors add up to something.
Another floral display, this time old couch springs salvaged from the curb on a pedastal made from two speaker stands screwed together.  At night, put a votive in front of this and watch the image dance on the wall.
Some of my cake and dessert stands.  I cant make enough of these!
A grapevine orb wrapped in Christmas lights in a bowl hung in the window.  I also have these same orbs on pedastals in the windows.  
All my friends!

All my friends!

Thank you all for your generous and kind comments.  I try to see things in their remote elements and then somehow put them together to make it unexpected.

More to follow....

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Lauretta writes: You do have the coolest stuff! Posted: 1:39 am on August 13th
Oceanwaves02 writes: I have recovered legs from sofas, but never thought to gut it for the springs, guess I'll be adding a carpet knife to my "Roadside Recovery" toolkit. ;-) Posted: 7:48 am on January 10th
StrangeCargo writes: As you all know, I don't think anyone is truly satisfied unless you can create something from that "normally" discarded item. I am always looking out for that banished sofa to dissect and recover the springs, the legs, whatever, for some future project. Posted: 8:08 am on January 4th
csudderth writes: You know, this is one floral arrangement I might could make! Great idea--can't wait to try it.
Christy Posted: 9:55 pm on January 3rd
Chovey writes: Ooooooooooooooooh...I love, love the spring idea!! How very clever!
cynthia Posted: 6:43 pm on January 2nd
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