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December 19th, 2008 in member junk     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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I made a sweater for my gift
A few flowers, balls and bling...ready to go out.
I made a sweater for my gift

I made a sweater for my "gift"

Since it is sooo freezing everywhere I decided to dress my bottle in a sweater! Went to the thrift store and found an old childs sweater and used one of the arms for the "dress". I glued the cut ends under the bottle , ran a ribbon through the top to close it up, and then wired together flowers, christmas bling and some crystals. I will go to the local gourmet shop for flavored Olive Oil and give it to my SIL as a hostess gift. I think she will have to un-dress her before use or she'll look like one of my nieces after a big bowl of pasta. None of the colors are actually Christmas colors but I used what I could find...and you get the idea. Right? Ok now for the hard part. And the question is:

1. What is Alalbama and all those other states that the really long one runs through?

2. What is ...God you say soooooo many things that it is hard to pick one but here goes:

  See ya on the Junk pile?

 One piece of Junk at a time?

 Easy peasy lemon squeezy?

3. What is Paris?

How'd I do?  Am I a winner?  Do I get to go to "Final Jepardy"?



Pattern or design used: I'll Take Bottles for $300 Please Alex
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shabbychick writes: Geo - love your little bottle "cozy" - what a great idea!

Kathy Posted: 4:28 pm on December 22nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Repurpose??? Posted: 3:52 pm on December 21st
suewhitney writes: Yes, Paris is the correct for the rest.... I'll give you all a clue about what the word I use maybe too frequently. It's a re-word.

Sue Posted: 12:32 pm on December 20th
junkermidge writes: That's a great idea. How clever of you to use the sleeve of a sweater for a "coat" for the bottle. And you decorated it so adorably, too!
Midge Posted: 10:02 pm on December 19th
georgiamoon writes: Oh You are soooo funny. I'm thinking the only one I got right was Paris??? I had some good guesses with what you say though but I knew I was wrong on the yard sale one, I guess you could tell by my answer. I guess I'd rather guess wrong than not guess at all. Guess how many times you can use the word "guess" in one paragraph? Posted: 7:10 pm on December 19th
suewhitney writes: Nice work on the wrap job as for the answers to the questions....not so much. Ahaha! One out of three, actually that's not bad for you Geo. Ahaha! Who has more fun?


Posted: 5:25 pm on December 19th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Little Miss Olive looks like she's ready for a night on the town! Very cute.

Candy Posted: 5:19 pm on December 19th
LuAnn writes: You are truly cleaver my friend. I may use this idea tomorrow night at my weekly "wine night" party. Some of us do need to keep warm.

LuAnn Posted: 4:42 pm on December 19th
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