Three Amazing Tips to Add a Personal Touch to Gifts

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Since time unknown, gifting have been an important aspect of developing and strengthening healthy relationships. Apart from being a gesture of affection and gratitude towards loved ones, gifts convey how much a person values relationships in his/her life.

Gifting beautifully decorated presents over candlelit dinners or special occasions is a common tradition. However, simply passing on gifts to a special person can dilute the sentimental gesture you are trying to make.

Moreover, in recent times, gift shopping has become a nightmare with thousands of shops and brands exhibiting the same old generic gift options that are not only expensive, but lack personal appeal and fail to convey your heartfelt emotions.

However, help is at hand. From selecting the perfect personalized gift for your loved one to wrapping it skilfully, this post will offer you handy tips for adding a personal touch to your gifts, thereby making the act of giving and receiving gifts memorable for you and your loved one.

1) Garnish it with Memories

Money can buy everything except the precious memories you share with your near and dear ones. You need not spend a fortune on buying a lavish gift to express how much you value them.

Memories are priceless! Make your gift extra special by reminding the recipient of the fun moments you have shared in the past. For instance, if you are presenting jewelry to your significant other on the occasion of your first marriage anniversary, you can include a special picture of the time you first proposed to her. This will not only add emotional value to your gift, but also convey how much you love and cherish her.

Another way of reviving fun and loving memories is to couple the gift with a personalized photo album or a scrapbook that contains photographs, postcards, personal letters or notes, and souvenirs that hold special emotional value for you and your close ones.

2) Invest in Handmade and Personalized Items

Impersonal store-bought gifts are not only expensive, but also have low sentimental value in comparison to handmade and personalized gifts.

Creating a gift by yourself is a great way to express your creativity and bring a smile to that special someone’s face. By presenting hand-made gifts like embroidered dresses, photo coasters or fridge magnets, hand-painted postcards, and crochet bags, you can bring a big smile to your loved one’s face, making him/her feel on the top of the world.

Furthermore, handmade gift tags can significantly improve the overall value of your gift. Craft your own customized tag using colors and decorative material to add personalized finishing touches to a beautifully-wrapped gift. You can also add an inspiring relationship quote to convey your sentiments.

Bespoke gifts like customized jewelry with the wearer’s name, photograph, or birthstone on it can help you express your heartfelt emotions and love for all those you admire.

Moreover, since this gift is unique to the recipient, it shows the amount of thought and care you have put into choosing it, thereby making it a memorable and priceless item that he/she will treasure forever. Click here to buy exquisite and stylish personalized jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets to express your affection towards the ones you love.

3) Wrap It Up in Style

If you have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in buying a thoughtful gift for your dearly loved, adopt the same approach when wrapping the present. Use your creativity and add a few personal elements like old photographs, personalized doodles, or hand-written quotes to the gift-wrapping, thereby converting the act of presenting and receiving the gift into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Add individual touches by selecting gift wraps of the recipient’s favorite color or signifying his/her interests. For instance, if he/she loves nature, add a few wildflowers, leaves, or pinecones on the wrapping. Likewise, if your loved one likes to bake, use colorful muffin cups to create decorative flowers, bringing in an element of personalization.

Make your own gift-wrapping material by using flowers or leaves to create colorful impressions on paper or fabric.

Attractive scraps of cloth can also be used to drape gifts, making them look strikingly different. Scarves, handkerchiefs, and colorful cloth pieces that are no longer in use can be combined with attractive ribbons, laces, and personalized gift tags to charm the recipient.

One of the most exciting things about receiving a gift is the pleasure of unwrapping it. Rather than covering your exceptional gift with a standard gift-wrap paper, use the above-mentioned creative ideas to make your loved one feel extra special.

Take Home Message

Presenting gifts is the perfect way to convey one’s affection and gratitude towards loved ones. However, even the most expensive store-bought gifts can lack the personal touch, thereby diluting the sentiments you desire to convey to the ones you adore. Putting some thought into your choice of gifts and following the tips shared above will steer you towards presenting a gift that your loved one will cherish forever. Use the advice shared in this article to express how much you value the special people who have stood by you through thick and thin.

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