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Continuation of the three-dimensional race for supercar tricks, inspired by the popular TrackMania. Choose a suitable car and go to the map with numerous jumps, performing jumps in a free style! On our site of unblocked games, you can free smudge on the coolest wheelbarrows.

First, on paper, draw a route in a random way, note the start lines (and the finish if the track is not ring), choose the direction of movement. To begin with, you can try to play on a simple circular track, and then switch to something more complicated.

   You can arrange on the road various obstacles (small islands, fences), which complicate the movement at high speed.

   Players agree on the order of the moves, then alternately put "machines" - points of different colors (or mark them with different icons, such as "X", "O", fat dot, triangle, etc.) - on the line of start. Machines can be placed only at the node of the grid; two cars can not be at one point.

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