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August 18th, 2008 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Its an addiction.
Prepare for the flea market trenches!
One of my favorite vendors, Greg Bartholomew.
Flowers add so much to your junky style.  I cant help but snag a few!
Two fiddlers, no roofs. 
Putting the wastes of the world to use--I think I like these glasses!
Support your local farmers (its healthy, its fresh, its delicious...need I go on?)
Recipe ideas whiz through my head while browsing the gorgeous veggie array.
Rivaling Germany in sausage-per-capita!
Oodles of good eats and fresh foliage. 
Stunning, right?
Raw n cold.  Trust me, its good for you (and tasty to boot!)
Its an addiction.

It's an addiction.

For a junker there is nothing like a Sunday during the summer months. Don't get too excited, this is not about sleeping in and being served breakfast in bed; it's quite the opposite. Sunday for me means getting up at the crack of dawn, gently coaxing my daughter (no easy feat) out of teenaged slumber, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, and heading out the door for a fun junk filled morning.

Off we go like bolt of lightening! Well, at least me. My daughter, Elizabeth moves from on reclined position to the next. As soon as she hits the car I hear the buzz of the automatic seat reclining and the next sound, a gentle snore. Ah, to be young again! Where are we headed so early in the day? It's the Sunday spectacular, the local flea market. Local fleas are among my favorites. No, there aren't as many vendors as a larger market but they have a charm all of their own. The vendors and market goers are an extended part of your family. What a great way to start your Sunday! Greeting friends and uncovering treasure is a delight to be sure. Don't be fooled by the number of vendors toting their wares. Fewer does not mean less quality. I rarely, if ever leave empty handed.

Next stop on the agenda is the farmer's market. Fresh veggies, good eats, recycled goodies, and a little girly shopping. E and I love this Sunday ritual and there is more than enough stuff to do and see to keep us both happy. The best find of the day for me were vintage wine barrels. I didn't have enough room in the car to bring one home after the flea market, but there is always next Sunday. As for E, she had some fun in the clothing department! Oops, forgot about the flowers. All those locally grown flowers E is toting? 35 buckaroos; now that's a deal!

All this bargain shopping does make you hungry. E is a vegan so the food fare at the market doesn't fit with her eating regiment. I however, do indulge upon occasion. The smell in the air makes it way too tempting for me to pass by. A friend of mine once told me following the 80%/20% healthy eating rule is the way to go. So off we go to the Ecopolitan, a local vegan and raw eating establishment. The food is delightful and the smoothies second to none. They even offer up raw cookies called snowballs that are absolutely delicious. With the car full of junk, fresh flowers and veggies, and tummies full it was time to start the next portion of our day. Out by 6 AM and home by noon; not bad for a six hour tour! Check for local markets in your area and start your own tradition! Happy hunting!


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