Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

December 16th, 2008 in member junk     
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Here they are all lined up. JennyKs are the first two on
the left and Georgias
are the three on the right
Heres a back shot of all of them lined up.
Geos first one.  Please note her beautiful halo and key. Her body is made from a old heat element, her head an old wooden bead and her wings are an old hinge.
Geos second one. I love the tilt to her head and the sassy bussle with jewels on the back... Another heat element, crown bolts, hinges and beads.
Heres a close up of that bussle.
Geos third one. LOVE the jeweled collar made with a Tinkertoy and beads! Also included is an old hinge, wood bead, bolt with blue paint and some other hardware.
My first one. Jello mold stand, finial body, and some great wood flourishes from a sewing cabinet Geo took apart that I used as wings.
My second one using another finial, Jello mold stand, some hardware for wings and a costume jewelry ring adorns her neck.
Here they are all lined up. JennyKs are the first two on
the left and Georgias
are the three on the right


Here they are all lined up. JennyK's are the first two on the left and Georgia's are the three on the right


Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK


We did it! Georgia and I had our first arting day in my garage (AKA lab) today. Georgia picked the theme: Angels and brought along two boxes of amazing bits and pieces which we combined with my stuff and HAD A BALL!

In addition to making the angels, Sophie kept us entertained by trying to hunt down the mouse that jumped out of one of the file drawers as I was pulling it open. I about jumped in Georgia’s lap, scaring her silly and haven’t laughed that hard in way too long…


Hey, also a shout -out to junkermidge's post about hardware angels. That gal taught us the way to use the hinges as wings. Take a look at her post:




Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Georgia Moon & JennyK
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fellowjunker writes: Love the junk angels Jenny and Georgia!!! Wish I could have joined you.....can't wait to see what you come up with next!!
xojanis Posted: 11:39 pm on December 17th
upyourattic writes: Wonderful ~ I do have a large set of hinges ~ all rusty and chippy and very old ~ I guess I'll have to try this! I'm glad I wasn't there cuz I'd be in the ground now having died from a heart attack after seeing that mouse :(
Thanks for sharing!
Patti Posted: 10:25 pm on December 17th
junkermidge writes: Thanks for the props. I don't know if I've ever been shouted out before -- though I'm certain I've been shouted at.
It sounds like you guys really know how to throw a Christmas party, complete with stirring creatures. What a blast! Your angels are great, too. Very creative and unique.
Midge Posted: 10:00 pm on December 17th
writes: You gals are so wonderful! Thanks for letting us share our fun day with you. We had such a good time and Geo is SO easy and fun to play with. We're doing it again next Tuesday, so stand by for postings from that day. The theme is still TBD... Any ideas??

PS - We went to Home Depot and spent some quality time in the catch-the-mouse department... traps are now set and hopefully functional. I don't think Geo can take another Jenny-in-her-lap -leap next week ;-)

JennyK Posted: 5:08 pm on December 17th
Chovey writes: Way to go gals! These are really cool, unique angels! I bet you guys had a great time, too!! Mr. Mouse probably had a good time keeping an eye on you, too!
Posted: 3:27 pm on December 17th
KimberlyMelamed writes: Sounds like you two had way too much fun! Can I come next time? I love the angels! My fav is the one with the blue halo, oh and the one with the flourishes too. Guess I can't pick... Great job ladies! Oh, and Berton, would love a peek at the junk ornaments.

Enjoy the season!
Kimberly Posted: 12:37 pm on December 17th
berton718 writes: I love what you ladies made!! They are wonderful!!I It sounded like you had a fun day. This past Sunday I was invited to a Craft Day at a friend's apt. We made all kinds of things. I made some ornaments out of junk. It's always so much fun being creative with like minded people. Thanks for sharing!! Posted: 12:12 pm on December 17th
shabbychick writes: Sounds like the perfect fun-filled junk day!! (minus the mouse of course - but look how that "little" event added to the memory - "priceless" - LOL).

Your angels are precious and so creative - going to have to dig through my junk now too...

Geo - the "almost wet your pants" laughs are the very best - don't ya think?? :)

Merry Christmas you two!!!

Kathy Posted: 9:30 am on December 17th
suewhitney writes: Oh, you two carrrzzy funsters. Very cool little them. Wish I had been there except for the mouse thing. No one wants to see me in the same room with a mouse.

Posted: 8:52 am on December 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I'm sure you were both thrilled to junk-pieces to have fun and be creative together! I love every one of your angels.

Great job ladies!
Candy Posted: 8:45 am on December 17th
CottageElements writes: Okay, no fair! You were having way to much fun! And I think the mouse added to the excitement! You both are very creative and inspiring. Merry Christmas!

Lanette Posted: 7:59 am on December 17th
NebraskaJunker writes: Sounds like my kind of fun minus the mouse! I would have done the same thing! The angels look great. Love the hinges as wings also. Love those kinds of moments with friends. Posted: 11:24 pm on December 16th
georgiamoon writes: Now for my version of events...I had the BEST time EVER. I went to Jenny's "lab" at about 10:30am and didn't leave until 4 pm. The time just flew by and I think we did a fine job on our regal angles. What a blast to hang out and try out all of the goodies we had available . Jenny has so much stuff and all the tools organized in a way that would never happen at my place. It was a pleasure to spend that much time with her, she is very inspiring, and talented too. When she says that she jumped in my lap when the mouse JUMPED out of the file cabinet, she is NOT kidding! And I was standing up which meant that she practically flew into my arms, after the screaming died down I almost wet my pants we were laughing so hard. I'm not sure how we got anything done with all the cracking up that went on all day, but we did manage to put together these lovely angles and I will cherish them forever. Thanks Jenny for everything I had such a FUN day...Did I mention that we had food too?Yummy! Posted: 8:02 pm on December 16th
MelHow writes: I love them!! They are very neat. I love the door hinge idea for wings...going to have to keep my eye out for door hinges... Posted: 8:00 pm on December 16th
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