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JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Very disturbing.
Just painting the face was creepy. I kept expecting it to start talking to me...still do. 
I constructed it from reclaimed wood, handpainted all the graphics and then slightly distressed the finish.
The front legs are fabricated from steel straps.
Theres that freaking clown again!
The fancy velvet curtains slide along an old broomhandle.
The scroll design is reminiscent of a carnival funhouse. 
Painting the clown in the top photo and the carnie motif in the bottom one.
Graphics straight out of the official carnie handbook.
Time for the big hullabaloo!
Very disturbing.
Just painting the face was creepy. I kept expecting it to start talking to me...still do. 

Very disturbing.

Just painting the face was creepy. I kept expecting it to start talking to me...still do. 

Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2015)

I have always been fascinated by early 20th century traveling carnivals. There were rides, games of chance, freak shows and burlesque. Just like today’s big box department stores! The vivid colors and vintage artwork were always peculiar, a little mysterious, yet always fascinating. So when I was asked to design and build a puppet theater, the inspiration for it came from the sideshow acts of the 1920's.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2015)
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Comments (9)

gadgetsponge writes: You nailed it Jim. It's totally fun, functional, and a big nod to the carnivals of yesteryear. Kudos! Posted: 8:24 am on February 4th
DamagedGoods writes: That clown face gives me nightmares! Very cool!!! Posted: 6:24 pm on February 2nd
Dinantiques writes: OMG! What kid would not be thrilled to own this, or adult! The colors, shape, execution are soooo spot-on that I'm in awe. Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us.
Posted: 1:44 pm on January 31st
just_old_stuff writes: If I didn't already know that you are capable of creating new pieces that REALLY do look old I would have to say this piece was from the 1920s. I have never seen such a fantastic reproduction!!! Keep inspiring us, Mr. Healy.
Posted: 1:23 pm on January 31st
suziart writes: I'm ready, Georgia!!! hehee

Posted: 5:38 pm on January 29th
AtticusFinch writes: Punch and Judy would be right at home in this theatre.
The details and craftsmanship are incredible.
That clown is just creepy; the face nightmares are made of.
Good job on this creation.


Posted: 4:24 pm on January 29th
georgiamoon writes: Oooh Suzi, YOU could make the puppets. They would be awesome I am sure!!!
Posted: 8:07 am on January 29th
georgiamoon writes: Jimmy,
This clown is terrifying! The puppet theater on the other hand is totally awesome! It looks exactly like a carnival from days gone by. I am always so amazed at how great you are in creating any look, feel, era, or state of abuse. Why am I always amazed, because you can do anything! Always meticulously done and perfect in every way!

Posted: 7:39 am on January 29th
MakinItHappen writes: Wow, you really conjured up the carnival vibe on that, Jim! The colors are spot-on. Very precise and amazing work, too. I just hope it doesn't reside in some kid's bedroom at night! ;^}

Posted: 6:55 am on January 29th
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