Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

October 2nd, 2018 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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A rickety old ladder finds a new purpose in life as the supporting limbs.
Cast offs from a creepy old abandoned paint factory are brought back to life.
I created this pumpkin sign from reclaimed wood. After hand-painting, it was heavily distressed to give it a eerie touch.
After 80 years on the job this old scaffolding plank is weary and worn.
I fabricated reinforcement brackets from steel and coated them in a blood red stain. 
A collection of vintage cans that once oozed oil now rust in peace.
What would a creepy creation be without a couple of antique bronze caldrons?
A boo-quet of crusty old brushes and stir sticks.
The old plank and ladder are the barebones of this creation.
Its coming to life!
Dozens of hand-fabricated components were used in the construction process.  
Mocked up and ready for destruction. 
A rickety old ladder finds a new purpose in life as the supporting limbs.

A rickety old ladder finds a new purpose in life as the supporting limbs.

Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2014)

Covered in decades of paint an old painter's scaffolding plank and a rickety ladder are brought back to life as an industrial console table. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy Junk Architect (copyright 2014)
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Comments (15)

Dominique writes: OooooH, I love the table. I REALLY love the table! :o Posted: 4:59 am on April 2nd
just_old_stuff writes: My OH My, Mr. Jim Healy! The idea of combining two related but so totally different pieces is a masterpiece of ingenuity. And...I love your pumpkin! Posted: 10:45 am on November 11th
MarcioWilges writes: Great job! The rustic touch gives the ladder an instant glam. Who knew what we usually throw out or abandon in the storage could actually look so vintage and classy? I guess it is time to ransack through the heaps of moving boxes in the garage and look for something that looks so worthless and turn it into something so priceless such as this. Beautiful things do not need to be expensive, but just creative! Posted: 7:09 pm on November 6th
Junkernier writes: Very clever, great piece! Posted: 7:56 am on November 4th
JunkArchitect writes: Thanks for all the great comments! Posted: 7:16 pm on November 1st
AtticusFinch writes: Crusty, distressed and dirty nothing less from the JA!
All the bits and pieces came together nicely.
And the pumpkin is a nice holiday touch.
Great job!

Posted: 10:31 am on October 30th
cardbird writes: I love what you said about the oil cans! You are very talented.

Posted: 6:42 am on October 30th
PlentyPlace writes: Love it.

Posted: 12:39 pm on October 29th
Junkpony writes: Wow, another awesome piece. I love the colors and character of the scaffolding...the whole thing is such a great vignette, and as always, beautifully photographed.

Posted: 12:10 pm on October 28th
MakinItHappen writes: I adore that Halloween sign. Gorgeous! Posted: 10:47 am on October 28th
gadgetsponge writes: Excellent craftsmanship and just in time to celebrate Halloween. You just can't recreate what time has produced sometimes.
Posted: 6:50 am on October 28th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JIM,

Posted: 6:24 am on October 28th
alicemom writes: Jim I too love the puns! Your creations are spot on! Another hauntingly wonderful job!

Smiles, Alice
Posted: 6:54 pm on October 27th
G writes: Nothing tells a story better than a piece that can speak for itself. The years of use. The stains of paint that only time can collect. These are the pieces that will always carry on to the next generation.
After seeing pictures of your completed pieces. I always wonder.."What's next"..???

By the way...the pumpkin, oh the pumpkin..! Perfect..!

Posted: 5:41 pm on October 27th
georgiamoon writes: Well, Jim you have done it again. You brought some old pieces and your amazing talent together for one awesome table. You have fantastic woodworking skills but throw in the metal fabrication and you can't lose! Oh yeah and your incredible talent for puns help make a great post!

Great job and well worth the wait!

Posted: 9:11 am on October 27th
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