Repurposed Vintage Red Locker Storage Bench

October 7th, 2014 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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All I had to inspire me to start this project was an old locker door with the door facing.  So once I got it in my head I wanted to make it a bench, I built a custom box that would serve as storage.  I made an extra, separate compartment in between the legs (at the bottom if it was standing) for some extra storage and fun.  A bottle opening compliments the side on that end.  

When I got finished with the building, painting and distressing, I needed a seat back of some sort.  Enter antique Singer sewing machine bases!  I've got plenty!  The base sides worked great and even resemble seat backs.  Some vintage casters finish things up.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Brian of
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suziart writes: So coool..I want one!

suZi~ Posted: 5:12 pm on November 4th
EricColbert writes: Wow! This is simply beautiful. Who would have thought of tipping the storage locker on its side and retouch it to make this vintage-looking table? The chairs definitely add a little more class but the locker by itself alone is already stunning enough. I guess it is true when people say you can never go wrong with vintage pieces and antiques. They are beautiful on their own and add a classy touch wherever they are placed at. Posted: 10:12 pm on October 28th
snelson4778 writes: Very unique as always you continue to surprise! you are definitely creative. would love to get together I have collected so much junk that needs your touch. in fact I have ideas that I wish I had a work partner to collaborate on! You always impress. Posted: 6:03 am on October 21st
gadgetsponge writes: Thanks gang! I appreciate the fine comments as always. Posted: 7:21 am on October 18th
markgrogan writes: This storage bench has me very very confused! It's a locked, but there are chair backings, but hey! It opens up and there's storage space underneath it too. Totally mind-blasted! Posted: 2:32 am on October 16th
GypsyBarn writes: Too FUN!!!!! <3 Posted: 9:40 am on October 15th
JunkArchitect writes: This is one of most unique creations I've seen on JMS in a long time. Great color too!


Posted: 2:28 pm on October 8th
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