Drainage Culvert Container Garden

June 27th, 2014 in member junk     
DeDee DeDee, member
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Photo: http://www.2-crafty-sisters.com

I love these weathered drainage culvert pieces. They served their purpose as a road support and drainage system and now stand proud in my yard as a garden container. It’s a great project and gives your garden a bit of an industrial look. I couldn’t pass this up since I have a thing for galvanized metal and these certainly make a statement.

Keep in mind this is one of those projects where you’re going to need some help. These were originally a 22-foot piece of very heavy metal. With the help of some strong friends and a sheet metal worker, I managed to purchase this culvert and have it cut. Then a furniture moving cart to get them in place. Was it worth it, you bet! I love these and will use them year around. Can’t wait for the winter season when I fill them with greenery and berries and tie on a burlap bow! Awesome!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Drainage Culvert Container Garden
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gadgetsponge writes: What great eye catchers in the landscape! Posted: 7:30 pm on July 6th
TinTinJunkFan writes: What a great look. I never would have guessed they were that heavy...
Posted: 5:35 am on July 3rd
MakinItHappen writes: These look great, and I admire your tenacity in getting that thing cut up in useable pieces! Posted: 10:26 am on June 29th
snelson4778 writes: I love love gavanized anything in the garden! great recycle! Posted: 7:16 am on June 29th
StrangeCargo writes: DeDee, you've mastered another great project. I have been looking for a culvert for a while now to make a pedestal stand. My thought would be to drill numerous holes around the culvert and install a light inside at the base, and then cap off both ends with wider wood to create the pedestal stand. Stage in a dark cornered your room, the light would illuminate the many holes for a star light effect. Someday.

Ken Posted: 6:17 am on June 27th
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