Coke Crate Shelf

March 23rd, 2014 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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All done and looking fab!
The crate as I got it. Broken. Missing the bottom and lower side pieces.
My fall back... Lath. I use this stuff for EVERYTHING! I love it! And with all the old houses being renovated, it is a plentiful source. AND, you dont even have to go buy nails because it comes with its own supply!
Add glue for extra strength before nailing it down.
Perfect fit. After the picture was taken, I added some dark wax over clear wax to the strip and it blended in a little better.
How to secure the chain to the crate. You just need one of these.
You want to hammer it in at the top of the crate where the wood all meets up. For extra support. See the  next picture.
Here is a head on shot - so you know the perfect place to secure it. Double the thickness means more strength.
The blahhhhh old pulley. Needed a little love.
I used a dark wax on the wood and then a beeswax on the rusty old hook. I first cleaned up the rust with a wire brush and some WD40 and then sealed it up with some clear wax. I do this to almost all my rusty pieces. I love the look and the protection from staining it offers.
Last but not least - hanging it. Now, you could stop at the pulley and just find something to loop the hook over, but i wanted to go one step further. Only because - well... thats wht i do! So I added this piece , secured it to the pulley with a carriage bolt and then hung it off of a curtain rod hanger. It sticks out from the wall enough to allow compensation for the width of the crate.
All done and looking fab!

All done and looking fab!

I see a lot of variations of the crate shelves. I fell in love with one in particular but I didn't see any instructions. So I set of to do my best at recreating it. I changed a few things here and there and of course added my own little finishes. I'm sure they didn't have a busted up old crate to start with so that threw a curve ball. However in the end, I have a nice little walk through for you to try yourself now!

Pattern or design used: unknown junker creation
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MichL writes: Gorgeous, Jasmin! Love the way you used the lath, it's a perfect match. Posted: 4:04 pm on March 25th
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