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January 4th, 2014 in member junk     
birdcolor birdcolor, member
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I bought a bucketful of these wonderful Gem Organ cobs. Trying to think of something wonderful to do with these! For the first time, I am stumped! Any advice from my JunkMarket cohorts?

Pattern or design used: My own design - Robin
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LittleRedHen writes: Hi, Robin!
I first thought table legs for a end table? I am only concerned that the pegs might scratch a person (or pets)?
I love how interesting they are.
Good Luck!


Posted: 7:33 am on January 14th
suziart writes: First, I must say. ..what a fab find! So many wonderful ideas. These are each a work of art on their own. I would just keep a few plain for that reason. You could add them to any little vignette. If you could find the rolls of the music for the could make a lighting fixture using the paper from the rolls for a funky shade. Have fun, whatever you do and can't wait to see it!


Posted: 10:12 am on January 7th
GypsyBarn writes: If you put a paper thin slit across the top - you could have picture holders, centre piece name holders for a funky junky wedding, paint some bowls red with white polka dots and put them upside down on it, treat them with exterior clear coat and you have some fairy toadstools for the garden, drill some tiny holes all through them and sink lights in them, suspended from a beam for a super awesome island lighting piece.... Posted: 8:34 am on January 7th
GypsyBarn writes: A very simple idea - just drill out a hole in the top large enough for a tea light for some pillar candles. If they are hollow - rustic vases would be awesome, some funky legs under a killer top for a side table? The base for some super funky Christmas trees next year, it would take me twisting and turning them for a good hour to come up with something fab above that lol Posted: 8:30 am on January 7th
georgiamoon writes: I'd stack a few of them for a lamp base! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Georgia Posted: 1:43 pm on January 5th
birdcolor writes: Thanks Jim! I have an image in my head of what you are describing. I think working a little red into the distressed paint would really complement these. Thanks for the idea!

Ken; greetings back at ya from a snowdrift in sub-zero Indiana! I hadn't really thought about bundling these to make them more substantial. That is a good idea as well. I have about 30 of these. Will probably sell a few and keep some for projects. Thanks for your suggestions!

I will definitely post my creation(s) when they are finished!
Posted: 8:22 pm on January 3rd
JunkArchitect writes: Robin, I would mount them horizontally, about two inches apart, between a couple of painted and distressed 1x3's and hang it on the wall as an assemblage/art piece.

Posted: 7:14 am on January 3rd
StrangeCargo writes: Hi Robin, greetings from the snow bound garden state of New Jersey. Your organ cobs are pretty unique, and genuinely cool. One thought is if there is a way to connect a number of them (2 or 3) with a short pipe/flange assembly to join them together to make the mid section of a pedestal, with either round or square pieces of wood, or thin butcher blocks at each end to finish off the piece. Not knowing the actual length of each cob, you may be able to drill through each one and fit a thin pipe or conduit through them to collect and hold them in place and finish off both ends with the larger pieces of wood. You would then have a larger pedestal to display a plant or a piece of pottery.... What do you think?
Good luck!
Ken Posted: 8:20 pm on January 2nd
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