And, a little holiday something for the "powder room" too!!

December 10th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Heres a little silver-plated 3-tier caddy (not sure what its called) - holding bits and pieces of jewelry...(and its shaped like a tree)
I just love this - another place to find my jewelry...
And a button bouquet too!
This is the dresser mirror underneath - Ive never seen one like it - its kind of bubbled and looks very cool - see the next pic...
This is my favorite dresser mirror...(Yes, I have a small collection of these too!)
Heres a little silver-plated 3-tier caddy (not sure what its called) - holding bits and pieces of jewelry...(and its shaped like a tree)

Here's a little silver-plated 3-tier caddy (not sure what it's called) - holding bits and pieces of jewelry...(and it's shaped like a tree)

OK - had to share a glimpse of my "powder room"...

Pattern or design used: My own design
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shabbychick writes: Thanks Midge & Lani!

Oh....our "little" collections...they're everywhere, aren't they??? LOL :)

Kathy Posted: 2:40 pm on December 16th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, beautiful display. Love your dresser mirror! Your not the only one who has a small dress mirror collection. I have one too. I've used them for plate chargers and they look fabulous. Thanks again!

Lani Posted: 6:08 pm on December 14th
junkermidge writes: Oh, all your stuff is gorgeous. The three-tier caddy is awesome and perfect for using in the bathroom. And the mirror is certainly cool.
Midge Posted: 9:28 pm on December 11th
shabbychick writes: Thanks Gretchen & Gioni!

We'd be dangerous with 19 "mini-me's" running around!!!

I'll be looking for a place to hang the mirror - or at least put it on an easel - maybe on my mantel... (probably tonite!!) Candlelight would look wonderful reflected in it...

Take care,

Kathy Posted: 4:36 pm on December 11th
italianpeasant writes: OOOOH KATHY 19 "MINI ME'S" I WANT A MIRROR LIKE THAT :) Posted: 2:23 pm on December 11th
MimiToria writes: Your jewelry display is a super find and looks so good in your powder room. I never have enough places for my jewelry. Having been a jewelry designer for 10 years and a collector of vintage great jewelry finds, I have a surplus of items always looking for a home. The 3 tiers takes up less room I see, and will have to keep that in mind as I am always looking for new display pcs.
THanks for sharing!
Love the mirror too, and you would probably get more impact with it hanging on the wall. Seems like those cools bubbles are hid under the jewelry display pc. now.
Gretchen Posted: 9:28 am on December 11th
shabbychick writes: Thanks ladies!

Candy - I haven't tried hanging it, but I just might have to (when you look in it - there are about 19 "mini-me's" looking back...). :)

Janis - I love the little angels too!

upyourattic - I guess it's true what they say about great minds, huh?? :) I've got a couple more of the "California Perfume" (aka Avon) bottles from the anniversary collection - they have a wonderful vintage look. (well, from 1978 - I guess they might be considered vintage now...I really don't like to think of it that way though! LOL) I think I got my silver-plated stand at a consignment store - $10.00 (great price).

Take care, Kathy Posted: 8:37 am on December 11th
fellowjunker writes: Your display is so beautiful!!! And, I love the little angel sitting atop the tiered stand.
xojanis Posted: 10:02 pm on December 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Just gorgeous, Kathy! That mirror is something else...something I've never seen before! Have you ever tried hanging it? I bet it would look great like that too.

Love your display.

Candy Posted: 9:13 pm on December 10th
upyourattic writes: Be still my heart! I have the exact same perfume bottle and tin sitting on an old round mirror, (with my new button bouquet, thanks to you!) but yours is FABULOUS with the bubble mirror! I want one! I almost bought a 3-tier tray just like this one at the thrift store Thursday, but they wanted $80.00! Sometimes they go too far, but if I'd seen this post first, I may have splurged! Posted: 8:56 pm on December 10th
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