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August 31st, 2013 in member junk     
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I recently spent about a year in Viet Nam.  While traveling around I noticed a lot of people wanting to 'update' their homes.  Unfortunately, they just tossed their old to bring in the new.  One day I saw this gorgeous old door floating on top of a lot of other 'scrap' wood in a small pond.  I was traveling - I had no home to take it to.  No way to carry it.  Limited language skills.  No one to even ask about it.  I had to - sadly - walk away and leave this beautiful old turqoise door floating in the pond.  But had to take a picture of it.  One person's trash.......

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ziggyseamstress writes: Thank you for the condolences. It really was sad.
Fortunately, another time I'd found a very large old map of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia in a wood frame in good condition. It too, was lying on top of a pile of scrap lumber (this time on a dry sidewalk), waiting to be hauled away. I couldn't pass it up. I looked around for anyone to ask if I could take it, pay for it, whatever. I made eye contact with a man who made a motion like, "Go ahead. Take it away." I nodded, said "Cảm ơn" (thank you), picked up this quite huge map in its heavy frame and walked it nearly a mile to give it to a friend who's still living there. He loves it! Posted: 7:11 pm on August 31st
StrangeCargo writes: Jan, your beautiful picture will burn as a memory in your mind as to what to what could have been.... I think we all could tell a sad story like yours.

My condolences.

Ken Posted: 5:36 pm on August 31st
gadgetsponge writes: Definitely priceless. Sad you couldn't grab it. Posted: 3:50 pm on August 31st
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