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Margaret Marsh and family. The best hosts in Texas!
Go team!
Doug Smith...the amazing photographer I work with stopped by Texas on his way home from California where we had just finished shooting book # 3.
Up very early in the Am to prepare the awards for the Green Ribbon Tour. Whats that? I gae awards to the ten most innovative recycling vendors at Marburger.
Handmade posters are the best!
This table top is covered in old photos. Awesome idea!
One very happy green ribbon award winner.
It was fun to take time out to speak with and share stories with fellow junkers.
This is the booth of a very clever vendor at Marburger. I loved it!
Look at this awesome counter! Im not sure what the base was made from, but the top is made from a reclaimed bowling alley floor.
Sundie Ruppert made her way to Texas all the way from Des Moines, IA. She and her husband John make beautiful works of art with recycled materials. She says her day job feeds the family, but this job feeds her soul.
A dogs life. Ya gotta love it.
Margaret Marsh and family. The best hosts in Texas!

Margaret Marsh and family. The best hosts in Texas!


The Marburger Farm Antique Show Review

The Marburger Farm Show is part of a larger event known as Antique Weekend. This event is a ginormous congregation of antique, craft, collectible, and junk vendors from across the country that attracts tens of thousands of buyers to a destination deep in the heart of Texas. It is a fabulous opportunity to buy from dealers all over the country in a one-stop-shop location. It takes place in more than a half dozen quaint Texas townships midway between Houston and Austin. The majority of the shows are located along State Highway 237 south of Highway 290 in and around the communities of Carmine, Round Top, and Warrenton. Other nearby towns hosting shows at the same time includes Shelby, Fayetteville, Oldenburg, and Rutersville. The festivities are held on the first weekends in April and October each year. Each Antique Weekend is preceded by a preview weekend so you could make a good long vacation out of this affair if your heart desires.

All of the shows are fabulous and well worth the price of admission, but they all have something different to offer. Marburger is uniquely wonderful and you could spend all five days they are open scouring the grounds. We’ve all heard the saying everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, when it comes to antique shows, the Marburger Farm Antique Show is proof positive of the accuracy of this adage. I attended the spring show while on book tour and although I did not have nearly enough time to shop as much as I wanted to I was thrilled by what I found. All this bigness included 5 tents each as big as a football field, 4 others almost that big not to mention the twelve 19th century restored Texas buildings, all packed to rafters with the good stuff. All in all there’s about 20 acres of shopping heaven with 23 acres of free parking to boot.

The Marburger show was founded by John Saul and opened its door for business in 1997. Last year it was purchased by Margaret Marsh and her family and continues to be operated as a true family business. I witnessed this first hand by watching each of the family members from three generations pitch in to make the event run smoothly. The new owners are absolutely delightful and I was astonished at how efficiently and seemingly effortlessly they ran their very first show. Hat’s off to them on a job well done! Rick McConn, Margaret’s son-in-law did share one funny story with me. He stated that he and his family have always loved the Round Top area and share a great appreciation of antiques so they thought the show was a natural fit for something they could do as a family. At the time of purchase he viewed owning and operating an antique show as a fun, profitable, part-time side business. Ha!! When I caught up with him at the end of the show he looked a wee bit weary and said, “Guess not so part-time, huh?” Even though they now are fully aware of the commitment it takes to run a show they’d buy it all over again. They’re passion runs deep and it shows.

The wares you find at Marburger lean towards fine antiques and collectibles, but there is indeed something for everyone. Mr. McConn even found an ab fab outdoor table for a mere 25 buckaroonies. SCORE! I found the mix of product to be delightfully eclectic. Among some of my favorite finds were polka dot and striped spools from an out-of-business textile mill, oodles of carnival goods, chandeliers crafted from lamp shade forms and vintage lace, and the coolest ever free-standing counter with a top made out of reclaimed wood from a bowling lane. AWESOME!!! These items are just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on forever, but I think you get the picture. The other great thing I noticed was that there was not an over abundance of new things. All high-quality reproductions and new cool stuff crafted from old things were found mainly under one awning, the Artisan Tent. I also can’t say enough kind words about the vendors. They all took great pride in what they do. The booths were well designed, lovely to look at and easy to shop. What about their personalities? Just let me tell you that good old-fashioned hospitality is alive and kicking in Texas. After perusing the grounds I suspect I could have filled up at least one pick-up truck with some pretty amazing finds, but traveling via airbus so I had to leave the big stuff behind. Too bad and shooty doots I didn’t find out until later that for their shopper’s convenience, Marburger offers a complete full service, on-site shipping service! I’ll certainly remember that the next time I visit.

OK, one last thing before I wrap things up. What would a show be with out delicious home style fixins’? No worries here my friends. The centrally located café has just about anything you could want. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, stuff-on-a-stick, treats, and Texas espresso for shoppers on the go are all at your finger tips. Not to mention, the world-renowned Texas bar-b-cue and the Tex-Mex selections. If you’re after some lighter fare they also offer up deli sandwiches, quiche, and salads. Believe you me when in Texas you won’t go hungry!

Finally, I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all at the Marburger Farm Antique Show for their kindness, generosity, and warm hospitality. I now truly understand the saying on the bumper sticker I was given by a friend awhile back…. “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could”. As you can tell, I had a Yee-Ditty-Haw good time and I can’t wait to get back! I told my Texas friends they good use my saying for a new bumper sticker free of charge.


Newsweek says: "One of the country's best venues"

  • 350+ of the best dealers from North America & Europe
  • Dealers showing from 12 historic 19th century structures and 9 large tents
  • Groups Welcome! Arrange in advance
  • Advance Tickets Available
  • Cash Drawings Daily!
  • $25.00 early entrance Admission or $10.00 Admission (beginning 2pm Tuesday). Either admission ticket is good for the duration of the show
  • Free Parking
  • Full service on-site shipping


  • Make lodging plans well in advance. If you are having difficulty finding a room cancellations do occur so keep your name on a waiting list.
  • Be prepared for the weather. It’s been said that the only thing predicable about weather in this part of Texas is that it's unpredictable. It could be colder than a cast iron commode or hot as a billy goat in a pepper patch. Rain may be an issue too. The best plan is to bring a poncho and boots. There's very little paving in this rural area and there can be lots of water and mud.
  • Bring plenty of cash. There are ATM machines available, but sometimes they run out of cash.
  • Don’t miss Royer’s Round Top Café. They are well known for their beef, seafood, and of course their pies. The fun all begins while waiting for dinner and lounging outdoors on straw bales. They offer an on-your-honor beverage selection of beer, wine, and sodas. This delightful eatery is a MUST!


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