A look at what I start with.

May 30th, 2013 in member junk     
murphysmarket murphysmarket, member
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Your ordinary trinket boxes at their starting point.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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murphysmarket writes: My goodness,,, thanks once again you all. Aahhhh,, now I know I'm home..... he he. I absolutely LOVE this site!! You folks are great!!
Msjunking,, sweetie,, I'm in the "Bluegrass" state of Ky.
My name is just a little of how my life has been "as in Murphy's Law",, so I just put it together. The good Lord holds me by the scruff of the neck and leads the way.
I'd like to visit the market your talking about though.
And thanks once again suziart. Posted: 10:44 pm on July 26th
suziart writes: Ramble all you want!!! You are delightful! And so are your creations!


Posted: 12:31 pm on July 11th
msjunking writes: How did you get your name? Where are you from? If you don't mind telling me...I've heard of a Murphys Market in North Carolina and was just wondering if you come from that area...We might have some things in common...THANKS Posted: 6:19 am on May 31st
murphysmarket writes: Just wanted to show you all with what I start with. These sweet little and some not so little I just love. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, my imagination goes CRAZY!!! Anyway,, I'll post the magic when they're done. The raw wooden one is the "Pink Music Trinket Box" I posted earlier. I gave it to my best friend. I told that story on that post.
I'm about to start on an early 1900's mirror. The kind that's removable with the OLD pins. It swiveled up and down. The frame itself is absolutely gorgeous. Pretty enough to hang on it's own. This crazy brain is constantly on clickity clack, and wanting to do so much. I do all this on my own, meaning the sanding, ideas, painting, etc. I'm the inside carpenter, and my hubby is the outside carpenter. With 22 acres, a horse, a dog, 5 Chinese Beta fish, there is ALWAYS something to do.
OK,, I've gabbed enough again. I hope you all enjoy my posts. I do ramble on sometimes but this place and the folks on here we are like minded and see things that maybe someone else would not. So enjoy my rants. I'm sure there will be more. Have a good one everyone. Posted: 10:02 pm on May 30th
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