Pink Music Box

May 30th, 2013 in member junk     
murphysmarket murphysmarket, member
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Cute wooden Music Box

Pattern or design used: Not specified
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murphysmarket writes: Wow,,, what a compliment siziart. Thanks so much honey. You're very sweet for saying that. xoxoxox Posted: 10:34 pm on July 26th
suziart writes: It is precious! And so are you!


Posted: 12:33 pm on July 11th
murphysmarket writes: Just one more thing. If you see any screw ups such as mis-spellings and such,, please ignore. We all get a little duuhh sometimes. I noticed in my comment a mistake or two so please look over it. I try to catch all I can but sometimes a few mistakes get thru. See ya... Posted: 5:08 pm on May 30th
murphysmarket writes: OK, I tried this in photo option and it didn't take. Sometimes I get a little rusty. This little box I just gave to my best friend. We've been near and dear to each other for near on 15 years now and she means a great deal to me. She recently totally lost her home due to a fire and over that period of years we have traded trinkets, soooo I'm starting her collection back up. The three piece turquoise box set on here I gave her as a gift as she's also in school trying to better herself too. So this is just a small memento of how I feel about my friend. She's been to the hospitals with me thru surgeries and heart caths and others, so she's very special. I think she a reincarnation of my grandmother that raised me. I worshiped the ground she walked on. now don't get me wrong, we were heathens, and got the switch on occasion, but that was the end of it. Never a grudge held, we got our punishment and she loved us even more. I miss her dearly. My friend Kay, sitting by my side right now, has the same turn (southern term) as my grandmother. So you can see why she's so special to me. Our husbands are the best of friends also. So when they go visit,, she comes down to my house. we're in the country so as a crow flies we could be at each others houses in two min.
Anyway,,,, so this little box is just your average little box. I have no rhyme or reason of the out come. if I studied on what I was GOING to do I'd go CRAZY!! Ha ha! So I just start grabbing and see what I end up with. this would be nice for the guitar player for their pics., strings, etc. Keys. It's not too girly, it'd fit right in Nashville. Right down on Music Row in a front window. Hint hint.
I did this yesterday on my porch enjoying the weather here in Ky. So here's to my best friend. Hope you all like it.
Have a wonderful day every one. Posted: 4:41 pm on May 30th
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