Clawfoot tub to French Chaise!

April 8th, 2013 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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The finished look. Added the French themed fabric to add that tie together feel for the entire room.
A nice side shot showing off her new cruves
Well, it didnt go Audrey Hepburn, but alittle Marilyn Monroe action sure did happen during the random fun photo shoot! I thought - oh what more fun way to show off DIY GRRRRRL power than to be in a party dress high heels and thrwoing somw sparks off with a little power tool action? DO NOT TRY THIS! It is a dumb idea to not use PPE especially considering the tubs coating is glass infused! This was just a quick fun shoot! And to be honest - I got about 15 inches into cutting and said - meh - this is easy but time consuming and I sourced it out so I could continue on my other projects.
A nice little compilation of shots
Adding a kickstand to the back of the tub, just to make sure it doesnt tip from being weighted on one end. Thanks to Mark from Iron Craft for making me some custom iron curvy little kickstands!
Cutting cast iron coated in fired on porcelain is not a clean easy job.. it cracks and chips the finish and the only way I could come up with filling that in since smoothing it out  didnt work was to use bondo for cars. And it worked like a dream!
Taking off the old flaky paint before priming and adding bondo.
Now I took this shot before I painted it to show the colour variations and option for futre pieces, but this colour combo didnt fit well with the grand makeover of the bedroom I am working on.
HAVE to test it out! And yes ... it is just as comfy as soaking in a tub. Fab!
Full coats of paint. Now to move on to the cushion and fabric. My least fav part. Fabric and I never see eye to eye!
The finished look. Added the French themed fabric to add that tie together feel for the entire room.

The finished look. Added the French themed fabric to add that tie together feel for the entire room.

First and Foremost - do NOT TRY CUTTING OR WORKING WITH THIS unless you have proper protective equipment on! Glasses AND masks are a MUST!!!!!! Not only do you have to deal with potential lead in the paint, but also glass infused, fired on porcelain and chips flying everywhere! Very messy job! - Now - on to the fun part! I have been waiting three years to find the perfect tub! I found this one at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store. I plotted my design early to match with a theme I was doing in a clients Master Bedroom. She had asked to find a sitting bench or something for her Bay Window * DING DING DING* I finally have a reason to make the Chaise I wanted to do.  I worked on cutting the tub forever with a grinder as I was told plasma cutting was to hard on Cast .... it was pretty easy, however very time consuming, so I sourced it out after I got the initial trial over with. If I had more time to poke away at it I would have, but too many things were piling up! Then the work involved came.  It took forever to figure out how to smoothe the chips from the cutting, but upon talking to some local car boys and metal workers, the idea of bondo came up! Might as well give it a go! And it worked! paint paint paint and add fabric and ta daaaaaaaaaaa! BUENO!
Pattern or design used: My own design - Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge Gypsy Barn Style
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Katy writes: We all are know that chaise lounge is one of the best furniture where we can mostly relax than other furniture. The above chaise is really looking so gorgeous. I have decide to buy this kind of chaise for my bedroom. Thanks for sharing this article.
Posted: 1:46 am on February 25th
GypsyBarn writes: As per previous comment - I meant PLAY with metal ... but I guess since you can technically *lay* on this, it may work? :P Posted: 8:28 am on April 30th
GypsyBarn writes: Thanks everyone! It really was a HUGE job to take on, but I love it! I have never had the chance to lay with metal, so this was a whole new world to me! But so so glad she turned out! Posted: 8:07 am on April 24th
LloydsLandingofSears writes: Lovely end to a great uplifting story...whew, you're awesome, and so is this lounger! ~Mary~ Posted: 2:03 am on April 21st
chippingcharm writes: WOW...this is amazing! Your hard work paid off!! Posted: 4:48 am on April 16th
emw1203 writes: Absolutely beautiful and all your hardwork paid off for a one of a kind chaise. It is just beautiful and since I only had old houses to live it, claw foot tubs are usually common so I just love the idea of what you did with one. Stellar Job!!
Posted: 3:56 pm on April 14th
JunkArchitect writes: Wow...what a TON of work! It turned out amazing.

Posted: 10:10 am on April 11th
suziart writes: Oh...I love, love, love this...wish I had one!!! Lucky customer/client!!!


Posted: 9:01 am on April 11th
Delma writes: This is a huge WOW...what a beautiful and useful rescue for this piece! Posted: 8:47 am on April 11th
gadgetsponge writes: I think I've commented on this across the internet galaxy a million times. Can't pat you on the back enough for this one Jasmin! You go girl! Posted: 7:47 pm on April 10th
NDJunkGirl writes: You are hilarious!! This new chaise is OVER THE TOP! Wonderful idea and end result - bravo!

-Andrea Posted: 9:02 am on April 9th
georgiamoon writes: Ok first of all, you are hysterical! Second... what a gigantic project to take on! I know I would never attempt this one. What a unique piece this turned out to be. I'll bet your client is truly delighted.
Georgia Posted: 3:55 pm on April 8th
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