Finally Got Those Skis Done!

December 7th, 2008 in member junk     
bolmscheid bolmscheid, member
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I finally came up with a way to preserve and display my father's skis.  It took multiple coats of polyurethane to bring them back to life after having spent about 60 years in an outbuilding on the farm, but they now have a new home indoors!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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bolmscheid writes: Thanks for all the nice comments and suggestions! I didn't think about using magnetic letters on the screen before but I'm going to try that idea with some vintage letters I have on hand. As always, thanks to everyone for the inspiration! Posted: 9:52 pm on December 8th
junkcollector writes: The skis look great and I also love the door fronts hanging on the wall. The old screens are fun too, espeially because the old screens were actually metal and can be used to display anything with a magnet on it. Posted: 12:21 pm on December 8th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: They work in well with your wall display! Restoration definitely takes time and patience. It looks like it was definitely worth it!

Amy Posted: 11:50 pm on December 7th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Thank you for the update! I wondered how things worked with them. You did a fantastic job with your father's skis.

Take care,

Candy Posted: 9:09 pm on December 7th
MimiToria writes: I'm glad you were able to get the skis to how you wanted the wood to look. The labor was a "labor of love" and I'm sure you'll get many years of happiness looking at them on your wall.
I have a waterski shelf out at our cabin that we just love and is done in a similar style. I have room to display stuff on mine as a shelf, but gives the same effect as yours.

I have "Let's go skiing" on the wall above our ski which was custom ordered with a self stick type of product that is a one time use. Just another thought that you could add some words to the right above them. Posted: 8:37 pm on December 7th
CottageElements writes: I'm so glad you were able to restore these! They look great on the wall, and you'll be able to think of your father every time you look at them. Good job!

Lani Posted: 8:11 pm on December 7th
Meadowview_Farm writes: Oh what a wonderful way to add a sentimental touch to your home!!
Kari Posted: 5:21 pm on December 7th
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