This Won't Hurt a Bit!

March 5th, 2013 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Ok...perfect for the kids or we adults who love to play with chalk. The perfect size for new chalk and the broken bits!!
This is what they look like without their clothes on. What would you organize in your trays??
Makeup brushes....a perfect fit!
Sometimes you just get lucky. Can you believe my little stamper kit fit like a glove? Go figure!
Oh yes...your artist paintbrushes will fit as well. I stopped here, but I can only imagine how many other little goodies would fit.
Here is one thing I would not use the trays for.
Ok...perfect for the kids or we adults who love to play with chalk. The perfect size for new chalk and the broken bits!!

Ok...perfect for the kids or we adults who love to play with chalk. The perfect size for new chalk and the broken bits!!


I found these vintage dental tooltrays just the other day and I was thrilled. The woman behind the counter thought I was nuts, but that's OK....she is not the first. I will be doing someting else with these later, but today I was thinking about practical organizational purposes for the trays. If you see these.. be sure to pick them up. Anything dental reminds me of my childhood dentist who did not believe in pain free dentistry. Instead of using novocaine he had me raise my hand if it hurt. Guess what I did a lot of???? My arm was almost as sore as my mouth by the time I left.

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1retrogal writes: About a year ago I bought 4 vintage dental cabinets from the 50's at an auction. They were full of these trays. I couldn't figure out what I could do with the ones that had grooves for the utensils! I kept the ones that had either no dividers or small square dividers and put the rest in my garage sale for dirt dirt cheap! Yikes!!! I should have kept them longer until I thought it through. I guess we should never get rid of anything! :) Posted: 6:03 pm on March 15th
CottageElements writes: Looks like you have a few of those pieces, Ms. Susie Q. You may find one missing the next time I come visit They are sooooo cool!

Lani Posted: 4:15 pm on March 6th
CajunQueen writes: My husband just went to a dentist's house and in the barn was a dental cabinet filled with these trays. I don't know if he is selling them with the cabinet or not. There were about 20 of them. Also all the tools were included. I'll find out if anyone is interested. Posted: 11:08 am on March 6th
suewhitney writes: Oh, Jimbo....good minds think alike. They would make fabulous single serving Sushi platters. That is why I need more. The sushi goes in the center, dipping sauces on the side, and the chopsticks in the slots. Right now I can only have a dinner party for three. I would like to be able to invite more!!! Pictures would work well too. I would also like to do a piece of collage art with the. I clearly need more of these. My new obsession. Like I need one more!!

Me Posted: 5:31 am on March 6th
JunkArchitect writes: The first thing I thought of when I saw the tool trays was food...not sure why. I'd lay celery stalks, bread sticks, etc. where the dental instruments would go and fill all the compartments with dip.
How about hanging them on the wall and sticking photos in the recessed areas. Is that too weird? Wait...nothings too weird.

"This won't hurt a bit"...!!!


Posted: 5:36 pm on March 5th
suewhitney writes: Hey Go Go,

Great to hear from you! I only found three need nine more to do what I want. Life is a mission!!! Hope you are well.

Take Care,
Sue Posted: 5:01 pm on March 5th
georgiamoon writes: Hey Girly-girl! These are fantastic and so sanitary too...hahaha. I could find a million things to put in them, but what else are you going to do with them? I know you will come up with something amazing, as always. GREAT find.
Georgia Posted: 3:51 pm on March 5th
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